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Trains in Europe are a big thing; we love our rails, and we’ll choose them over any other type of transportation at any time. Apart from getting from point A to point B in a swift, comfortable and reliable manner, there’s so much most of you aren’t even aware of about train transportation. On that note, we’re singling out a few surprising facts about trains in Europe you haven’t been aware of up until now:


Trains in Europe Are Environmentally Friendly

Shoutout to everyone with a consciousness who’s looking to help our Mother Nature and our planner live forever: if you buy a train ticket instead of a plane or a bus ticket, and you’ll be doing just that. As we find out, “high-speed trains are 3x more energy efficient than regional trains”, while “even the slowest train is 20% more efficient than a car”. How awesome is that?

London to Brussels Trains

London to Paris Trains

Lyon to London Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains



Traveling by Train Is How The Locals Travel

Train travel is massive in Europe, and we’ve got a feeling it won’t be changing any time soon. There are a few reasons why trains are as popular among Europeans, and all of them are 100% legit: they are super quick, cost-effective, and convenient in every way possible. Plus, Trains in Europe rides are an authentic travel experience, which is just another bonus to the whole thing!

Lyon to Geneva Trains

Zurich to Geneva Trains

Paris to Geneva Trains

Lucerne to Geneva Trains


Trains in Europe are comfortable


Train Travel Can Save You Money On a Hotel Room

Wait, what? Yes, it’s true! Owing to something called “overnight Trains in Europe” travelers who spend over 10 hours on a train from point A to point B can enjoy the benefit of riding in an overnight Train in Europe and saving money on a hotel room. There are several different types of accommodations offered within “overnight trains,”  designed to fit everyone’s traveling preferences and their budget. So, we’ve got:

  • Reclining seats
  • Smaller sleeping compartments, couchettes
  • Single or double occupant sleeping compartments

These types of offers usually vary per country and train company, but they typically include similar offers.

Bremen to Berlin Trains

Leipzig to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


If you travel for a long period then Trains in Europe with Rail Pass Could Get You Discounts

Nope, you’re not dreaming –  for the most part, rail passes come with bonuses which can be anything from minor gifts like boat rides and bus transports to discounts on hotels and walking tours. Sometimes, you can even get rewards offering you completely free activities including free river cruises, meals, and similar.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

Lille to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains


You Can Usually Kiss Those Baggage Fees Goodbye

One of the greatest things about train travel sounds almost too good to be true. Ummm, wait for it, yeap, you’ve guessed it: most trains in Europe don’t charge baggage fees! Sure, it is due to the fact there’s no checking in when you are traveling by train, meaning – you have to carry your entire luggage with you. While some might see this as a downside to train travel, we find it impressive: at least we know we’ll be traveling light, right?  Plus, there is always a baggage cart somewhere to help the passengers who are transporting a good deal of luggage, so that’s sorted out.


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