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Paris and Rome are at the top of nearly every traveler’s bucket list. These spectacular cities are popular for their culture, world-class cuisine, exquisite architecture and so much more. While Rome and Paris are far apart, they are very well connected by train. This means you don’t have to choose between these magnificent cities, you can visit them both! To help you to make this journey as enjoyable as possible we share with you how to get from Rome to Paris by Highspeed Train.


Travel by high-speed trains

You can speed through France and Italy using only high-speed connections. One of the fastest and most comfortable ways to travel from Rome to Paris is by taking the Thello high-speed train. This contemporary train will whisk to Paris in no time. First, you will take a high-speed train to Rome to Milan and Milan to Paris on the Thello high-speed trains. The travel time for this trip varies, depending on which train you pick. We recommend you book your seats in advance as you must make reservations for these trains to secure a seat.

Lyon to Nice Train times

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains


Rome to Paris by train


Take the scenic route – Rome to Paris by Highspeed Train

Depending on the route you decide to take when you travel from Rome to Paris by highspeed train, you might want to enjoy exploring one of the beautiful towns of France along the way. Nice soaks up the magnificence of Provence and shares it through its gorgeous beaches, expansive promenade and open-air markets. Stopping off at Nice will allow you to see another stunning part of France and will nicely break up your journey from Rome to Paris.

Dijon to Provence Trains

Paris to Provence Trains

Lyon to Provence Trains

Marseilles to Provence Trains



Visit other European cities along the way

Make the most of your freedom by using regional trains and stopping off in other European cities. Travel from Rome to Milan, onto Geneva before you reach your destination – Paris.

Paris to Lille Trains

Rome to Milan Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains

Geneva to Paris Trains


Rome to Paris by train


No train voyage is over four hours long. This makes this the perfect route for any adventurer who dislikes lengthy train rides. It is good to bear in mind that some cities are more expensive to visit than others, so depending on your budget you might prefer an itinerary that does not include all the cities we have listed. Take a look at our website and you can make your own personal itinerary to get you from Rome to Paris by highspeed train but also From Paris to Rome with the same railway. You can also keep up to date with the latest promotions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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