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Topics: 1. SBB by Train Highlights
2. About SBB 3. Top Insights To Get A Cheap SBB Train Ticket
4. How much do SBB tickets cost 5. Travel Routes: Why is it better to take SBB trains, and not travel by airplane
6. What are the differences between Standard, Day Pass, and Supersaver on SBB 7. Is there an SBB subscription
8. How long prior to the departure of the SBB to arrive 9. What are the SBB train schedules
10. Which train stations are served by SBB 11. SBB FAQ


SBB by Train Highlights

  • The Swiss Federal Railways, SBB, is the national railway company that operates in Switzerland.
    • SBB trains are ranked at the top of the national rail systems in Europe, and in 2017 was ranked first for their quality of service, safety ranking, and performance index.
    • 25 million passengers travel by SBB on a daily basis.
    • SBB train service is one of the most punctual train services in the world, with less than 3 minutes delay on average.
    • The longest SBB train tunnel, the Gotthard Base tunnel, in the Swiss Alps, measures 57.1 kilometers and sets a world record.
    • SBB has 3 official languages: German, French, and Italian. Therefore, SBB train stations are named and marked in accordance with the locality: stations’ names and signs in bilingual cities are in both local languages, and why you can see the name sometimes like this SBB CFF FFS.

About SBB

SBB is a Swiss train service that is one of the best in the world.

The national Swiss SBB railway company operates across all of Switzerland, with 798 train stations, and 721 train tickets points of sale. SBB railway company is state-owned since January 1st, 1999, meaning the federal state holds 100% of the shares.


Sbb train in the snow

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Top Insights To Get A Cheap SBB Train Ticket

Number 1: Get your SBB tickets in advance as much as you can

SBB train tickets are available online up to 60 days prior to your date of travel. When you order train tickets ahead of time, you get the cheapest tickets and the cheapest SBB train tickets are very limited. Furthermore, SBB train ticket prices skyrocket as your day of travel gets closer, so in order to save money on your SBB train ticket purchase, get your train tickets in advance. To save money on SBB train tickets, purchase your tickets early.

Number 2: Travel by SBB during off-peak periods

SBB train tickets are cheaper in the off-peak periods, at the beginning of the week, and during the day. You can be sure to get cheaper train tickets within the week. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, SBB train tickets are the most economical. Because of the volume of business travelers commuting to work in the morning and evening, train tickets cost more. Thus, it is far cheaper to travel anytime between noon and evening. Weekends are another peak period for trains, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. SBB train ticket prices also increase on public holidays and school holidays.

Number 3: Order your tickets for SBB when you are sure of your travel schedule

SBB trains are in high demand, and with only 2 other railway companies as competition, they currently remain the top choice for trains in Switzerland. They can afford to set train ticket restrictions like the one they have that prohibits ticket exchange or refunds unless it is the Business type of ticket. Even though there are still websites where you can sell your tickets second-hand to people, SBB does not allow for second-hand ticket sales. How does this help you save money? Order your ticket only when you are sure of your schedule would save you from booking one ticket twice because something came up and you couldn’t use the original ticket.

Number 4: Buy your SBB tickets on Save A Train

Save a Train has the largest, the best, and the cheapest deals for train tickets in Europe. Our connection with many railway operators, the train ticket sources, and our knowledge of the technology algorithms give us access to the cheapest train ticket deals. We don’t just offer cheap train ticket deals for SBB alone; we provide the same for other alternatives to SBB.

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SBB Train in Switzerland


How much do SBB tickets cost?

SBB tickets start from €12.50 to as high as €125 for a single train trip. The price of an SBB train ticket depends on what type of ticket, destination, and when you choose to travel:

One-way ticket Round trip
Standard €12.50 – €35 €28 – €55
First Class €50 – €95 €50 – €125


Travel Routes: Why is it better to take SBB trains, and not travel by airplane

1) You Arrive at the City Center. This is one advantage of SBB trains when compared to airplanes. SBB trains and all other train travel from anywhere in the city to the center of the next city, doesn’t matter if it is a nature reserve or village. It does save you time and the cost of a cab from the airport to the city center. With train stops, it’s easier to get to anywhere in the city that you’re heading to. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling from, Geneva, Basel, Zermatt, or Zurich, city center stops are a major advantage of SBB trains!

2) Traveling by airplanes requires you to be at the airport at least several hours ahead of your flight time. You must go through security checks before being allowed to board the plane. With SBB trains, you just have to be at the station less than an hour in advance and sometimes even less. When you also consider the time it takes you to commute from the airport to the center of the city, you’ll realize that SBB trains are better in terms of total travel time.

3) On the surface, the price of SBB train tickets seems to be more costly than budget air tickets. However, when you compare all charges involved, SBB train tickets have a better price deal. With other costs like baggage fees that you don’t have to pay on trains, traveling by SBB is the best.

4) Trains are environmentally friendly. In a comparison between trains and airplanes, trains would always come out on top. Airplanes heavily pollute the earth with the high levels of carbon and co2 they give off. Trains in comparison use much less Carbon footprint than airplanes.

