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Food is so glorious, especially delicious food. It’s so easy to be obsessed with it when living in Europe gives you so much reason for it! The best cities for Foodies are in Europe, trust us we are foodies as well, and so will you when you’re through with this blog! Just, read carefully.  


Here’s a selection of the best cities for foodies in Europe that you can reach by train:


Lyon, France

Everyone knows it by now – if you are going to Europe to fall in love, you are going to France. Little did you know though that you are going to France to fall in love with its eateries, as well! In a country famous for its love of food and preparing it, it’s tough to pick a favorite place to feast. Make no mistake, though – Lyon is one of France’s top foodie places to explore! Our recommendation: sliced salami rosettes served with fresh green cornichon pickles and french fries. Lyon is connected with Switzerland by rail so you can always pop over to this “chocolate country” for a sweet meal finish.

Lyons gets inside our rank of Best Cities for Foodies in Europe for its chocolate delights and more.

Brussels to Lyon Highspeed Train

London to Lyon Trains

Marseille to Lyon Trains

Amsterdam to Lyon Trains



Vienna, Austria

The buzzing city of Vienna is where you are going for the best chocolate cake in Europe – Sachertorte. Rich in taste, dark and deep, For this reason, our cake expert awarded Austria to be one of the Best Cities for Foodies in Europe. so where to find one? In any of Vienna’s coffee houses! This is the country’s signature cake, and the locals make sure you know it’s so.

NOTE: Snap a few photos of the city and their food while there – you want to make your Instagram shine, don’t ya?

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Innsbruck to Vienna Trains

Stuttgart to Vienna Trains


Best Cities for Foodies, the table is served


San Sebastian, Spain

When you feel like hitting all the best parties in town, just dine out in San Sebastian! To be honest, you can eat tapas anywhere in Spain, and you’ll love it. BUT, to get the BEST OF THE BEST, try it in this seaside city. What makes this place so special is primarily the range of flavors and artistry you can choose from. Spicy and sour, hot and cold, rustic and sophisticated, are all to be found in a single bar. Try a few pieces in each place you find. You’ll be full, but it’ll be worth it.



Copenhagen, Denmark

Yes, train food can be spectacular but not even the best train food compares to Copenhagen’s Noma! is the beacon of Nordic food, and you should do everything in your power to go check it out. Not only does this one is one of the Best Cities for Foodies in Europe, but eatery has also been the No. 1 spot on the San Pellegrino list for years! Yes, the prices are high, but the taste you’re getting is worth it. If you want to pop over to Scandinavia by train, Copenhagen is a great gateway stop for doing just that.

Bonn to Copenhagen Trains

Hanover to Copenhagen Trains

Frankfurt to Copenhagen Trains


We seal our list of Best Cities for Foodies with Trieste, Italy

We can’t write about Best Cities for Foodies in Europe without mentioning all the deliciousness of Italy. Well… not all but at least some.

Trieste belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire until World War I. This fact right here adds to the significance of Trieste’s delicious dishes. Why? Because Trieste’s history left a substantial impact on its cuisine.  Atypical of typical Italian dishes, Trieste prides on such weird combos of pasta and pizza alongside sauerkraut and sliced sausage, and similar. Enjoy gorgeous food, creamy chocolate, and fabulous coffee in the city where James Joyce started writing Ulysses. A stunning view across the Adriatic won’t hurt your appetite, either. The connection between Italy and Slovenia is perfect by rail, so you can give Slovenia a chance while in the neighborhood.

Genoa to Trieste Trains

Rome to Trieste Trains

Milan to Trieste Trains

Florence to Trieste Trains


History, food, and Europe always go hand in hand, and you now have an opportunity to explore it all very easily. Enter Save a Train to buy yourself a rail ticket and start your foodie adventure today!


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