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You don’t have to be a Bollywood actor to actually see the inside of these gorgeous, luxurious trains, but you do have to set a hefty chunk of money aside to enjoy them. If you’ve got approximately £3, 000+ to spare, choose a destination, pack your things, and let this experience of a lifetime begin! Everything about this blend of luxury, comfort, and a whole lot of scenic sightseeing in Europe will make for an unforgettable experience.


Here’s the guide to Europe’s three most popular, luxurious trains.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

A train that introduced travelers to the world of train extravagance back in 1982 is the same train that’s still the number one choice of many a Europe traveler and Luxurious Trains fans. So, for anyone who looks to enjoy train luxury beyond comparison, Venice Simplon Orient Express is the way to do it. The most famous journey of this luxurious escape is between London and Venice. However, many can’t resist going further to Istanbul and Berlin, with Berlin being the last launched stop for the train. When you ride on this train, you have some of the world’s best chefs working on your meals and single and shared suites that are 5-star material.

Along with a restaurant car and lounge, there is a well-stocked bar area for the guests… khm, travelers. When you think crème de la crème of luxurious trains, Venice Simplon Orient Express is where your mind immediately goes!

Venice to London ticket will cost you approximately £2,700. The ride takes some 16 hours.

Bolzano to Venice Trains

Vienna to Venice Trains

Trieste to Venice Trains

Udine to Venice Trains



Belmond Royal Scotsman Luxurious Trains

A train that genuinely lives up to royal traditions, Belmond Royal Scotsman is a dream come true. Being among the top 3 luxurious trains, Belmond has themed routes you’ll love. These include Scotch Malt Whiskey Trail, Western Scenic Wonders, Scotland’s Classic Splendours, Dales Lakes & Gardens, and plenty more. Belmond boasts of spa services, as well! The 4-day Highland Classicmost is the most popular tour. The train runs from April to October, and it covers many absolutely gorgeous scenic landscapes, including the Isle of Skye. Sit back and relax by the huge glass windows, sip on some of the best wines and gush over the beauty that is Scotland.

Ticket prices start at £2,350 per person.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Cologne to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Luxembourg to London Trains


Luxurious Trains in budapest

The Golden Eagle Danube Express Luxurious Trains

You’ll never experience Europe in a way you would travel with the Golden Eagle Danube Express. The train prides on surprisingly luxurious suites, deluxe and heritage cabins. They also boast of housing the best restaurant and bar lounge on wheels. By far one of the most luxurious trains you’ll ever ride in Golden Eagle Danube Express offers 5 to 12 days’ journeys. It covers several of destinations including Budapest, Prague, Zurich, Vienna, Venice, Istanbul, Innsbruck, Sofia, and many more. There are also plenty of other destinations (tours) to choose from. All Golden Eagle Danube Express journeys include off-train tours and experiences.

Tickets for this one start from £22,260 for Superior Deluxe Class.

Zurich to Innsbruck Trains

Salzburg to Innsbruck Trains

Vienna to Innsbruck Trains

Cologne to Innsbruck Trains



A trip to Europe includes Luxurious Trains and is a delight in its own right already, but a trip to Europe on any of these trains is EVERYTHING. Buy a ticket for any train ride even from point to point with Save A Train and start enjoying Europe.


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