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If you are planning your first trip to Europe, there are a few things you need to know about the most beautiful cities in the world. we have designed the perfect guide for 10 travel mistakes you should avoid in Europe. A trip to the land of castles, exquisite cuisines, national parks, and scenic villages, can be one of the most memorable vacations you’ll have. On the contrary, it can also turn into a wicked legend and have a bad ending, if you are not properly prepared.

Whether you are traveling to Europe for the first time or coming back, these tips will make your trip safest, most comfortable, and definitely epic.


1. Not Visiting Small Cities And Off-The-Beaten-Track Places

If it’s your first trip to Europe, then you are definitely heading to the places everybody is talking about. However, if you want to discover special Europe, then not visiting small villages and known cities are one of the travel mistakes to avoid in Europe.  You should plan your trip to the most unforgettable off the beaten path places in Europe.

Of course, if you want to see and have the same pics as the other millions of tourists crowding the streets of Paris, Milan, and Prague, then follow the crowds. But, if you have the soul of an explorer, and looking for those hidden gems, then plan your trip around the small and unique villages in Europe.

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2. Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid In Europe: Not Using Public Transport

One of the first things that come to mind when you hear public transportation, is crowded and hot buses, queues, and traffic. However, public transport in Europe is not only buses but trams and trains. Some tourists would rather rent a car, than commute, but public transportation in Europe is very comfortable, punctual, cheap, and recommended.

You can easily reach the most remote parts of Europe, amazing nature reserves, castles, and breathtaking views, by train. There’s no better way to travel around Europe than by train, it is the absolute time and money saver.

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Not Using Public Transport is a Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid In Europe


3. Not Getting Travel Insurance

Yes, European cities are one of the most developed and safest cities in the world. But, you are still human, and the cliffs in Europe’s national parks are steep and merciless. While you can be the most experienced hiker and traveler, you can still catch a cold, twist an ankle, or have your camera stolen.

Travel insurance in Europe is important for health and other travel reasons. Getting travel insurance in Europe is a must, and you shouldn’t save on such a necessity. Not getting travel insurance is a mistake you should avoid when traveling to Europe because it can cost you a small fortune.

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Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Europe is not a hike in the great outdoor


4. Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid In Europe: Not Buying Tickets In Advance

Europe is expensive. Even if you are traveling to the most affordable places, museums and attraction tickets are going to cost you a small fortune. Not buying tickets in advance is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid in Europe, the millions of tourists visiting Europe every year, will guarantee you that.

So, you can find great deals for Europe’s iconic sites, attractions, and activities, if you research and book in advance. Sometimes you can get really great deals simply by purchasing tickets online, and it saves you so much precious time on your trip. In addition, if it’s your first trip to Europe, you should be prepared for the long queues. So, purchasing travel and attraction tickets online will save you from standing in the pouring rain, hot summer days, and leaves you time for that viewpoint and picnic.

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5. Exchanging Money At The Airport

Traveling to a foreign country can be stressful, not speaking the language or finding your way around the city. Handling your budget and foreign currency can also be stressful. While exchanging money at the airport is very comfortable and reliable, it is one of the travel mistakes to avoid in Europe.

The fees you’ll pay and exchange currency will cost you, therefore it’s best to do your research online on exchange points. Also, you can always ask in your hotel’s reception, they will be happy to recommend reliable money points in the area. It is recommended to exchange enough for the trip from the airport, and an amount that will cover the first 1-2 days of your trip.

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Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Europe is to exchange money in the airport


6. Booking Accommodating In The Wrong Neighborhood

Location is one of the most important factors in creating the perfect vacation in Europe. Not doing your research on the best part of town, neighborhood, or village to stay in, is a mistake to avoid when traveling in Europe. Choosing the place of your accommodation is as important as choosing the type of accommodation. Staying in the wrong part of town can cost you in travel time, traffic, price, and safety.

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Accommodating on a mountain


7. Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid In Europe: Eating In The First Restaurant You See

If you are a typical tourist, then you’ll go for the popular fast-food chains for lunch or the first restaurant on your way. However, you might miss out on amazing restaurants, with fantastic local dishes and viewpoints that will take your breath away.

If you only dedicate some time to researching ahead of your trip, you will treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience. Besides, trying delicious food, you could save a few dimes, instead of splurging in the first restaurant around. Great coffee, pastry, local cuisine, and sensational dishes at funny rates, can be just around the corner.

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Eat at the right place and avoid Travel Mistakes in Europe


8. Sticking To Guidebook Rather Than Free City Walking Tours

A guidebook is a great source of inspiration for a trip to Europe, and for having a general travel plan. However, sticking to your guidebook is one of the biggest travel mistakes to avoid in Europe. It means that you will visit the same places as millions of other tourists, and like a tourist.

Discovering the city on a free walking tour is the best way to enjoy the most fabulous cities in Europe. A local speaking English guide will take you around the city. In addition to showing popular and famous sites, the city walking tour guide will tell you the city’s best-kept secrets and give you loads of recommendations and tips for the city. This includes food recommendations, great deals, hidden spots, and most importantly how to stay safe.

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9. Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid In Europe: Not Packing For Europe

Sunny, rainy, chilly, or humid, one of the most special things about Europe is that you can experience all 4 seasons in a day. So, not packing specifically for Europe’s weather is a travel mistake to avoid at all costs.

T-shirts, rain and wind jacket, comfortable shoes are simply essentials to pack for your trip to Europe. It’s best to pack and wear layers, this way you will be comfortable in any weather, and won’t carry around an entire wardrobe.

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eiffel tower black and white


10. Keeping Your Cash In One Place

European cities are known for being stunning, but also for pickpocketing, tourist traps, and various schemes to trick tourists. Diving your travel budget between your day-trip bag, safe, and a credit card is the best way to travel safely and enjoy.

It’s best to stay on the safe side and avoid keeping your cash and credit card in one place. So, having your precious belonging on you at all times and places, is a travel mistake you should avoid in Europe.

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Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Europe is not to take a Canal trip



To conclude, there are many wonderful places to discover in Europe. You can spend an amazing weekend or plan a long Euro trip, the possibilities are endless. But, when you are traveling to a foreign country, the rules of the game vary from city to city. The only thing that remains the same is the mistakes tourists make every single trip. Our 10 travel mistakes to avoid in Europe, will keep you safe and make your trip truly unique.


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