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I am an avid traveler and that too a solo traveler. The best thing about this being that you get to see the world and you don’t have to wait for anyone to get free and then plan a trip and take their conveniences into preference. So when you are solo traveling you get to plan your trip to whichever place you want to go to and how and when you want to go. Seeing France has been on my to do list for quite some time and especially to make this trip via train was something that I was planning to do. Also, to be on the safe side and not have a wasted trip, I decided to Book My Train Ticket online and in advance.


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Planning the dates

So how did I start off with book my train tickets online? The first step before I book the train tickets I needed to understand the duration of my trip and also knowing, which were the places that I wanted to see. How the map of France was laid out? This helped me understand what was the order that I would be visiting each and every one of those places.


Once I had the laid out, and then came the task of fixing the dates and also the time I was to spend in each place. Book my train ticket needs me to very specific about the date and time of my travel. Hence planning needed to be perfect.

Cologne to Frankfurt Trains

Munich to Frankfurt Trains

Hanover to Frankfurt Trains

Hamburg to Frankfurt Trains



Booking train tickets online

Though there is a benefit of the book my train ticket through the web is that you can just use the same portal again to make changes to the booking; with the kind of person I was I wanted that to be the last option. Then came the step of the book my train ticket online. With all dates and times of travel now in place, booking through online portals like made the task relatively easy. Also, just feels right to mention here that you also need to be careful about the website that you use for the book my train ticket online. The main reason being that most websites have hidden costs, like processing fees and booking charges.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Rotterdam to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


Life made easier

Today technology had definitely made our lives similar and made traveling all over the globe relatively easy by ensuring that you book your train tickets online without hassle and be confident about the travel that you need to undertake. I book my train tickets online, do you?

Genoa to Milan Trains

Rome to Milan Trains

Bologna to Milan Trains

Verona to Milan Trains


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