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Travel by Train in Budapest train station

Budapest certainly is the hub of Hungary. It’s a central point when it comes to Travel by Train in Budapest there are many trains stop. While Travel by Train in Budapest and in general is exciting and often a new experience for many people, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking at times, especially in a new and foreign city. Put your mind at ease and take a look at the 10 things you need to know about train travel in Budapest.


Train Stations

There are three main train stations which you can Travel by Train in Budapest with and they are:

  • Keleti: Located in the East. This is the main international and intercity railway station in Budapest.
  • Nyugati: Located in the West.
  • Deli: Located in the South




Travel: Airport Transfers

The closest train station to Budapest Airport Terminal 2 is Ferihegy, with trains operating to and from the Nguyati station in Budapest.


Traveling with Luggage

If you are traveling around the city with any backpacks, handbags or any other hand luggage be sure to store this on the floor between your legs while traveling on the trains to be on the safe side.


Safety for Woman

Women can feel at ease when traveling by train around Budapest. The city center is quite safe for a large city and as long as travelers use their common sense and don’t take the unnecessary risk just because they are on vacation then they can rest assured that no harm will come to them.


Avoiding Pickpocketing

Tourists are most likely to get pick-pocketed in crowded public transportation areas such as train stations, where other petty theft may occur. While this is not a cause of major concern visitors are advised to be aware and stay alert.


Getting Around – Travel by Train in Budapest

There are a number of different railway lines in Budapest and train travel forms a large part of their public transport which means you can get just about everywhere by train. Be sure to check the times and different lines you will need to take in order to get to your destination. You can find this travel information online or at the train station. You can also buy tickets at the stations.


Get Yourself a Budapest Card to Travel by Train in Budapest

Once you have been in Budapest a day or two and have got your bearings, be sure to get a Budapest Card. The card offers a number of extras such as free entry into some museums, free bus/train/tram/water travel, and water cruise.


Travel by Train in Budapest Day Trips

There are a number of fantastic day trips to take by doing Travel by Train in Budapest. They will take you to some incredible destinations and show you the spectacular scenery along the way. Be sure to do your research before you go. Make sure you get the most out of your time in this city.


Beautiful Stations

Budapest has some of the oldest and most beautiful train stations in Hungary. Be sure to visit the Eastern Railway Station (Keleti Palyaudvar) and the Western Railway Station (Nyugati Palyaudvar) and you must get to them by Travel by Train in Budapest, while you are there and embrace the history and spectacular architecture that Budapest has to offer.


The History of the Railway Lines

The M1 line in Budapest is the second-oldest underground railway line in the world. It has been in operation since 1894 and is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is so much history in this city and the trains have been in use for ages and still run efficiently.

Budapest really does have it all and is a popular tourist destination. Why not be like the locals and make use of the trains as a form of public transport? You won’t be disappointed!


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