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Paris and Nice trains are linked by a fast and efficient train system so visiting the two provinces at once has never been easier. These two contrasting regions attract thousands of visitors each year. Nice lies at the heart of the stunning French Riviera in the south of France. Paris is the capital and largest city of France, situated on the river Seine, in northern France. It is difficult to choose between the romantic city of Paris and the coastal beauty of Nice, but with train travel, you don’t have to. To make sure you have the most spectacular trip, we have a few tips for traveling by train from Paris to Nice.


Choose The Right Train For Your Trip

Generally, all trains in France are on time, comfortable and reasonably priced. Traveling from Paris to Nice you can go directly on a fast speed train such as the TGV train or, you can the slower regional trains, with the chance to see some fabulous connecting cities. You can also take an overnight train. The TGV train runs between 8 to 10 times a day from Paris Gare du Nord station to Nice Ville station. This train will reach Nice in about five hours. The fastest bus connection will get you from Paris to Nice in twelve hours.

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Paris to Nice Trains

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traveling by train from Paris to Nice by TGV and SNCF


Consider Stopping Off At Cities On The Way To Nice

You can travel directly from Paris to Nice by train or stop off in the wonderful cities of Marseilles and Lyon instead. The choice is yours! if you have some spare time, consider visiting one, or even two, of these beautiful French cities on your way to Nice from Paris. Marseilles is a coastal city with an international vibe that offers the most beautiful scenery.  The train station has luggage lockers so stopping off here for a few hours could not be more convenient.

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your last stop is nice when traveling by train from Paris to Nice


You will also pass through Lyon on your way to Nice. This thriving and edgy city is definitely worth exploring. This city is another hub in France for art and history and is recognized for its world-class cuisine.


Allow For Some Time At The Station When You  Travel From Paris To Nice By Train

Train stations in Paris are big and can be quite confusing if you have not been there before. Make sure to arrive early to find out which platform your train will leave from.

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Reims to Paris Trains

Lille to Paris Trains

Tours to Paris Trains


paris train station when you start your traveling by train from Paris to Nice


You will also need some time to validate your ticket before your trip unless you bought it on Save A Train. In case you bought your tickets at the old yellow machines ‘compostage de billets’ that are usually just before you reach the platform.  If you have a ticket that you bought with Save A Train, the inspector on the train itself will validate and check that that your eticket is valid on the train.


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