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Traveling to Europe is a dream come true for so many. And if you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tick this destination off your bucket list and see all the best places in Europe, you’ll want to make the experience as memorable as possible. So pay attention to how to Train Travel in Europe with Thalys.

Train travel is the savviest way to squeeze a lot of sightseeing in Europe. The Thalys is the high-speed train line that can get you to all the major cities in style and speed while not compromising your safety.


Get to Know the Famous “Red Train”

When you Train Travel in Europe with Thalys, The trains are known as “The Red Train” for the vibrant red color of its engine, which is the high-speed train line that can connect you to 17 cities across Western Europe in comfort. The Thalys line is composed of French-Belgian high-speed trains, serving Amsterdam via the HSL-Zuid. With Brussels serving as the hub for the line, you can reach major cities in Europe such as Paris, Liege, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, and The Hague.

These high-speed trains travel at speeds of 300 km per hour. The train line is the secret to go from Brussels to Paris in under an hour and a half. And you can move from Paris all the way to Amsterdam in only 3 hours and 20 min! The Thalys makes more than 50 round train trips each day. There are 27 trains a day running the Paris – Brussels route alone.

Frankfurt to Cologne Trains

Brussels to Cologne Trains

Vienna to Cologne Trains

Hanover to Cologne Trains


Train Travel in Europe with Thalys trains


Choosing the Right Class

They have three classes of service to choose from when you Train Travel in Europe with Thalys – Standard, Comfort, and Premium.

Both Comfort and Premium classes offer “1st class” seating where you can enjoy train travel in the comfort of cozy reclining seats that provide more legroom. The upside of choosing Premium is that the train’s staff serve your meal and drinks at your seat. You will also have access to the Thalys lounges in Paris and Brussels.

The seats in Comfort and Premium are arranged in a 2 + 1 pattern. And on each Cabin, you will find 1 table sitting, making it perfect for traveling couples. Standard or “2nd class” seats are in a 2 + 2 pattern across the car.

All classes offer WiFi internet onboard, access to the bar buffet, and your exclusive power socket for plugging in your devices.

Luxembourg to Brussels Trains

Antwerp to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Paris to Brussels Trains



Buying Tickets for Train Travel in Europe with Thalys

It’s compulsory to make train reservations if you want to travel on the Thalys trains. The Thalys trains are high demands so make sure you book your train ticket as much as possible in advance.

You can reserve your seats on the Thalys up to 90 days in advance. And if you Book Your Train Ticket Early, you can save up to 75%!

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains



To make reservations to Train Travel in Europe with Thalys, Book A Train Online. We work with Thalys to ensure you’re not charged any booking fees and get the best rates possible.


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