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Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time or returning to explore the gorgeous canals yet again, you will want to know about the most unique things to do in Amsterdam! If you are ready to seek adventures beyond Damrak avenue in Amsterdam, this list will make your getaway truly magical!


Most Unique Things To do In Amsterdam: Enjoy High Tea In The Smallest House In Amsterdam

What could be cuter and more unique than having Afternoon Tea in Amsterdams Smallest House? Yes, this definitely fits the most unique things to do in Amsterdam bill! This little house in one of Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhoods is only 2 meters wide. The owner really breathed in new life into the old property: the house once accommodated a family of five! Unbelievable as that was, that is only one of the stories that await you in this lovely tearoom.

The first floor is a cozy little tea store, while the second and third floors are ready to welcome you to a tea-infused fairytale. There are many options for breakfast, brunch, high tea, and even lunch. I have been in The Smallest House twice: once for a delightful breakfast to which I was an hour late (that was not my finest day), and another very recently for an Afternoon Tea with finger sandwiches, three different pies, and scones so tasty that when our gracious host offered to take something away with us, we did not hesitate. The Afternoon Tea we chose was priced at 25 EUR per person, while the High Tea is 35 EUR.

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Most Unique Things To Do In Amsterdam - The Smallest House


Most Unique Things To do In Amsterdam: Explore The EYE Filmmuseum

Of all the slick modern buildings in Amsterdam, it is the EYE Filmmuseum that stands out. With its sleek, bright white lines stretching along the River IJ opposite the train station. The EYE is certainly on top of the most unique things to do on the Amsterdam list. Its main concern is cinema, with several screens offering a wide range of cult and classic films. There are, however, also temporary unique art exhibitions and activities for children, plus exceptionally fine views back towards the city center. Also hidden away here, and on permanent display, is a cinematic rarity the vintage films of Jean Desmet, which date back as far as 1907. Take lunch here, too: the cafe bar is first-rate.

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The EYE Filmmuseum Drone view Amsterdam


Discover The Museum Of Bags And Purses 

Three floors of both antique and modern handbags, purses, and wallets make the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje one of Amsterdam’s most unusual and appealing attractions. Immaculately presented in an old and handsome mansion, highlights include Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces, a whole cabinet of rare and brightly colored 1950s handbags made of hard plastic a primitive form of Perspex, and (ethically dubious) vintage handbags made from animals. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary bags and purses round out the collection.

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Museum Of Bags And Purses Netherlands


De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat) 

If one of the most unique things to do in Amsterdam includes me getting to pet an adorable animal, then count me in! Go on and visit the very popular catboat! Yep, you read that right! Though cats typically avoid water at all costs, the felines of De Poezenboot, seem perfectly at home on their floating sanctuary. It is an animal sanctuary floating on a canal in Amsterdam. It was founded by Henriette van Weelde in 1966 as a home for stray, sick, and abandoned felines, and has since grown into an official charity.

The houseboat accommodates up to 50 cats at once, 14 of which are permanent residents. Human visitors are welcome on the vessel as well. Many come to choose a cat for adoption, but tourists are also welcome to drop in and scratch a kitty behind the ears. 

As it is a charity, the boat sanctuary stays afloat thanks to donations left by visitors. All the money raised goes toward helping as many Amsterdam cats as possible. The Cat Boat Foundation pays for the neutering of cats whose owners cannot afford veterinary care, as well as strays. Volunteers take care of the cats, some of whom are adopted by visitors. The cats are believed to readjust to life on land perfectly well in their new homes.

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Unique things to do in Amsterdam - Cat boat


Go Plastic Fishing During A Unique Tour Of Amsterdams Canals

Going plastic fishing on the Amsterdam canals is one of the most unique things to do in Amsterdam for sure! And let me tell you, it is exactly like it sounds. An environmentally friendly initiative paired with a touristic activity by Plastic Whale, the 2-hour boat trip really delivers on both fun and picturesque locations. Once you step into the boat, you get your own fishing net, and off you go!

The best part is probably that while other boat tours sail past according to a predetermined route, you get to go anywhere you spot a piece of plastic. It turns into a competitive  I Spy game where everyone is super invested in finding even the smallest bits of plastic bags. A real celebration occurs when someone spots a bottle near the side of the canal. As the captain maneuvers the vessel to fit in between the moored boats, you angle your arms and triumphantly fish the troublemaker out! Be prepared to discuss the weirdest catch of the day as well as laugh and bond with the other passengers.

I think that this experience is definitely worth your while, and offers an unusual way to experience the Amsterdam canals. You will move plenty without getting tired, and once the tour is over, you will step out of the boat with a sense of achievement as well. All that for just 25 EUR.

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Tour The Woonbootmuseum

If you have ever wondered what it is like to live on one of Amsterdams houseboats, this is your chance to find out. On our list of most unique things to do in Amsterdam, you can do just that! The owners are friendly and have opened up their classic houseboat, which was launched in 1914 as a freighter for sand and gravel before being converted in the 1960s. Visitors can nudge their way through the cozy living area, where a handful of explanatory plaques give the low down on houseboat life. The owners are not alone; almost 3,000 barges and houseboats are plugged into Amsterdams gas and electricity networks. Curiosity satisfied,  you can stroll along the street to an excellent dining establishment, Restaurant de Struisvogel.

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Unique things to do in Amsterdam - Tour The Woonbootmuseum


Most Unique Things To do In Amsterdam: Take An Audio Tour Through Tuschinski Theater

Discover the history behind the stunning Tuschinski Theater. Now a functioning cinema, the Theater on Reguliersbreestraat is part of the Pathe group. The unique facade is a mix of art deco and art nouveau. Created on Tuschinskis commission by the architect Hijman Luis de Jong. But as pretty as the facade is, the cinema’s biggest hall is a real theatre and there is nothing quite as charming as watching a favorite movie in a red velvet chair.

The theater offers daily audio tours that start between 09:30 and 11:30. The tour is available in both English and Dutch. It lasts 45 minutes and costs 10 EUR which includes a cup of tea or coffee. A guided tour is also available for big groups starting from 15 people. To book, send an email to

If you would like to enjoy the theater ambiance, you can take a look at the planned movie screenings. There you will find other performances on the Pathe website. To enjoy a showing in the beautiful theatre space, look for movies in the Grote Zaal. Occasionally, there can be live concerts as well.

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Tuschinski Theater Amsterdam


Most Unique Things To Do In Amsterdam: Go On An Escape Room Adventure In Rijksmuseum

In the summer of 2018 Rijksmuseum launched what was meant to be a limited summertime special. It is now a unique Escape game experience and on our list of most unique things to do in Amsterdam and takes place in Amsterdams most famous museum. However, it seems that after the initial success, the quest is here to stay. The experience lasts a generous 1.5 hours and really pulls you into the atmosphere. You are tasked with recovering a formula stolen from an 18th-century book by the Italian sorcerer and alchemist Alessandro Cagliostro.

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Escape Room Adventure In Rijksmuseum


The Worlds Only Museum Devoted To The Wonders Of Fluorescence

Amsterdam’s famous Anne Frank House is very close to this small museum devoted to far more psychedelic matters which a large reason why it is one of the most unique things to do in Amsterdam!

Owned and operated by pony-tailed artist Nick Padalino. Electric Ladyland is definitely on top of the most unique things to do on the Amsterdam list. It can be found underneath the similarly named street-level art gallery, Electric Lady. Electric Ladyland is the world’s first (and seemingly only) museum focusing solely on the magic of fluorescent light.  

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Museum Devoted To The Wonders Of Fluorescence


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