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Lush green valley, huge canyon views, beaches, or charming towns, Europe is full of amazing places for family camping. The 10 best family camping destinations in Europe are perfect for summer holidays, and even winter. All are surrounded by lovely views and nature, and most importantly designed for an unforgettable family vacation in Europe.


1. Best Family Camping Destination In Austria: Hohe Tauren

Fairytale-like towns, beautiful meadows, and the Alps landscape, the national park Hohe Tauren tops our 10 best family camping destinations in Europe. For example, one of the best camping sites in the area is the Grossglockner that overlooks the famous Grossglockner mountain and is the highest in Austria.

In addition, the Innergschloss in East Tirol has the most beautiful views of the Alps, so definitely one of the best places for family adventures and pictures. Another Hohe Tauren highlight is the  600-year-old larch forest of Zedlach, where you will find amazing spots for a family picnic.

To conclude, family camping in Hohe Tauren national park will be an unforgettable experience for the entire family. To top it all off, you could begin your green vacation in Austria by traveling by the eco-friendly ICE train.

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Family Camping in Hohe Tauren Austria


2. Best Family Camping Destination In France: Dordogne Valley

In the gorgeous Dordogne valley, Camping Le Pontet is right on the Isle River and close to the beautiful Perigord chateaux. In Le Pontet, you will find a wonderful 3-star family campsite with a camping area and mobile home rental. So, while the kids splash in the lake, you could enjoy fishing or sunbathing. In contrast, you could hike up to the viewpoint and admire together the Dordogne valley – Perfect for family photos.

Le Pontet family camping is in the beautiful area of Rhone-Alps, near Ardeche Gorges nature reserve. Therefore, you’ll have an amazing time exploring wild nature, fantastic outdoor activities like hiking and cycling, and simply soaking up the sun and fresh air.

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Dordogne Valley in France is a great Family Camping and Travel Destination

3. Family Camping Ty Nadan In Brittany, France

On one of the beautiful coasts in Europe, Ty Nadan in Brittany is the perfect seaside family camping place. One of the perks of the Ty Nadan camping site is that the place combines nature and the beach. Therefore, you can choose between taking your kids to the seaside, build sandcastles and watch the sunset, to canoeing or tree climbing. This camping site is just 20 minutes from the beach in Brittany.

Furthermore, the campsite is great for a family vacation with small children and babies.  Thanks to a baby gear pack and kids’ entertainment in the evening. Therefore, you will surely have an unforgettable family camping time on the famous coasts of Brittany.

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Family during sunset in Ty Nadan, Brittany, France


4. Camping Place In The Netherlands: Gelderland

Home to blossoming tulips and the Veluwe, Gelderland is an amazing family camping destination in the Netherlands. You and the kids will absolutely love the Veluwe national park and wildlife, and the 200 gardens of Appeltern.

Jutberg and Ackerstate are just 2 of the many campsites in Gelderland, where you can park your caravan or tent. The Netherlands is a wonderful destination for a family vacation, precisely because there are so many lovely spots to explore with babies or toddlers and even teenagers.

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Camping Place next to wild animals In Gelderland, The Netherlands


5. Best Family Camping In Bavaria Germany

Home to the Danube river and the Franconia vineyards, Bavaria is a wonderful camping destination for families. Just imagine stepping out of your caravan or tent, to the blissful vineyards, after a day of family adventures in nature.

Cycling in the mountains or wandering around the Bavarian forest, looking for wildlife, butterflies, and rare birds – Bavaria is a wonderful summer camping destination. In addition, you’ll find that the region is full of amazing lakes, Neuschwanstein Castle for the young knights and princesses, to complete the perfect family summer holiday.

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Gorgeous Scenic Nature and Camping In Bavaria Germany


6. Family Camping In The Black Forest

From a bird’s eye or deep in the woods, the black forest in Germany is one of the most exciting and beautiful nature reserves in the world. You’ll find many camping sites in the Black Forest region since camping is very popular in Germany.

Therefore, you could choose to park your caravan close to the ancient towns, or beautiful lakes and mountains. For instance, Campingplatz Weiherhof by Titisee is perfect for a relaxing family vacation, while Wolfach campsite is ideal for the hiking and cycling family.

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7. Family Camping in Tuscany Italy

Camping in Tuscany will be your most delicious family vacation yet. The silky green hills, vineyards, local cheese, and truffles have made Tuscany culinary heaven. There are also pasta and pizzas for the kids of course, while the parents enjoy the many local dishes.

With this in mind, Tuscany offers many fun activities for the entire family, like water parks. Here you could sit back while the kids splash in the water, after your day-trips to nearby towns, Pisa and Sienna.

In a word – ideal, Tuscany is a great family camping destination in Europe, a hidden camping gem indeed.

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modernize Family Camping in Tuscany Italy


8. Best Family Camping Destination In Switzerland: The Swiss Alpine lakeside

Luxury camping or in your own tent or van, the Swiss Alps have amazing glamping places and budget-friendly family camping places.  If you are planning family camping in the summer, then the Arolla camping site in the Swiss Alps is perfect, since it is located high up in the mountains. Here you’ll have breathtaking views, cooler temperatures, and plenty of hiking trails.

However, if you prefer a more relaxing experience, then camping by the lakeside is ideal. Firstly, if it is hot, you could just jump into the lake. Secondly, you will have beautiful views, without traveling too far from your camper.

The bottom line is that the Swiss Alps offer so many different camping places. From relaxed to an active holiday, lakefront or mountain views – All amazing.

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kids sitting on a bench in the Swiss Alpine lakeside


9. Best Family Camping Destination In Italy: Brione Campsite In Lake Garda

At the head of Lake Garda, 4-star Camping Brione is a dreamy family camping place in Italy. Waking up to the views of the lake, jumping in for a swim, or having family dinner just outside your tent with one of the most magnificent places in the world in your back, is the ideal recipe for family fun.

Camping Brione has 20 tents, and 39 mobile homes for rent, electricity, and wonderful facilities, including a baby room. If your family is the active sportive one, then you can rent bicycles and go on a trip around the lake and the mountains, or enjoy water sports. On the other hand, you could also just chill by the pool on the camping site or the lake’s beachfront and have a relaxing family time.

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Lakeside Camping Destination In Brione Campsite, Lake Garda, Italy


10. Camping Destinations In Europe: Gorges Du Verdon

On the edges of the Gorges du Verdon, in teenagers and kids-friendly campsites, with lake views or in a luxury camping complex, family camping in Gorges du Verdon has never been more thrilling. Gorges du Verdon is one of the most remarkable nature reserves in the world, and perfect for family camping in the summer.

Thanks to its close proximity to the canyon and lakes, there are many water sports activities for the entire family. For example, there are water parks and pools in most campsites in the area, so you could relax by the pool. At the same time, you can go exploring in one of the wonderful hiking trails, in the marvelous nature reserve.

To sum up – Just do your research on Gorges du Verdon camping and booking in advance, since this is a very popular place for family camping, and you will have a blast.

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One of the Most beautiful Family Camping Destinations In Europe: Gorges Du Verdon France


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