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Innovative, financial opportunities, creative minds, and best market reach are the top features for a booming startup hub. These 12 top startup hubs worldwide attract the most talented minds to establish and nourish their great ideas, IT teams, and connections to push forward amazing startups. From Shanghai to Berlin, these top startup ecosystems are the strongest in the world.

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1. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Barcelona

Popular among foreign startup founders, Barcelona, is one of the most diverse startup hubs worldwide. Firstly, Barcelona offers the best value for money, in terms of office space rent, connection scene, regulations, and investment growth. Secondly, Barcelona has the largest number of talented tech founders, even more than Tel-Aviv. Thirdly, among the many European startup hubs, Barcelona is all about giving way to women founders, developers, and digital professionals.

All of the above place Barcelona at the top 5 startup hubs worldwide, and the 7th fastest-growing tech community in Europe.

Promising Startups in Barcelona:

x1 Wind, Amenitiz, Koa Health.


Promising Startups in Barcelona

2. Moscow

As one of the most populous cities in Europe, Moscow has a massive economy, and fertile ground for great minds to come together. Moreover, Moscow is a cosmopolitan city, glamorous, exciting, young, on the same level as London and Paris.

So, Moscow attracts many young entrepreneurs from all over the globe, to work combine forces with the local talents in the growing co-working spaces in the city. Thus, the ground-breaking number of startups in Moscow has reached a phenomenal 1900.


Bridge in Moscow


3. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Paris

With great co-working spaces, improved regulations, financial options, and amazing incubators, Paris is a rising startups hub in Europe. While the city is a famous fashion capital, it has become a great ecosystem for startups.

This immense rise is thanks to the world-renowned universities, especially the engineering faculties and talented graduates. Additionally, the network of incubators like Silicon Sentier and its famous La Cantine co-working space. With such benefits, Paris tops the savvy European tech hubs.

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Rotterdam to Paris Trains

Brussels to Paris Trains


Paris is a Top Startup Hub


4. Singapore

Modern, eco-friendly, a magnet for foreigners, Singapore is one of the best cities to live in and launch your own startup. Moreover, Singapore has been acknowledged by many businessmen as the best place in Asia to grow your business, pushing Hong Kong aside in the competition.


Skyscrapers in Singapore


5. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Berlin

In 2016 the party city of Europe won over Paris as the second biggest startup hub in Europe. The startup ecosystem in Berlin has been booming since then, with the number of new startups growing each year, with no exception. The low office space rent, and easy visa, make attract many entrepreneurs to Berlin, placing the city in the top 10 most important startup hubs worldwide.

The city is famous for its alternative club scene, unique art hub, so obviously, the city’s atmosphere and infrastructure are a great base for startups to pop up every day. Moreover, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their startups, get another funding round, and make connections at the many events happening in Berlin.

Berlin’s Promising Startups:

Omio, Coachhub, infarm

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Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Berlin's Promising Startups


6. London

One of the leading startup hubs in Europe, London has been ranked number 1 for the last few years in the number of active startups. London leads in tech and finance startups, with an annual investment record of 8.4 billion euro in 2019.

While London is one of the most expensive startup ecosystems worldwide, many startup founders choose it time after time, thanks to the amazing access to funding. Moreover, London’s restaurants, pubs, events, are a great platform for creating connections in an easy-going atmosphere.

London’s Promising Startups:

Transferwise, Revolut, Hopin.

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Paris to London Trains

Berlin to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


London's Bridge and River


7. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Tel-Aviv

With the highest startup density in the world, of 1 startup for every 154 residents, Tel-Aviv is one of the top 7 startup hubs worldwide. One of the reasons that rank Tel-Aviv as a leading startups hub, is that the city boasts foreign R&D centers, creative minds, and multilingual companies.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Tel-Aviv has more than 60 startups listed on NASDAQ. Tel-Aviv tops AI and cybersecurity startups, raising $2.9 Billion in 2020 alone. So, if you are aiming to enter Tel-Aviv’s startup nation, be prepared for tough negotiation with the fierce Israeli businesswomen and men.

