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Within just a few hours, you can be exploring a multitude of bright and sparkly new countries. But, what is the best way to get there. Train versus Bus in Europe when traveling?


Faster and better looking!

Trains, unlike buses, travel straight through the countryside. This means that instead of staring at a boring highway, or spending hours simply moving from place to place, you have the opportunity to see more of your chosen country. Once you are ready to move on to your next destination, you will get there in no time. High-speed Train versus Bus in Europe. It is a no-brainer.

Frankfurt to Cologne Trains

Dresden to Cologne Trains

Munich to Cologne Trains


No jams

By ‘no jams’, we don’t mean ‘no sweet beats’. We mean no TRAFFIC jams. That is the thing about railway tracks – nothing is blocking the way. They are a straight line right to your destination.

Dijon to Paris Trains

Reims to Paris Trains

Lille to Paris Trains

Tours to Paris Trains


train versus bus, this is bus
Bus seats are denser than train seats

The comfort of Train versus Bus

When it comes to traveling by train versus bus. Comfort is king. When you are deciding between Train versus Bus in Europe, Trains win not only en route but in-between, too! At train stations, you can wait for your train in comfort and safety, with plenty of places to sit down, eat and drink or buy supplies for your journey.

On a Bus, you share a smaller space (and a smaller toilet!) with other passengers. You won’t be able to get up and stretch your legs or move to a quieter carriage, and there may not be any food or drink available.

Luxembourg to Brussels Trains

Antwerp to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Paris to Brussels Trains


train versus bus, this is train seats
Train seats are more comfortable than bus seats

The Flexibility of Train versus Bus

On a Train trip, announcements will provide detailed up-to-date information on your train, from when it leaves to where it stops and which platform it departs from, and if you want to compare train versus bus on flexibility, then on the train, you know in 90% accuracy when you will arrive.

A bus will get you from A to B, but if you want to go any further, you will run into costly problems. Unpredictable delays caused by traffic on the roads can mean missing your connection, costing you a lot more.

On a Train,  you have total flexibility; just turn up and jump on whichever trains to suit your plans.

It does not matter if you miss your train – you can just hop on the next one!

Are you convinced in the Train versus Bus in Europe debate yet?

Milan to Venice Trains

Padua to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


Go on, book your train trip with Save A Train. With much more space onboard the train, you will have room to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery while you plan your next move.


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