It’s true that there’s more than one way to reach Amsterdam from Paris. And while they all come with their pro and cons, travel from Paris to Amsterdam by train remains the best option when you make the comparisons. We give you all the reasons why train travel should be your first choice, especially if you want to arrive in Amsterdam from Paris safely and in style and comfort.


Paris to Amsterdam by Train vs. Other Modes of Travel

Travelling by car from Paris to Amsterdam is undoubtedly a picturesque drive. However, it only makes sense if you can afford the time and are confident enough to navigate the roads between the two cities.

Regardless of which route you take on your car trip from Paris to Amsterdam, there are motorways, toll, and fuel consumption to think about. The drive can take up to 6 hours, at best; so you’ll need to plan for your rest stops. Also, consider any servicing and fuel required along the way, as well as a lunch break. All those expenses can and will add up.

You may consider taking the bus because you’ve heard it’s the cheapest way to travel to Amsterdam from Paris. While this is true, the trip will take almost 7 hours. That’s a long time to be on the road. It will feel even longer because you’re cramped in a bus with limited space to move around.

There’s also the option to fly from Paris to Amsterdam. But while the flight will only take an hour and 15 minutes, it doesn’t offer the same perks as travelling by land. Unless you’re in First Class, you’ll find yourself crammed in uncomfortable plane seats.

There is also no beautiful European scenery to enjoy when you travel by plane. You’ll mostly have the clouds outside to look at if you happen to be seated in a window seat; otherwise, you can rely on an in-flight movie to keep you entertained. And don’t forget that while travelling by plane is theoretically the fastest way to get to Amsterdam from Paris, you still need to factor in the time and money it will take to get to the airport.



The Comfort and Convenience of Train Travel

When it comes to travelling from Paris to Amsterdam, train travel offers the best of all worlds. It’s arguably the most comfortable and convenient way to travel thanks to the trains’ high-speeds. You can move around the train with ease without even realising it’s moving.

You will also feel safer travelling by train, knowing you’re not sharing the roads and highways with reckless drivers. And at speeds of 300 km per hour, you reach your destination in half the time it would take by car or bus. High-speed trains can get you to Amsterdam from Paris in 3 hours and 19 minutes. And unlike travelling by plane, you will have the spectacular European countryside to enjoy.


Family Train Travel from Paris to Amsterdam


Book your train tickets in advance, and you can enjoy the cheapest rates, making travelling by train the more economical choice if you plan. With the Thalys line, you can buy tickets up to 90 days before your travel date and save up to 75% on train tickets if you reserve your seats early.


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