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Europe has a certain winter charm during the cold months that are unlike any location in the world. There is a lot of variety, and no two places have the same feeling and atmosphere. In fact, many people say that towns and cities during the cold months feel like traveling to a new destination. Winter has the fantastic ability to transform Europe completely, and in turn, create a totally new experience for visitors that they cannot experience at any other time of year. The falling snow brings with it a lot of winter activities and important holidays that make everything very festive. Despite the abundance of changes and beauty, it is impossible to visit everything. If you want to travel to some of the most popular travel spots, visit these 5 winter destinations in Europe.


1. Winter Destinations In Europe: Budapest, Hungary 

If you are looking for a winter wonderland that will amaze you, then look no further than Budapest. It is the perfect city for a winter getaway. One of the main reasons that many choose Budapest is affordable rates. You get to experience a lovely town for an affordable rate. Budapest is usually full of tourists during the summer. However, during the winter, you get to see the city’s beauty with minimal crowds. Apart from that, you get a lot of chimney cakes and tasty wine. 

An additional bonus is the stunning Margaret Island. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to have an epic snowball fight. A lot of locals and tourists gather with their friends and enjoy the snow. If snowball fights are not for you, then enjoy skating in front of a castle! Budapest City Park becomes an ice skating rink during the winter. Once you finish playing in the snow, you can move on to the baths. The amazing Gellert spa is a great place to warm up and enjoy some thermal waters.

Budapest, Hungary ice skating


2. Venice, Italy

Venice might not be the first thing to come to mind when you imagine European winters. However, if you travel to the city of canals during the winter, you will remember it forever. The crowded streets and noisy cafes are toned down, and you see a side of the city that summer cannot show. All the hustle and bustle of the summer months is replaced with a calm and serene atmosphere that is perfect for a winter stroll. However, it is essential to note that the city comes to life very quickly when the Venice Carnival rolls around. Every February, the city gets a surge of visitors, and ornate masks flood the streets of the town. Creative costumes and dancers on the streets bring the city’s colorful history to life. If you want a lively winter that you will never forget, put Venice on your list.

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3. Winter Destinations In Europe: Paris, France

France associates the majority of people with delicious cuisine and romantic walks. However, the country becomes even more charming when winter rolls around, especially in the capital. Paris is stunning no matter what time of year you travel there. Unfortunately, not many people get to experience it during the colder season. Paris, the city of love and romance, is sure to delight and impress you if you do not mind wearing a warm jacket and other winter attire. The festive season brings Paris to life. Visitors can not only get to indulge in delicious food and wine festivals. However, it is also the perfect time to see events like the Le Festival du Merveilleux at Musee des Arts Forains and the Lights Festival at Jardin des Plantes.

Explore the city markets and decorated streets, while you take in the beauty of the city. Winter is the perfect time to take a walk along the Seines banks or get lost in the streets of Le Marais. Once you see that, you can pop into a Parisian cafe and enjoy a good drink. Once that is done, you can see all the main attractions in Paris with fewer lines.

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Paris, France in the winter


4. Vienna, Austria

Although thousands of tourists flock to Austria all year round, there is a particular fairytale feel during the winter. All the towns and cities in the country have an enchanting feel that is quite unique. There is usually significant snowfall from November to March. This means that snow lovers are sure to adore Austrian winters. If you want to experience the essence of an Austrian winter, visit Vienna. This grand capital is famous for its festive spirit and characteristic attire. If you are in the mood for some winter shopping, make sure to visit the Christmas markets. Vienna has some of the most popular markets in the whole of Europe. Visitors get to enjoy delicious Austrian cuisine and drink some mulled wine. Apart from that, there are various handmade items and tasty chocolate treats.

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Vienna Winter Destinations in Europe


5. Winter Destinations In Europe: Interlaken, Switzerland

If you are a person of action that cannot imagine spending time in a city for the winter holiday, then Interlaken in Switzerland is the winter destination for you. Unlike popular, big city destinations, Interlaken is a resort town near the Alps. Thousands of skiers and snowboarders make their way to Interlaken every winter and make use of the incredible landscape the area offers. Interlaken has the best of both worlds. Firstly, proximity and convenient access to amazing mountain activities. Secondly, it offers everything one could want when it comes to facilities. Whether you enjoy light fun, or you want to test your limits on extreme paths, Interlaken is for you. Whatever your idea of fun is, you will be glad to know that you can make your way back to town and enjoy some fondue.

Basel to Interlaken Trains

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Interlaken Winter Destinations in Europe


Europe has something for everyone. It is up to you to decide what your winter wonderland looks like and use Save A Train to get there. There is a lot to experience in the winter months, so get adventurous and take a bold step forward. 



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