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You have loads of options when you decide how to travel. Like the name of the famous movie, you can go via planes, trains, and automobiles. When it comes to taking a tour of Italy, however – there are some definite perks to going by train ride.



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Airline seats are notoriously short on legroom, and you aren’t permitted to use electronic devices during takeoff and landing. This means for shorter flights, you’re confined to your small seat for the majority of the flight without the distractions offered by smartphones and technology, this is really different from a train ride.

Cars often provide a little more space, but the ride can be bumpy and some people suffer from car sickness – especially on a long trip when you may want to read or play games. a train ride, on the other hand, provides comfortable seats and a smooth ride – uninterrupted by long takeoff and landing times, again a different experience from a train ride.

When traveling by train ride in Italy, you can try the extremely comfortable ergonomic seats and sound-proofed cabins of the new high-speed Frecciarossa 1000 train.

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Air travel offers spectacular aerial views, but only for a short time until the plane ascends far above the countryside. While freeways aren’t usually picturesque, roads between cities can offer gorgeous views. However, the driver has to concentrate on the road, so only the other passengers can marvel at the rolling hills or beautiful ocean. Train ride allows all travelers to enjoy the natural beauty outside the windows.

One of the things you hear from people who traveled to Italy by rail is how gorgeous it is to train travel during sunset.

Train journeys in Italy are particularly beautiful so make sure you travel along the Cinque Terra between Levanto and La Spezia or take a trip down the east coast from Rimini to Catania.

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Train ride travel is much more affordable than flying. Car rental can be cost-effective, but when you add insurance, gas, and time (more time driving means more nights of accommodation) your trip can get expensive fast. You can also take an overnight train ride, that way you pay for accommodation and transport in one.

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Trains emit far fewer carbon emissions than planes or cars. According to a study, cars emit double the amount of CO2 that trains do.

Planes cause the most environmental impact. When choosing between flying or taking a train, consider this: planes use the majority of their fuel for takeoff and landing. While this evens out over the length of long-haul flights, it means a lot more fuel per kilometer is used for shorter flights, such as traveling within Italy.

In addition to that, most people travel to the airport by car or taxi, adding more carbon emissions to their total. This means it makes more environmental sense to take an intercity train ride than a short flight or a drive.

Aside from petrol and diesel use, there is also noise and air pollution, as well as the need for parking cars in cities that already lack green spaces.

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When measuring fatalities per passenger mile, flying is much safer than driving. Here’s why: there’s less chance of human error, and it’s much more difficult to become a pilot than to obtain a driver’s license. Taking into account road conditions and tiredness on long drives, it’s easy to see why choosing a plane is safer than a car.

Compared to trains, however, planes aren’t quite as safe. Trains travel along the track at slower speeds, meaning there is less chance of crashing compared to planes. In the case of a derailment, the slower speeds mean less risk.

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An average freeway lane moves about 2,500 people per hour – while a typical train line can carry 50,000 people per hour. This makes train ride travel substantially quicker than driving, especially when you factor in slow-moving traffic, stop streets, traffic lights and the inevitable wrong turns. On top of that, the driver has to focus on the road, so they’ll be unable to read, study, sleep, or work.

Flying long distances may be faster than traveling by train, but for short distances, air travel doesn’t save time. First, you need to get to the airport – often situated far from residential areas. You also need to be there at least an hour before your takeoff time to check in and go through security. If you check your luggage, you’ll need to wait for it at the carousel. And that’s all before any flight delays or the walk or bus between airport terminals and gates.

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Airports are often situated outside of the city, meaning once you land, you’ll still need to take a car, bus, or train into the city. When it comes to seeing the sights, roads in city centers can be congested and difficult to access by car, so taking a train makes a lot of sense in metropolitan areas.


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