Tel-Aviv’s Promising Startups:

Wix, Monday, and many more.


8. Silicon Valley

The ultimate startup hub in the world is Silicon Valley. The best place on earth to build your own startup and get the engines going is in Northern California. Famous around the globe for its innovation and tech center, San-Fransisco is the top startup incubator.

One of the most important things for startups to grow and flourish is solid and friendly regulations. In other words, a startup cannot thrive unless its ideas, developments, and minds are guarded by law. Thus, Silicon Valley attracts many minds from all over the world, and there are about 40,000 startups based in Silicon Valley.


Silicon Valley USA


9. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Amsterdam

Liberal, welcoming, and lively, the streets and canals of Amsterdam are quite spirited and inspiring. In a city that boasts openness, creativity, and art, you will not be surprised to learn that Amsterdam’s startup hub is one of the most booming worldwide. Ranked as the 4th most creative city worldwide, Amsterdam’s stable digital exchange platform attracts startup founders from around the world.

So, if you are looking to invest, or exchange ideas with the most resourceful minds, Amsterdam should be your destination for startup investment.

Promising Startups in Amsterdam:

Dott, Dyme, Hiber.

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Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains


Top Startup Hubs In Amsterdam


10. Shanghai

The Chinese hard-working mentality has been part of the city’s nature and amazing capacity to groom 15 city-based unicorns. While the local authorities are famous for their strict regulations, startup events like Startup Weekends and Barcamps in Shanghai create a fertile ground for the foundation of local unicorns.

Moreover, Shanghai’s stock market is constantly working on attracting new startups, and raising large financing. From e-Commerce apps to E-Learning, Shanghai’s startups’ hub boasts versatility and innovation.

Promising Startups in Shanghai:

Liulishuo, Pinduoduo, Red.


Shanghai At Night


10. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Hong Kong

With great startup conferences, low taxes, and interest rates, Hong Kong is a booming startup ecosystem in Asia. Known as the most Western city in Asia, Hong Kong is modern, full of breathtaking views and skyscrapers, so the sky is the limit. While Hong Kong is famous for its amazing skyline and futuristic views, the startup’s landscape is mostly finance and fintech.

Thus, among the many unicorns in the city, you will see mostly Fintech unicorns, along with software $ Data. In addition to grooming local talents, the local co-working spaces in Hong Kong are most welcoming to bright foreign minds. CoCoon, The Hive Hong Kong, The Good Lab are just a few of the fantastic co-working spaces, working to collaborate and lure founders from outside of Asia.

Promising Startups in Hong Kong:

Gatcoin, Cashyou, IP Nexus.


Startup Hub In Hong Kong


11. Beijing

The origin of Xiaomi, Beijing’s skyscrapers is where innovation, tech, and talent meet for brainstorming. The futuristic design of Beijing is the inspiration for the busiest startups hub in Asia. Therefore, in the city alone there are more than 30 unicorns, founded by the city’s gifted minds.

Moreover, Beijing stands out among the 12 top startup hubs worldwide in its unique and progressing technologies. For instance, Beijings’ startup ecosystem is rich with unicorns weaving together deep learning and machine learning, together with artificial intelligence.

Promising Startups in Beijing:

WeChat, Baidu, ByteDance.


Sunset In Beijing


12. Top Startup Hubs Worldwide: Munich

Having one of the top 3 well-connected startup scenes, Munich has a great startup ecosystem. In addition to being a fantastic place for making connections and creating endorsement opportunities, Munich has an average of 290% investment growth annually.

Consequently, Munich has one of the highest numbers of startups worldwide, diverse job openings, and the top startups in Europe.

Dusseldorf to Munich Trains

Dresden to Munich Trains

Nuremberg to Munich Trains

Bonn to Munich Trains

Startup Hub In Munich


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