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Nobody really knows the real story of French fries in France. We can’t even be sure if they come from France, at all. Wait, what?! Yeap, you’ve heard it right – both Belgians and French have claimed this food, and they both have stories to convince you.

According to local Belgian tale, poor villagers from Meuse Valley often ate small fried fish they caught in the river. During the winter, the river would freeze over, making fishing impossible. Thereby, the villagers had to find other sources of food. Potato seemed like a good solution. So they started slicing and frying it the same way they did with fish. That’s how the first French fries were made. We know what you’re gonna ask now. If this story is true, why are they called French then? Because of the American soldiers. The ones who spent the World War I in Belgium tasted these deep-fried potatoes and apparently loved them. They called them French fries because Belgians spoke French. How imaginative, right?

Tell this story to a local in France, and they’ll laugh at you so hard you’ll feel uncomfortable. They’ll probably even call you crazy. ”The brilliant French chefs invented French fries in France, end of story. They are French, don’t be silly, and don’t ever say they are Belgian again! Ever!” That would, pretty much, be the conversation.  

One way or another, we LOVE this deep-friend-totally-unhealthy-but-absolutely-heavenly-tasting-snack, no matter if we’re eating French fries in France or elsewhere. Today, they are one of the most popular side dishes in the world. They are served with many different dips, but people usually choose ketchup, mayonnaise, and vinegar. And we don’t care if you call them French, Belgian of just chips, you should taste them in France. So let us introduce you to the best


yummy French fries in France.


Bintje & Zoet, Lyon: Mouthwatering Delight

Are you a foodie? Good! You’ll love this place! Bintje & Zoet is a tiny fry shop in the heart of Vieux Lyon, one of the most famous streets in Lyon. You can get fries in a cone here. You’ll get the sauce too, just not in a cone, rather in a small plastic dish. The thing that makes these fries so delicious is that they are thicker and double-fried. Sooo crispy! If you ever stop by this place with a friend, don’t be foolish to buy only one cone and share. The moment you both taste these potatoes, you’ll start fighting over them! Erm… we know we have.

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George v Cafe, Paris: Experience Paris to the Fullest

If you haven’t been to Champs Elysee, it’s like you haven’t been to Paris. Especially if you train travel through Europe (but that’s another topic). Anyway, George V Cafe is a perfect place to enjoy the ambiance and excellent French fries in France. Given its location, you shouldn’t be surprised at a higher price. But when you soak in the Parisian atmosphere, you’ll see that it’s worth every penny. Just relax while you are looking at people pass by, and waiters running around. The restaurant offers typical French cuisine, and yummy fries come with virtually everything.

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Pont-Neuf La Frite FrançAise, Paris: A Serious Approach to French Fries in France

People who believe French fries in France doesn’t have to be just a side dish, but a proper meal must check this place out. And anyone who tastes fries at Pont-Neuf La Frite Française will be quick to agree. Served in cute yellow-and-white cardboard dishes, French fries are the main course here. You even get a tiny wooden fork. Choose among many different dips, but our advice is the dip of the house, the “ink dip.” The fries taste even better if you add Parisian ham to the mix.

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French Fries In France


De Clercq, Paris:  Belgian Version of Fries

You know what they say: “If you don’t know where to eat, go to a restaurant that is full of people.” Following that rule, we ended up in De Clercq, a shop that claims to sell Belgian fries. If the Belgian version is greasy, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside, we are all in. If you prefer something else besides these mouthwatering potato sticks, we recommend burgers, because they are also super delicious. Otherwise, if you just want a pile of fries, order a giant pack which is enough for four people.

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Le Relais De L’Entrecote, Paris: A Straightforward French Fries In France Experience

Have we already mentioned that French love to eat fries with steak? No? Well, there you go. They do. It’s their thing. In Le Relais de l’Entrecote that’s the only main dish you can order. Seriously, there’s no other main course at this place. The moment you sit, the waitress asks you how you like your steak to be cooked: rare, medium or well done. What makes this steak unique is the sauce whose recipe has been kept a secret for more than 50 years. And what makes the whole meal absolutely irresistible are the perfect golden French fries in France.

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lentrecote French Fries In France


Chez Boris, Paris: Farmers Who Make Perfect Food

Looking for a perfect place to eat steaks and French fries in France? Say no more. We found this restaurant. The quality of the meat is on another level. French fries are hand cut and fried in beef fat, which is much tastier than it sounds. Owners of the restaurant are farmers, so they know very well what you’re eating. The only complaint would be the prices because they are a bit… high. But once you taste food in Chez Boris, you can say only one thing: “Take my money, and here – take some more!”

Hint: you can book a London to Paris train now and be in Chez Boris sooner than you think!


French fries have become a treat everywhere in the world. Everybody is preparing them and serving them with their favorite food. Still, we advise you to eat them where they were invented. We also believe that their home country is France, not Belgium. And, as you could see, great French fries in France can be found on almost every French corner. You can eat them as a side dish, or as a main course. So, don’t wait for a second longer!


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