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Breathtaking mountain peaks, blooming valleys, waterfalls, lakes, and diverse wildlife, Europe’s home to the world’s most unforgettable nature reserves. Spending across immense green lands that bloom in springtime, 5 of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe are protected national parks that welcome travelers from all over the world. If you are keen on hiking, trekking, or enjoying nature’s sanctuary, then you will love our 5 top unforgettable nature reserves in Europe.


1. Belluno Dolomite Nature Reserve In Italy

Belluno nature reserve was founded in 1990 to protect the beautiful wild nature of the Dolomites. Located on the outskirts of the Dolomite in northern Italy, Belluno nature park is breathtaking in springtime. The green hills and spectacular mountain peaks are covered in carpets of flowers. Regardless of your fitness level, you will have a great time exploring this nature reserve, since there are a variety of trails. Belluno nature reserve in Europe is perfect for both beginners and experienced hikers.

32000 hectares of rare flora and limestone peaks, the natural reserve of Belluno extends from Cismon valley to Piave valley. The rich diversity is both in fauna and culture thanks to the many villages in the area of Piave valley. Thus when you visit the Belluno nature reserve in Europe, you get the chance to have a great exploration journey of natural wonders and cultural gems.

How To Get To Belluno Nature Reserve?

Belluno nature reserve is less than 3 hours of train travel from Venice.

Where Can I Stay Around Belluno Park?

There are many mountain huts, B&B, and hotels.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Belluno Nature Reserve?

Belluno Dolomites reserve is one of the biggest and 5 most unforgettable nature reserves in Europe. Also, Belluno is a beautiful natural park, so you should spend at least 3 days exploring and enjoying the lagoons, mountains, and natural splendor.

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A trip to an Unforgettable Nature Reserves Europe


2. Hohe Tauern Nature Reserve In Austria

The largest nature reserve in the European Alps is located in Austria. Hohe Tauern reserve is home to 10,000 animal species, 1,800 plants, and the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest peak, at 4,798 meters above sea level. This outstanding peak resides among 200 other peaks, green fauna, mountain lakes, and waterfalls.

Hohe Tauern nature reserve’s valleys are full of magnificent glaciers, ancient and scenic village views, carpets of flowers, and forests. This European nature park is a sanctuary to its visitors and lucky residents in the surrounding regions. In particular, the Umbalfalle Nature Trail of waterfalls and rivers, where you’ll see some of the most amazing waterfalls in Europe.

How To Get To Hohe Tauern Nature Reserve?

Hohe Tauern nature reserve is very close to Mallnitz town. Vienna to the Hohe Tauern by train is about 5 hours.

Where Can I Stay Around Hohe Tauern Park?

Mallnitz is a famous town in the Hohe Tauern with many accommodation options.

How Many Days Should I Spend In The Hohe Tauern?

There are many diverse hiking trails in Hohe Tauern nature reserve, so planning a 4-5 days trip is best. This way you can explore the park and near towns.

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Hohe Tauern Nature Reserve In Austria

3. Ecrins Nature Reserve In France

As you hike through this amazing nature reserve in the French Alps, be sure to watch out for eagles, stoats, willow grouse, and many other wild animals that call it home. This stunning reserve in the European Alps is one of the most beautiful national parks you will have the chance to discover.

With glaciers, high mountains, alpine green lands, and fresh air, Ecrins’ scenery and landscape will capture your soul.

How To Get To The Ecrins Nature Reserve?

You can reach the Ecrins national park from anywhere in France. The nature reserve is located near the French border with Italy. It is close to Lyon, Marseilles, and Geneva in Switzerland, so train travel across France to Ecrins is a great option.

Where Can I Stay Around Ecrins Park?

From family-friendly hotels to holiday rentals, there’s a diversity of accommodation options around the Ecrins nature reserve.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Ecrins?

It’s up to you. Whether you decide to dedicate 7 days or go for a weekend break, you will have an absolutely dreamy trip.

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Ecrins Nature Reserve In France

4. Saxon Germany And Bohemian Switzerland Nature Reserve In The Czech Republic

The marvelous nature reserve Saxon Switzerland stretches from Germany to the Czech Republic. Elbe limestone mountains and the world-renowned Pravcicka Brana rock formation have already featured “the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” movie. This breathtaking nature reserve is one of the most unforgettable nature reserves in Europe with many Instagram-friendly viewpoints at the top of the canyon.

Summer or winter, the green paths, and trails are marked well and easy to distinguish in the green vegetation along both sides of the canyon and river. Saxon Germany, or Bohemian Switzerland, depends on your original journey or final destination, which is a wonderful oasis and hiking paradise for travelers from around the world.

How To Get To Saxon Germany Or Bohemian Switzerland Nature Reserves?

You can get to this amazing nature reserve in Europe by day trip from Prague or Dresden.

Where Can I Stay Around The National Park?

Since the nature reserve is located on the border of both Germany and the Czech Republic, the accommodation options are endless.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Bohemian Switzerland?

A day trip is an absolute must, and if you can spend a few days, then it’s highly recommended.

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5. Ordesa And Monte Perdido Nature Reserve In France

Located right in the middle between Spain and France, Ordesa and Mount Perdido are some of the most amazing nature reserves in Europe. Although located on the French side with a summit of 3,355 m. the name Monte Perdido mountain range received its name because it was not visible from the French side of the border.

Spectacular Ordesa is both a UNESCO World Heritage site in Europe and a biosphere reserve of wildlife and fauna. It is home to the Ordesa valley, waterfalls, diverse wildlife, including the golden eagle, and 32 species of mammals. As you hike and admire the views of the Pyrenees mountain range, be sure to look out for Marmots, Hawks, and owls, as well. Therefore, Ordesa and Monte Perdido nature reserve is an amazing sanctuary and destination in Europe for any type of traveler.

From 3 hours’ to 2 days’ trekking trip, Ordesa offers diverse hiking trails, for different levels of fitness.

How To Get To The Ordesa Nature Reserve?

Ordesa and Monte Perdido reserve are reachable from both France and Spain. From Zaragosa to Torla-Ordesa it’s about 5 hours or 3 hours from Barcelona. If you are traveling to France, then Toulouse is 7 hours away.

Where Can I Stay Around Ordesa Park?

You can find great accommodation options in Torla, from guesthouses and hotels.

How Many Days Should I Spend In The Ordesa Nature Reserve?

Ordesa and Mount Perdido are also known as the Yosemite park of Europe. Therefore, you should stay at least 3 days, including hiking and relaxation time.

5 of the most unforgettable nature reserves in Europe offer epic views and hiking trails to the world’s stunning waterfalls. Therefore, hiking across the green valleys, admiring the flower fields and mountain peaks is the greatest gift you can give yourself. There’s nothing more relaxing and inspiring than the wild nature in Europe’s most amazing countries.

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Ordesa And Monte Perdido


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