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All tourists dream about visiting hidden gems in Europe as well as prominent European metropolises. A photo of them happily standing next to the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum or Big Ben makes everyone feel exceptional (and we totally get that!). Whether you are an Instagram addict or a “true” traveler, going places around the world is everything!

Wandering around, exploring the unknown, trying to meet new cultures, and experience something different is beautiful. That’s why real travelers are not afraid to head off the path. They like to stop by the towns that often do not have airports and do not draw many visitors. These hidden gems in Europe can very often give a better picture of a particular European country than anything else, a true understanding of a nation. Visiting them by train is probably the best way to enjoy new landscapes and walks of life. If you are a traveler, this list is for you.

Here are our favorite hidden gems in Europe easily reachable by train that is without a doubt worth seeing.

NOTE: If you are thinking about going by bus versus going by train – the choice should always be by train.


1. Saxony, an Eclectic Mix of Nature and History and our first choice for Hidden Gems In Europe

No need to immediately mentally project yourself to Dresden, really. Dresden is the capital of Saxony, but there are some other parts of this eastern German region worth mentioning, too. Just outside Dresden is the Konigstein Fortress. And if you enjoy walking, you should not miss the stonework bridges in the Saxony National park. Furthermore, you need to be honest with yourself. It is difficult to visit Germany and, at least once, not have too many beers in some of the bars. Luckily, Saxony has a small spa town called Bad Schandau, perfect for detoxing after a drunken night. Gluhwein should also be on your list since it is home to the oldest Christmas market in Germany. The German train network is excellent in this area so you will get to experience it to its fullest.

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Saxony Hidden gems in Europe


2. Luxembourg City, a Tiny, Romantic Capital

The first thing you think of when talking about Luxembourg is banks. The country is well known exactly because of them. But Luxembourg’s steepled churches, stone houses, and small canals make visiting it more enjoyable than you’d expect. That’s why this place is one of the rare hidden gems in Europe among this continent’s capitals. It is a beautiful place, laid at the point where the Petrusse and Alzette rivers meet. You can visit some of the restaurants and hip bars near the central square. Additionally, rue Philippe II has a bunch of shops, so you better be ready to spend a few bucks! Altogether Luxembourg is a perfect place for a romantic weekend.   

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Luxembourg city Hidden gems in Europe


3. Antwerp: Diamonds, Bikes and More Beer

One more time, not really a hidden gem, but we had to mention it. The reason is simple. Antwerp is a great place to stop by on your train trip from Luxembourg to the Netherlands. Besides, this city has a lot to offer, and you should have fun there. If you are passionate about cycling and architecture you have to take the “architecture tour.” Thanks to this cool map, you can discover city highlights on your favorite form of transportation. And if you prefer something “shinier”, go check out Antwerp Home of Diamonds. At the same time, Belgium is great for beer lovers. Provided you are one, grab a mug at “De Konick”, the Antwerp city brewery.

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4. Camogli, a True Hidden Gems in Europe

Only 45 minutes of train ride away from Genoa, this small fishermen town doesn’t have a lot of must-sees. However, much like those underrated places that turn out to be true hidden gems of Europe, this one too should be on your list. With its colorful houses and steep streets, Camogli is a perfect place to go for a long walk. Walking through Camogli, you’ll notice fancy hotels, old buildings, and small bakeries. Before you know it – you’ll fall in love with this place! And when you get tired of walking around, there is nothing better than having lunch in some of the town’s restaurants. A perfect time to visit Camogli would be May, during the fish festival. The main attraction of this event is the 28-ton pan. It is used, you guessed it right, for cooking fish.

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Hidden Gems In Europe Camogli


5. Weymouth, a Beach Town in England closes our list of Hidden Gems In Europe

It is difficult to be considered one of the hidden gems in Europe when you have dinosaur fossils near you. Yup, you read it right. Dinosaur fossils can be found along the Jurassic coast of Weymouth. Yet, not many people decide to take a 3-hour train ride from London to see them. The ones who do can enjoy different watersports and have fish and chips on the beach. Or opt for a meal at some of the gastropubs. Since the pound is slightly down at the moment, it is the right time to make a trip to England. And the right time for visiting Weymouth would be August during the Weymouth carnival.

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Did we help with deciding which place to visit next on your upcoming adventures? Good! These five places are just an example of how there still are some undiscovered and hidden gems in Europe. The world is full of surprises waiting for you to discover them. Traveling by train will allow you to see these locations from a different angle. Also, you will enjoy your trip more. If you need help planning your voyage, or you want to buy tickets, please visit us at SaveATrain.


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