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Traveling to Europe is traveling back in time to an enchanted land of palaces, forests, and the most beautiful nature and waterfalls. Whether you are traveling to Italy or Switzerland, planning a 2 months’ euro trip, or only having a week for one European country, you must make time to explore 1 of the beautiful waterfalls in Europe, listed in our 7 most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.


1. The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Europe: Marmore Waterfalls, Italy

The Marmore waterfall reaches 165 m with the tallest out of the 3 at the height of 85 m. Therefore, the tallest man-made waterfall in Europe is the Marmore waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall is Located in the heart of the Umbria region and was created by ancient Romans. 

The white-colored rocks and multi-leveled waterfalls are easily reached by train from Rome Termini to Terni town. The trains to Terni are very frequent and a train departs every hour. When you arrive at Terni train station, there are buses that can take you to the waterfall. There is an entrance fee to the waterfalls. 

However, with the Trenitalia train ticket, you get a discount and that is another advantage for traveling by train to Marmore waterfalls:)

A little insider’s tip from us to you, there are great restaurants at the foot of the Marmore waterfalls, but we highly recommend grabbing a panini to-go at Da Panzerotto. Having a picnic in a quiet place by the waterfall is much better than the touristic experience.

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Marmore, Italy


2. Geothermal Waterfalls, Italy

The most known and photographed waterfall in Italy is the geothermal waterfall in the village of Di Saturnia. Located in Tuscany, Saturnia hot springs are one of the most beautiful natural hot springs in Europe. This small town is home to the famous hot springs since Roman times. Your Tuscany vacation won’t be complete without a day in Saturnia’s hot waterfalls. The springs are great for relaxation after visiting the other beautiful waterfalls nearby, Mill, and the falls of Gorello.

The stunning Saturnia waterfalls are a train ride away from Rome. First, you take the train to Orbetello-Monte Arg. and from there you can reach the beautiful waterfalls by car or taxi, all in less than 3 hours from Rome.

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Most beautiful waterfalls in Italy


3. The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Europe: Rhine Waterfalls, Switzerland

Overlooking Worth Castle and Schloss Laufen palace, Rhine waterfalls are one of the widest waterfalls in Europe. At first glance, Rhine waterfalls seem to be very short, but they are very wide. You will be able to discover these beautiful waterfalls in all their glory from a boat ride in the river.

It is best to visit the Rhine waterfalls in summer after ice melts and everything around is lush green. The Rhine waterfalls are a 50 minutes train ride away from Zurich and there are actually two train stations on both sides of the waterfalls. Therefore, it is very easy to travel to the amazing waterfalls both for families and solo travelers.

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Rhine, Switzerland one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe


4. Staubbach Falls, Switzerland

Overlooking a cute alpine village, Staubbach waterfall in the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland is magnificent. The scenery surrounding this tall waterfall resembles a romantic painting. There are actually 72 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen valley, but without a doubt, Staubbach waterfall is the most scenic and romantic of them all. In springtime, the valley comes to life in gorgeous colors and the comfortable temperature allows hiking and exploring the area.

Some say that this Swiss valley has inspired J.R.R Tolkein’s novel Rivendell, who perhaps stayed in the small village and admired the views of the waterfall from a cafe at its feet.

Staubbach waterfalls are in close proximity to the city Bern and you can get to Lauterbrunnen valley in less than 3 hours by train travel from Lucerne or in less than 4 hours from Geneva. From the train station, the waterfalls are a walk away and you just need to cross the town’s center.

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Staubbach Falls, Switzerland


5. The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Europe: Stuibenfall, Tyrol, Austria

If you love extreme and looking for especially beautiful views, you will absolutely love the Stuibenfall waterfall in Tyrol. The suspension bridges and spiraling towers make the hike to this amazing waterfall thrilling and exciting. Tyrol’s tallest and biggest waterfall is 2.4km, so you could explore it on a round-trip day hike. The hiking trail begins and finishes at the parking lot in the town of Umhausen.

You are bound to meet many hikers and tourists along the way, so don’t worry about feeling lonely or getting lost. 

Munich is only 3 hours away by train from Stuibenfall. So, this means that you could easily escape for the weekend from the busy city to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. So, you will enjoy both the countryside and Munich on your spring vacation in Europe.

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Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Europe


6. Krimml Falls, Austria

Located in Austria’s largest national park, High Tauern National Park, the Krimml waterfall is a three-tier waterfall, reaching 1490 m in altitude and 380 m high. Ancient forests, fauna, red deer, and golden eagles are just a few of the park’s inhabitants that might cross paths with you on the way to another amazing waterfall in Europe. If you are a camping enthusiast and experienced hiker, this park and Krimml waterfalls will be quite an unforgettable adventure in the Austrian highlands.

The scenery around the waterfalls is especially remarkable in spring after the snow melts when the Krimml waterfalls are pouring, birds singing and the magnificent fauna awakening after the long winter.

You can either drive or take a train & bus to Krimml waterfalls. The journey is less than 3 hours from Salzburg and it no time you will be walking in Austria’s paradise.

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7. Waterfalls Of Gavarnie, France

Situated in a lush green valley, the high Gavarnie waterfalls in France are 422 meters high and very popular among tourists. With the view of the Hautes Pyrenees, the Gavarnie waterfall is both romantic and perfect for serious hikers that wish to explore and conquer the French Pyrenees. Gavarnie waterfall is only 40 minutes drive from Gavarnie village.

The beautiful waterfalls are on the border between France and Spain in the spectacular Pyrenees and only 4 hours away from Toulouse by train.

Europe is a dream destination for solo travelers and families. It is very easy to travel across Europe and all the beautiful waterfalls on our list are very accessible by train or bus, for day-trips or camping, for experienced travelers or beginners that are feeling adventurous and dream of exploring the best of Europe’s nature.

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Gavarnie, France waterfall


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