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Famous Theatres in Europe are woven into the fabric of European culture. Famous theatres in Europe promise you extraordinary performances. It will leave you stirred, moved, and spellbound! The nature of performing arts is fleeting and creativity flourishes spectacularly. These flashes of brilliance live on only in our memories. Famous theatres in Europe create a sense of exclusivity and rarity. It is a brief moment in sharing time, and you will want to bask in the light of its glow.

These are some of our top picks of the most famous theatres in Europe, simply must-sees for the culture lover:


1. Teatro Alla Scala, Italy

It seems only logical that we would begin in Italy, a dominating influence on famous theatres in Europe. The Teatro alla Scalla is the world-famous home of Italian Opera.

Most of the great singers of the past, over the last two hundred years, have performed here. Many famous operas have had their first production here such as Othello, Nabucco by Verdi, and Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini.

This theatre is grand and beautiful. It has a museum where you can peruse private areas that are not usually open to the public. The enormous auditorium is constructed from wood and is covered in decadent red velvet. It is lit by a Bohemian crystal chandelier.

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Teatro Alla Scala of Italy is on the list of Famous theatres in Europe


2. The Globe Theatre, London

The Globe Theatre is known as Shakespeare Globe. Insatiable fans of The Bard must visit this famous theatre in Europe. William Shakespeare’s works show a deep understanding of human nature. His work captivates audiences. His mastery of the English language has made his plays and poems timeless pieces of genius.

If you are a lover of Shakespeare, this is definitely the place to visit! Lord Chamberlains Men burnt it down in 1613. The modern reconstruction that stands in its place today is a short distance from its original location.

Come to this three-story, open-air amphitheater to enjoy plays. Partake in workshops. Sit-in on lectures and staged readings. There is a well-attended theatrical program all year round and it is a must on the list of famous theatres in Europe.

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3. Paradis Latin, Paris

The Paradis Latin is a contemporary cabaret venue that is the successor of the original Latin Theatre. The Latin Theatre was commissioned originally by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1800s.

Many structures burnt down during that time. This includes this one. Renowned for its glitz and flair, so if you are looking for theatrics, you will find it at a bonafide Parisian cabaret show. In conjunction with outstanding cabaret performances, you can also see exceptional acrobatic and trapeze acts.

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Paradis Latin theatre, Paris


4. Volkstheater, Vienna

The Volkstheater in Vienna is a beautiful sight to behold. It first opened in 1889. It is one of the largest of its kind throughout the world in German-speaking countries and is a must-see.

Built as a more accessible counterpart to the Burgtheater, it was the chosen venue at the time for the high society but performing arts is for everyone to enjoy. At the start of this glorious theatre, the focus was on Austrian authors. Today, you can be witness to an extensive repertoire that has received international acclaim.

The Rote Bar is on the upper floor of the theatre. It is a decidedly more formal venue. It is here that you can listen to ambient music, enjoy club events as well as reading and contemporary exhibitions.

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Volkstheater in Vienna is on the list of Famous theatres in Europe


5. The National Theatre, Prague

It is no surprise that the National Theatre in Prague has been nicknamed, The Golden Chapel. It stands proudly in all of its Neo-Renaissance glory. You will feel like you are part of the nobility yourself when you visit this famous theatre in Europe.

The National Theatre is rich in history but the original building burnt down in 1881. An entire nation rallied together in support of the performing arts. They contributed to it being rebuilt and having it exactly as it once was.

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The national Theatre in Prague


Today, come and see a spectacular variety of ballets, plays, and operas that inspire and delight, and of course, catch a ride with Save A Train to get there!



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