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(Last Updated On: 21/02/2021)

First of all, there will be free trains for up to 30,000 teens this summer. The number of free tickets may even increase depending on the demand. The EU additionally announced that it will make the offer available to teens aged 18 and younger. Due to the number of free train tickets, the cost for the EU may exceed 12 million pounds.


free trains
EU offering free trains this summer.


Why give away free trains tickets?

In 1972 train stations in Europe were full of young people in the summer. Because flights were still very expensive at this time, $38 for a train pass across Europe seemed attractive. Additionally, night trains made that accommodation was very affordable. Also, the train passes included all of Western Europe. In 1998 the train passes which until then were only available to people under 26 had the age limit removed. Interrailing was no longer so popular, and countries started listing their own prices for tourists using their train service. Furthermore, cheaper flights then became available essentially leaving interrailing as an expensive and ineffective way to travel Europe. Now the European Parliament has decided that it wants to reignite interrailing as a popular option for teens and has allocated 12 million pounds for the project.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains


How to apply for free trains

In order to apply for one of the free tickets, you need to submit your application to the European Youth Portal in June. A jury will then allocate 15,000 free train tickets. While the second set of 15,000 tickets has been planned it will ultimately be dependant on budget and feedback from the first 15,000 participants. The exact dates for submitting will be between June 12th and June 26. You are eligible to apply for a ticket if you will be 18 years of age on July 1st. 1900 of these free trains tickets will be allocated to British applicants. Likewise, France and Germany will also receive 1900 tickets. In contrast, Irish applicants will only receive 140 tickets.

Frankfurt to Berlin Trains

Prague to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


Best Applications

In order to be considered amongst the best applications for free trains you need to demonstrate the following;

Firstly, your motivation to visit at least one European Cultural Heritage site. Additionally, you will need to answer a quiz regarding the European Cultural Heritage site. The quiz will also include questions regarding youth and European Parliament elections.

Furthermore, you will need to express a desire to become a DiscoverEU Ambassador. This desire should include reporting your travel experiences and making your photos available to DiscoverEU anniversary photo exhibition at the European Parliament.

Lyon Airport to Nice Trains

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains


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