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With lavish green valleys, palaces, and picturesque villages, Europe has many stunning places to visit. Each and every single place will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a brothers’ Grimm fairytales, and the 10 most beautiful viewpoints in Europe are the perfect setting for a fairytale.


1. The Most Beautiful Viewpoint In France: The Dordogne Valley

Lush green hills, the stunning Dordogne river, and 5 amazing villages that received the “most beautiful village in France” award make the Dordogne valley’s one of the beautiful views in Europe.  Castelnaud is one of the most charming castles in France, situated in the area of black Perigord village. The villages in Dordogne valley have remained untouched by time, and as you stroll through the trails and streets, you’ll feel you’ve traveled back in time to knights and legends time.

The most beautiful viewpoint in France is accessible by train. You can train travel from Bordeaux in less than 2 hours, or from Paris in less than 6 hours. This enchanting region is totally worth more than a day’s trip.

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The Dordogne Valley in France is the first Beautiful Viewpoint in Europe on our list


2. Vernazza, Cinque Terre Hiking Trail

The view of the picturesque village Vernazza in Cinque Terre is one of the 10 most beautiful views in Europe. This colorful village is one of 5 stunning villages, consisting of the marvelous region of Cinque Terre. The beautiful houses in the background of the blue pristine Mediterranean Sea, create a painting-like view, especially stunning in the sunset.

You can admire this gorgeous view from the Cinque Terre hiking trail viewpoint that connects all 5 villages. As you hike up the trail, you’ll see vineyards, fishing boats, and Cinque Terre in all its splendor. It’s best to visit Cinque Terre in Spring and Fall since in summer weather gets quite humid for hiking, and in winter the trail might be blocked.

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre Hiking Trail Morning Viewpoint


3. The Most Scenic Viewpoint In Switzerland: Rochers De Naye

Switzerland’s views have inspired many films and artists, and when you visit the Rochers De Naye and Vaud region, you’ll understand why. While most travelers hike up the Malatraix mountain peak, there’s actually a more breathtaking view from Rocher-De-Naye.

Once up there you will be looking at Lake Geneva and the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps in the background. This beautiful viewpoint in Rocher-De-Naye is perfect for sunset or picnic if you are keen on early morning hiking.

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Switzerland's Rochers De Naye is Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Europe and a very high one


4. Mullerthal Region

Mullerthal Region has the loveliest views in Luxembourg.  Rocky formations, waterfalls, and green trails to choose from, it’s a hiking paradise. Mullerthal is often referred to as Little Switzerland, thanks to its amazing landscape.

The most beautiful viewpoint in Luxembourg is River Sure in the Upper-Sure nature park. You can enjoy this breathtaking place by hiking up Mullerthal Trail Route 1. This hiking trail takes along green meadows, Tudor castle, making it one of the 10 most beautiful viewpoints in Europe.

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Mullerthal Region In Luxembourg is one of the Most Beutiful viewpoints in Europe


5. The Most Beautiful Viewpoint In The Czech Republic: Moravian Tuscany

Silk-like green rolling fields, the Moravia region in the Czech Republic is captivating. Green in summer, blooming, and colorful in spring, the colors of Moravian Tuscany change with the seasons of the year. So, anytime you travel to Moravia, you’ll get totally different views of Tuscany’s twin.

This stunning viewpoint in Europe is a day-trip from Prague. The scenic villages of Sardice, and Karlin and Morave, offer the best views of the Moravian fields.

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Moravian Tuscany picturesque Beautiful Viewpoints


6.  Austria, Alpbach

Wooden farmhouses in the background of snow-capped mountains, Alpbach village is gorgeous. The small picturesque village of Alpbach is located in one of Austria’s most stunning regions: Tyrol. Stunning waterfalls, hiking trails for experienced hikers or families with kids, there are plenty of ways to explore the Austrian landscape and nature.

In addition, you can dip in Austria’s warmest lakes, which are also found near this scenic village. The most beautiful view of Alpbach in Austria is just a short train ride away from the airport.

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7. The Most Beautiful Viewpoint In Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

A list of Europe’s most breathtaking viewpoints won’t be complete without a view of a castle. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is the most impressive castles in Germany and offers one of the most magical views in Europe.

The most popular viewpoint of Neuschwanstein Castle is from Mary’s bridge. However, it gets pretty crowded and almost impossible to snap a picture from the famous viewpoint. Therefore, you should keep climbing up the hill and past the Marienbrucke viewpoint. The most beautiful view in Germany is up a zig-zag road, from a fenced platform.

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Neuschwanstein Castle Germany sunset viewpoint


8. The Netherlands, Zaanstad Village

Holland is famous for its tulips and windmills, canals, and charming towns. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Netherlands has both. If you are fortunate enough to travel in the spring, you must visit the village of Zaanstad. Here you’ll find active windmills with blossoming tulips in all the colors of the rainbow.

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Zaanstad Village in The Netherlands is one of the Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Europe


9. The Most Beautiful Viewpoint In Hungary: Gellertberg Hill In Budapest

The view of the Hungarian parliament is one of the most famous images of Budapest. You can snap this breathtaking view from Gellertberg Hill. At 235 m, you’ll be able to see the Danube River and a breathtaking panoramic view of Budapest.

In orange sunset colors, night lights, or on a clear blue sky day, the views are marvelous. Thus, Gellertberg Hill’s viewpoint has made it to our 10 most beautiful viewpoints in Europe.

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Gellertberg Hill In Budapest Europe Viewpoint


10. Chateau De Crevecoeur In Dinant

The scenic village of Dinant is one of the most charming and unique villages in Europe. The most beautiful view of Dinant, the church, river, and Meuse valley is from Chateau de Crevecoeur, Heartbreak palace.

Dominating the limestone rocky landscape, this impressive castle overlooks Dinant since the 13th century.

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Chateau De Crevecoeur In Dinant Viewpoints



The 10 most beautiful viewpoints in Europe are up green hills, where only the courageous dreamers dare to go. The most special, European views await those that look for the extraordinary, off-the-beaten-path places, and away from the crowds.


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