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You have gotten in touch with the history, art, and culture of Brussels and you are ready to explore outside the city borders now. Luckily, there is also a lot to explore within a day trip from Brussels. So much so, that we have decided to put a list of 5 Best day trips from Brussels just for you!


1. Best Day Trips From Brussels: Bruges

Yes, this is the same place where the movie In Bruges was shot! It is located 100 kilometers northwest of Brussels and only 15 kilometers from the North Sea. Bruges is also known as the Venice of the North. It is a great choice on our 5 Best day trips from Brussels list. Why? One word: Chocolate.

Along with its famous medieval architecture and canals, it is also a Belgian chocolate hot spot with an incredible number of chocolatiers and shops, a nirvana for lovers of chocolate.

Eaten too much chocolate? No worries. Bruges also has a great history and beautiful architecture. Admire the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower in the center of the city and one of its symbols, see the famous Hospital of St. John, and the Saint Salvator Cathedral.

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Bruges is one of the Best day trips from Brussels


2. Ghent

Ghent is on our 5 Best day trips from Brussels list because it is known for being one of Belgium’s medieval treasures and its cultural value, namely; music, theatre, film, and visuals. It is also super close to Brussels, located only 60 kilometers from Brussels, and can be easily reached by train.

One of the best things to do in this charming medieval city is to explore it on foot, catch a glimpse of its incredible medieval architecture, as well as to feel its vibrant atmosphere.

Praise The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers located inside the Saint Bavo Cathedral. Visit the Belfry of Ghent, the Town Hall, and get closer to the city’s trading history at the Old Fish Market.

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Beutiful Ghent Belgium


3. Best Day Trips From Brussels: Amsterdam

There are only 200 kilometers between Brussels and Amsterdam, so the beautiful Dutch capital is a good choice for an unforgettable day trip.

Amsterdam is often known for its interesting cafes! (If you know what I mean!) But, do not let that fool you. Amsterdam is one of the Best 5 Best day trips from Brussels because it is also an oasis of history, culture, and art.

Get in touch with the past at Anne Frank House, learn about art at the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt House museums, and enjoy the famous Heineken Experience. Adventurous travelers can rent a bike and explore the streets, historic landmarks, and main pubs of Amsterdam. In the meantime, romantics can have a unique Amsterdam experience while enjoying a relaxing boat ride.

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4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg means Lucilinburhc or little fortress. This is when the territory around the castle or the fortress was discovered and ruled by Siegfried I of Ardennes. Today, Luxembourg is ONE of the richest countries in the world. It is also culturally diverse and plays an important role in the United Nations and European politics. These are only a handful of reasons as to why it is one of the Best 5 Best day trips from Brussels.

It only takes 2.5 hours from Brussels to get there. Once you hop off the train, head to the capital of the Grand Duchy and begin your tour by exploring the Kirchberg quarter and its many important buildings such as the European Court of Justice, and the European Commission. Marvel at the Notre Dame Cathedral, a landmark that perfectly combines late Gothic architecture with Renaissance adornments. Continue with wandering around the charming streets. Do not miss catching a glimpse of the Palace of the Grand Duke and the city fortifications.

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Luxembourg is one of the Best day trips from Brussels


5. Best Day Trips From Brussels: Ypres

123 kilometers of beautiful scenery lies between Belgiums capital and this interesting place. However, you should also be prepared to visit many somber places too. Ypres played an important role in the First World War and saw the loss of a generation of soldiers during the fierce battles that took place here and in the surrounding areas.

Like many Belgian cities, the market square contains an impressive array of architecture. This is also because a lot of the medieval architecture remains have been restored. On a happier note, if you are a foodie, then you will enjoy the traditional Flemish cuisine and of course, beer.

No matter what you do in the city of Ypres. Your thoughts will not be far from the devastation and loss of World War 1.

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Ypres Leper Belgium


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