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When it comes to visiting Europe’s most famous capitals, London is undoubtedly at the top of every tourist’s wish list and there are many Things To Do in London. It’s got a long, fascinating history; beautiful landmarks and sights; and there’s plenty of things to do there. Whether you’re an easy-going tourist who wants to get to know the local culture, or an adventurer looking for excitement, London has something in store for you.

Of course, other than knowing about what to do in London, it’s also important to figure out the logistics of your travel. Getting there by train is one of the most natural options, especially if you’re traveling from major European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, or Berlin. Here’s an overview of London activities and trains that will help you plan your vacation:


Our Favorite Things to Do in London

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In a city as big as London, narrowing down the list of activities to a few options is almost impossible. You never will see all the sights and catch all the authentic London experiences during one visit. That’s why we recommend setting your priorities in advance.

For those of you who look for Things To Do in London that are related to shopping, different markets will be the highlight of your visit. Are you looking for authentic, local food? Check out the Borough Market and sample its gastronomic delights, or eat at one of the restaurants nearby. If you’re more in the mood for some department store shopping, Liberty is a great place. Alternatively, go hunting for some cool antiques at Portobello Road Market.

If your trip to London has more of an educational character, visit some of the cultural hotspots of the city. From attending the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe to learning about the Tower of London, you’ll have plenty to do. We’d also recommend enjoying contemporary art at the Tate Modern on the South Bank, as well as visiting the Southbank Center.

Utrecht to London Trains

Antwerp to London Trains

Strasbourg to London Trains

Luxembourg to London Trains


Eat well is among the things to do in london

Getting to London by train from Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin

You can reach London from Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin easily via Eurostar, Intercity, and Thalys trains. Some of the starting destinations will have a more natural way of reaching London than others. For example, you can board a Eurostar high-speed direct train to London from Paris, and be there in a little over two and a half hours.

When it comes to traveling to London from Amsterdam and Berlin, From Amsterdam, you can take the Eurostar direct or another good option would be to first get to Brussels via Thalys and then board Eurostar in Brussels to London. The journey takes about four hours that way and is the fastest way to reach London from Amsterdam by train.

Getting to the UK capital from Berlin by train would require two changes. The final leg of the journey is the same as from Amsterdam, and then boarding the Eurostar. However, another option is to train travel from Berlin to Cologne, where you would board a train to Brussels. It is the fastest train journey from Berlin to London and takes a little less than 10 hours and then you can do all the things you learned about things to do in London.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Rotterdam to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains



Ready to Get to London?

If you’ve decided what your favorite things to do in London will be, you only need to make the journey! Getting there by train is easy, so go and book your seats for a fantastic vacation.

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