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To experience the Holland Tulip Season by Train is truly a must on any self-respecting summer traveler’s calendar. For a month or so every year, the fields of the province of Flevoland are transformed into a beautiful and vast sea of colorful flowers of more than 7 million blooms. From the Hague and Leiden in the south, up to the Alkmaar in the north is where you’ll experience this beautiful sight. While one usually associates traveling the lowlands of Holland by bicycle, for the less adventurous a far more appealing way to experience all the glory of tulip season is by train! Here are some top tips to enjoy Holland tulip season by train travel.


Holland Tulip Season and NS train


Plan your visit for the upcoming Holland Tulip Season

Tulip season runs from the end of March until mid-May, but the best time to see the tulips in full bloom is halfway through April. You will need to check on the weather for the season and do your research before booking to ensure you get the best time.

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The Best Times To Visit The Gardens and Fields during Holland Tulip Season

Holland Tulip season attracts a lot of tourists and visitors and the best times to visit the gardens and tulip fields are often when they open and a few hours before they close. Plan your trip accordingly so that you make the most out of our experience and can get some great photos without the crowds.

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Book Your Tickets Before You Go

Due to the number of people coming to see the tulips, experiencing Holland tulip season by train can be rather busy. It is important to plan ahead and book your train tickets beforehand wherever possible to ensure you are able to get on and enjoy the spectacular views.

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Visit Flevoland for a Quieter Experience of Holland Tulip Season

If you are looking for a place with fewer tulips but with fewer crowds and slightly cheaper prices then Flevoland is for you. You can catch the train here from Amsterdam and if you catch it after peak hours you’ll be able to bring bikes on the train, which means you can cycle around the tulip fields. The views along the journey are incredible and there are plenty of great photo opportunities.

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Visit Leiden or Haarlem

You can catch the train to Leiden or Haarlem where you will get exceptional views of the famous “Flower Strip” and will be able to walk amongst the rows of tulips once you have arrived there. This is ideal for day trips and is a very popular tourist destination.

Exploring Holland by train is an amazing experience and even more so during the tulip season. It is possible to book overnight stays and train tours around the country but these are slightly more expensive and may leave you with less time to explore the tulip fields. An organization is key during this busy time so be sure to plan ahead to make the most out of tulip season in Holland!

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