Chur to Thusis Train Prices


What are the differences between Standard, Day Pass, Saver Day Pass, and Supersaver on SBB?

SBB has different types of tickets for different budgets and types of travelers: whether it is business or leisure. You can be sure that one of these tickets would suit you.

Standard SBB Tickets:

The SBB Standard ticket is the most flexible of all the SBB tickets. This train ticket is for point-to-point 1 way or roundtrips. In other words, the SBB standard ticket is the classic travelcard. Most importantly, this train ticket is valid for the whole day you chose at the time of purchase, and until 5 am the following day. In addition, you can purchase an SBB point-to-point ticket for the 1st and 2nd classes. Another great advantage of that point-to-point tickets is that children until age 6 travel free. In other words, you can travel anywhere you wish and at any class, on your journey from A to B.



SBB Day Pass and Saver Day Pass Tickets:

With a Saver Day Pass travel card, you can pay as little as €27 per journey. The Day Pass ticket is available only if you get them in advance, they are not available at the train station, as early as 60 days prior to your departure date. You can also order this type of train ticket a day before the trip. Moreover, the Saver Day Pass ticket is valid for boats, buses, or tram journeys.

SBB Supersaver Tickets:

This ticket class is not as flexible as the Standard SBB train ticket, but cheaper than other train tickets. The Supersaver SBB Ticket offers up to 70% discount on standard tickets. In contrast to the standard train ticket, this type of ticket offers the lowest fare on a specific journey from A to B. Meaning, you cannot hop on and off at any station, except in the stations you have pre-booked.

The Day Pass travel card gives you flexibility on the date of travel. In other words, you can travel anytime you wish, on the day of the departure date.

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Is there an SBB subscription?

Only Local citizens can purchase the GA travelcard, which is basically one card for everything. The GA travelcard is valid on all public transportation in Switzerland.

You can purchase it at:

– SBB ticket counters.

– At the SBB local customer service 848 44 66 88

– From the staff on the SBB trains and buses.

Familia GA Travelcard

Children and young adults until age 16 and their parents can enjoy the discounts on the Familia GA travelcard. This card is available if at least one member of the family has this SBB travelcard.

All holders of Familia GA enjoy the greatly reduced prices for other GA travelcard. In addition, a family can decide if they wish to purchase the Familia GA for 1st or 2nd class.

Seven25 Travelcard

When you are 25 it’s all about having fun, and now with a seven25 card, you can travel unlimited from 7 pm. Meaning, This travelcard is valid between 7 pm to 5 am. So, how does it work? The seven25 is loaded to your Swiss Pass travel card and you can use it for any stop.

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SBB Train Travel in Switzerland


How long prior to the departure of the SBB to arrive?

To get your SBB and be right on time, the railway recommends that you arrive at least 1 hour before your SBB train departs. We at Save A Train since we traveled a lot on SBB’s trains, recommend arriving even 30 minutes in advance, so you don’t need to rush through the huge train stations to catch the train. In addition, an hour is a sufficient enough time to enjoy the shops and food stands and get those items you need for the train trip to be as smooth as possible.


What are the SBB train schedules?

You can find out in real-time at our homepage on Save A Train. Just type in your current location and desired destination, and we would show you the updated information for the train schedules.


Which train stations are served by SBB?

There are over 10 stations served by SBB train services.

The Zurich station of SBB is Zurich Central Station (The local name is Zurich HB). This is the biggest SBB train station in Zurich and it is located in the heart of Zurich, near River Limmat.

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and the closest train station to the University of Bern in the Langgasse Quarter.

In Geneva Nowadays SBB trains depart and arrive from Geneva Central Station, in the center of the city.

Basel SBB station is the biggest border station in Europe. That is to say that From Switzerland, you can travel to Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands with the SBB train service. Most importantly, there are 50 stores and restaurants in Basel station, where you can shop for everything you need for the trip. For instance, you can purchase snacks and last-minute souvenirs. From the Basel SBB station, and the major stations you can travel to are Frankfurt, Paris, and Salzburg.

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Are Bikes Permitted On Board the SBB Trains?

Bikes are allowed on SBB trains. You can buy a ticket for them at the station, and register the bike as luggage or carry them to the train as hand luggage.

Do Children Travel Free on the SBB Trains?

Yes in some cases, accompanied children younger than six years old travel free of charge. In addition, children from the age of six, and up to their 16 birthday travel for half-price.

Are Pets Allowed on SBB Trains?

Yes, dogs are allowed as long as they are traveling in a passenger crate or luggage van.

What are the boarding procedures for SBB?

You should arrive at the station at least 1 hour before your train’s departure time, and show an ID to the ticket inspector to verify.

Most Requested SBB FAQ – Can I reserve a seat in advance on SBB?

You can reserve on the train a seat in advance for up to 5 passengers at the price of €5 per seat. However, the reservation must be under the name of a person that is traveling.

Is there Wi-Fi service inside the SBB?

Yes. You can enjoy Free Wi-Fi service on all SBB trains and all travel classes for up to 60 minutes.


Sbb train in heavy snow


If you’ve read to this point, you know all you need to know about your SBB trains and are ready to buy your SBB train ticket on Save A Train.


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