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If you long to see some of Europe’s must-visit destinations, a few of the most bike friendly cities will surely make your list. These cities are great to explore by bike, making them ideal for traveling on a budget. And you can get there by train. Here are the ten most bike friendly cities in Europe:


     1. Bike-Friendly Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has consistently been among the most bike friendly cities in Europe. It has separated cycle tracks instead of lanes, allowing you to go everywhere car-free. You can easily reach it by train from Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and other major European destinations.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains



     2. Bike-Friendly Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen invested over €134 million into developing its cycling network over the years. That contributed to making their cycle path network impressive and launched Copenhagen to be among the greenest European destinations.

Hamburg to Copenhagen Trains

Hanover to Copenhagen Trains

Berlin to Copenhagen Trains


     3. Bike-Friendly Berlin, Germany

Take a bike in Berlin in the summer

Berlin has labored to become one of the most bike friendly cities in Europe for a while. They finally made it, thanks to an elaborate campaign of the cycling community. As one of the hubs of European train traffic, Berlin is quite easy to get to.

Bremen to Berlin Trains

Leipzig to Berlin Trains

Hanover to Berlin Trains

Hamburg to Berlin Trains


     4. Utrecht, Netherlands

Cities in the Netherlands love their bicycles. Utrecht invests a lot in its bicycle infrastructure. Long bicycle streets and huge parking facilities make it easy to use bikes there.

Brussels to Utrecht Trains

Antwerp to Utrecht Trains

Berlin to Utrecht Trains

Paris to Utrecht Trains


     5. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is Belgium’s most bike-friendly city, with a developed network of cycling paths. With large projects aimed at improving it further, Antwerp will surely stay among the top cycling destinations in Europe.

Brussels to Antwerp Trains

Amsterdam to Antwerp Trains

Lille to Antwerp Trains

Paris to Antwerp Trains



     6. Vienna, Austria

Vienna boasts of implementing Europe’s first cargo bike rental system. Among other initiatives that the city generously sponsored to make Vienna more bike-friendly is building the 1300-km of cycle paths network.

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains


     7. Basel, Switzerland

Basel is scenic and among the Most Bike Friendly Cities

Basel’s known for a few things, and being bike-friendly is one of them. In any weather or season, you can see the residents of Basel using their bicycles to navigate around easily. You can reach Basel from Amsterdam by train directly.

Munich to Basel Trains

Zurich to Basel Trains

Bern to Basel Trains

Geneva to Basel Trains


     8. Munster, Germany

Among Germany’s most bike friendly cities, Munster keeps a consistently good ranking. The city is working hard to ensure that cyclists are happy with its cycling infrastructure and safety.

Essen to Munster Trains

Bielefeld to Munster Trains

Cologne to Munster Trains

Hanover to Munster Trains


     9. Verona, Italy

Italian cities usually are not among the most bike friendly cities in Europe, but Verona stands quite well. It’s a great city to explore by bicycle, and the train ride from Rome to Verona only adds to the beauty of your journey

Rimini to Verona Trains

Rome to Verona Trains

Florence to Verona Trains

Venice to Verona Trains


     10. Munich, Germany

Munich has a clear plan to build a vast bicycle network zone and improve the cycling infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to reach a 30% modal share for bikes. If you want to try out getting around Munich on a bike, you could travel there by train from Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich, among other cities.

Berlin to Munich Trains

Frankfurt to Munich Trains

Vienna to Munich Trains

Stuttgart to Munich Trains


Are you ready to pay a visit to some of Europe’s best destinations using only your bicycle and train? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and book your train tickets early!



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