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What better way to spend your summer than travel around Europe, right? Right. You don’t have to break the bank to see some of the gorgeous Europe capitals; believe it or not, but one of the critical aspects of your cost-effective Europe travel is choosing trains instead of planes for your destinations.

Here are 5 reasons why opting for trains instead of planes will help you experience Europe in the best way possible.


They Are Super-Fast

Don’t be fooled thinking that London-Paris Eurostar and France TGV trains are the only high-speed rail routes in Europe – for the past few decades, these guys have been developing high-speed routes throughout the continent, contributing to the increase of railroad tourism and making sure trains instead of planes get picked as the primary traveling option. On average, high-speed trains in Europe travel 125 to 200 mph, depending on the route and train stations are fabulously interlinked.

London to Brussels Trains

London to Paris Trains

London to Lyon Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains



Trains Instead of Planes as the Faster Option

They can even be faster than flying, especially for trips longer than about 600 miles. How so? When you calculate in the time you spend driving to the airport, then getting there early (and often spending over 2 hours before your flight), and heightened security checks, you realize it’s easier to drive to the city center train station and board 5 minutes before the train leaves the station.

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Antwerp Trains

Amsterdam to Lille Trains

Amsterdam to Paris Trains


You Pay Less For a Top-Notch Sleeper Service Than a First-Class Plane Ticket

Even when you are traveling on the most luxurious trains, you’ll get such a fair price. You’ll wonder why you’d been avoiding train travel before! For instance, you’ll pay around £880 per person for a two day/one night trip with Japan’s Seven Stars, and enjoy the lush landscape of the southern Japanese island of Kyushu as you travel; contrary to that price, a plane ticket from London to Tokyo will cost you almost £5,000 with British Airways. Woah! We do have a feeling you’ll be choosing trains instead of planes from now, won’t you?

Lyon to Geneva Train times

Zurich to Geneva Trains

Paris to Geneva Trains

Bern to Geneva Trains


No Lost Luggage when you pick Trains Instead of Planes


Lost Luggage Is (Virtually) Unheard Of when comparing Trains Instead of Planes

Lost luggage is something of a thing already, at least when it comes long-distance plane traveling. Contrary to that, train stations and trains don’t lose passengers bags as passengers alone are those who worry about their own luggage. You can also bring as much as you can carry, unlike planes that have clear luggage limitations.

This is probably the best reason to use trains instead of planes.

Salzburg to Berlin Trains

Leipzig to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


You Can Skip the Hell of Airport Security

When it comes to security, choosing trains instead of planes seems like a logical choice, and you’ll now see why. The airport security experience is basically a series of unpleasant situations. You start sweating immediately before you get into the security check even though you know you haven’t done or brought anything illegal with you. And, let’s not forget the unpleasant requests to remove your belt, take off your shoes and whatnot, and then be patted down by a burly man. Trains don’t have this – and that pretty much seals the deal.

Nantes to Bordeaux Trains

Paris to Bordeaux Trains

Lyon to Bordeaux Trains

Marseilles to Bordeaux Trains


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