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Traveling from Amsterdam to Berlin by train offers the traveler an unforgettable experience and the most Eco-friendly choice. Although the six-hour trip is a bit slow, the comfort offered by the trains and the charm of the trip is outstanding. With beautiful scenery along the way, and a dining car to help pass the time, the trip ends up being much faster than expected. Here is what the trains in Europe offers for this route.


Arriving at the modern Hauptbahnhof (HbF) when you travel from Amsterdam to Berlin or Berlin to Amsterdam by train, it’s hard not to get excited about the trip that lies ahead. The station is a steel structure with several floors, where trains cross over your head through the suspended rails. It is very well connected to the rest of the city through the metro lines and bus station, in the center of Berlin. If you have not booked accommodation in Berlin, a good option just a minute away from the station is the InterCity Hotel.


Berlin To Amsterdam By Train

When you depart from Amsterdam to Berlin by train, you enter the famous Central Station in Amsterdam, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, as well as the airport of Schipol. Easily accessible, the Central Station was built in 1889, and today receives about 250,000 passengers per day. The station is very well signposted. If you do not speak Dutch, just remember that the platform name is “Spoor”. If necessary, you can chatter some English, since the staff of the station speaks the language. In Amsterdam, a good choice of accommodation near the central station is the Ibis Style. There, the location is perfect because the train station is right in the center, close to the places of interest.

Brussels to Amsterdam train ticket

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Amsterdam to Berlin train ticket

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Amsterdam to Berlin Skyline

Amsterdam To Berlin By Train

The train service of Amsterdam to Berlin by train is quite frequent, and there are about two trains per hour. Most day trains offer a very comfortable service, but a bit slow, as they stop in several cities along the way. The first train from Amsterdam to Berlin departs at 6:58 am, arriving in the German capital at 13:20. From Berlin to Amsterdam, the first train departs at 06:37 and arrives at 13:08. The best part of the trip during the day, without a doubt, is the landscapes. Small cities in the interior of Germany and the Netherlands, as well as mountains and rural landscapes, are absolutely breathtaking!

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The seating options on the train from Amsterdam to Berlin are diverse. These ranges from conventional seats to air-conditioned cabins that have reclining seats and even convert to beds. Since the trip is long, travel in one of these cabins, which offers extras such as light, temperature control and plugs for laptops and mobile phones, which makes it possible to watch movies in the comfort of your cabin during the entire trip. Remember to buy your tickets at least two weeks in advance so you make sure no problem happens.


We are most definitely sure that you will adore the ride from Amsterdam to Berlin, and vice versa. Yes, there will be another trip because once you try it the first time, you will always want to take the train again and fully enjoy the journey.


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