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Couch surfing, camping, road-trip – if you have already tried these ways of traveling, you are ready to jump into something new.  The following ten creative ways to travel will make you discover new activities and explore unique unknown destinations.


1. Creative Ways To Travel: Volunteer For A Cause

Making an impact on the community you visit makes your trip, even more, unique and memorable. While most travelers pass through places, volunteering in a community or wildlife reserve, for instance, is a unique way to travel. This way, you get to see beautiful places while making a difference and helping to preserve the particular area you visit and the people that make it incredible.

Moreover, today there are many organizations that offer accommodation, transportation, and small pay for volunteers. Hence,  you can volunteer with children in Africa, a wildlife sanctuary around the world, or teach English in Rome, so you travel around the world in addition to supporting a life-changing cause.

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Volunteer Is A Creative Way To Travel


2. Cruise

One of the more luxurious ways to travel is hopping on a cruise in Baltic Europe. Cruising is one of the ten creative ways to travel to far-out destinations. For example, a cruise to the Fjords, or the Caribbean, is the best way to reach these fantastic places.

Additionally, taking a cruise saves you the hassle of border crossing and visas. Moreover, you can visit several countries on one voyage. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful views, surrounded by the sea and the tranquil sounds of the waves, without airport commotion.

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A Girl On A Cruise


3. Creative Ways To Travel: Home Exchange

A villa in France, or a magical cottage in England, the home exchange allows you to travel anywhere for free. The idea behind home is that you can exchange houses with anyone around the globe. However, the primary term is that the owner agrees to trade places and stay in your home. So, basically, you coordinate the dates for traveling, the duration of the stay, and the house you choose should be in the price range of your own home.

With this creative way to travel, you can travel more but pay less. So, home exchange is one of the top creative ways to travel because you are not staying in a hotel but enjoying a home away from home atmosphere. Moreover, home exchange is an authentic and more affordable way to travel, unlike a hotel stay or Airbnb.

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The Creative Way To Travel By Home Exchange


4. Creative Ways To Travel: Hot Air Balloon

Flying above the great migration in Africa or the stunning landscape of Cappadocia, a hot air balloon is one of the most creative ways to travel. While most travelers explore on foot, hiking up hills and mountains, or traveling by jeeps, a hot air balloon flight is preserved for the brave and adventurous travelers.

So, you can try a hot air balloon ride to various destinations in Europe. For instance,  Turkey, Spain, and the beautiful Umbria in Italy are popular locations for hot air balloon traveling. Therefore, if you are not afraid of heights, then a hot air balloon ride is an experience you should try at least once in your life.

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Hot Air Balloon In The Desert


5. Agritourism Travel

We all work hard to travel more, and most of us are happy to escape to a beautiful destination and sit back. However, agritourism is the answer for those looking for a unique experience. In other words, agritourism does consist of hard work, but it is in the open air, in a vineyard of Tuscany, for instance, or on an oil-producing farm in Greece.

This way, you get incredible benefits, without splurging in the world’s most desired destinations, almost for free. For instance, you can get free accommodation, fresh food, and amazing views while resting under an olive tree or sipping Cabernet in Italy. This eco-friendly way of traveling is very trendy today since travelers wish to reconnect with nature and contribute to various communities.

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Agritourism Travel


6. Creative Ways To Travel: Coast to Coast Train

Watching the views change from the comfort of a deluxe train is one of the ten creative ways to travel. Today, you can travel quickly and comfortably within a few days, from one end of the world to the other. Moreover, famous train routes, including the Venice Orient Express, Trans-Siberian train, and Jungfrau railway, can take you to the most extraordinary points in the world.

The best thing about train travel is that it saves you time checking in at the airport, and most of all, you can admire the stunning landscape scenery at eye level instead of from a bird’s eye view. The major railway companies offer sleeper train tickets at affordable rates and in fantastic conditions. Hence, some of the most scenic train journeys in the world can be a creative way to travel for travelers on any budget. Coast to Coast train trips is one of the top ways to travel the world.

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7. Creative Ways To Travel: Atlantis Submarine

This unique way of traveling takes the traveler to the depth of the sea. Underwater hiking takes up a completely different form. Hence, the Atlantis submarine is a unique way to travel in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea, in groups of up to 48 passengers. Moreover, by choosing this unusual way of traveling, with the help of a special helmet, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful world of corals, fish, and the colorful underwater world.

While traveling in the Atlantis submarine is very exciting, the trip is short compared to the other nine creative ways to travel. A journey in Atlantis submarine is 45 minutes in each of the 12 submarines worldwide, but what an exceptional and unforgettable trip you will have!

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A Turtle In The Sea


8. RV Travel

If you want complete freedom of travel, renting a recreational vehicle can be the perfect option. Since RV traveling allows you to park in the most extraordinary places in Europe, or where no hotel service nor check-out time can hurry you from enjoying the most spectacular views.

In addition, RV travel is one of the most unusual ways to travel because it is a luxury. Not many travelers will feel comfortable enough to drive in foreign countries, let alone with an RV camper. Moreover, traveling in an RV means that you can travel in places where there are no tourist information points. So, it would be best if you were either very well-prepared with maps and itineraries or a very adventurous traveler. However, RV travel is cheaper, allows you to carry your home with you, and, most importantly, have the time of your life.


RV Travel


9. Adventure Travel

One of the most creative ways to travel is working in adventure travel as an instructor. Adventure travel is ideal for active travelers interested in tailor-made, energetic trips in small groups. Furthermore, working in adventure travel offers excellent pay and exclusive trips to unique locations. So, you get paid and do what you love while having the best time of your life.

For instance, ski, paragliding, or water sports instructors benefit from free transportation, accommodation, and remarkable views. Nonetheless, working in adventure travel requires a high level of knowledge in the area you are heading to and professionalism. So while adventure travel is a creative way to travel, it is quite seasonal and reserved for very few travelers.

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A Creative Way To Travel Is By Being An Adventure Traveler


10. Study Abroad

There is no better way to travel than studying a foreign language or taking an art course in a dreamy destination. Many language programs offer accommodation and art retreat packages, including meals and custom tours. In addition, you meet other travelers and thus learn about the place where they come from.

So, studying abroad allows you to spend more than two days at your destination and mingle with the locals. Despite being a more expensive way to travel, studying abroad is a unique way to see the world and one of the ten creative ways to travel.

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A Creative Way To Travel Is By Studying Abroad

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