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We firmly believe that rail travel is one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to travel. To that end, we have coordinated with nearly two dozen different train operators to bring you the best and cheapest train tickets across Europe. This means we can offer you hundreds of options across our train route map.

From the high-speed Eurostar to fabulous sleeper train routes, we spend all our time finding the best prices so you don’t have to. To that end, we’ve created a train route maps guide article showing you some of our most popular train routes. These include trips from London to Paris, Florence to Rome, and everywhere in between.

If you don’t see your station here – don’t worry! Our partnerships allow us to find you tickets on a range of different train lines – local routes, international connections, and the best in high-speed travel are all included.

So find yourself some trip inspiration, and when you’re ready, head over to our search page to find the best and cheapest train tickets around!


European Alps with snow

Our Route Map Examples Of Our Most Popular Routes:


1. Trains From London St Pancras International To Paris

The train that runs from London to Paris is one of Europe’s fastest. Operated by Eurostar, you can get yourself from the United Kingdom to France in just two hours and sixteen minutes. That gives you more than enough time to sleep in, take the train, and enjoy a day trip to the French capital. Grab a baguette and wander the Louvre – or simply enjoy all the beauty Paris has to offer.

Departures from London St Pancras occur regularly, with trains running nearly every hour. The same can be said of returns from Paris to London, and onboard you’ll find all the top amenities expected of a high-end train route.

If you’re staying in Paris, you can also journey in the opposite direction, which will have you arriving in London in the early morning if you wish. You can head to SoHo and take in a Broadway show or simply enjoy some pub fare. Either way, the train offers ultimate flexibility in departure times.



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2. Trains From Florence To Rome Termini

Two of Italy’s top cities, Florence and Rome are home to hundreds of tourist attractions for every kind of visitor. Art buffs can wander the Vatican for a peek at the Sistine chapel. Foodies can enjoy some of the freshest buffalo mozzarella around. Whatever your taste, these two Italian cities are fabulous places to spend a week or five.

Even better, the trains linking Florence and Rome are plentiful and inexpensive. The journey takes a mere hour and a half and you’ve got the added bonus of gorgeous countryside outside your windows.


Train Route Maps Guide to Rome


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3. Route Map: Trains From Rome To Milan

We’ve already talked about Rome, but Milan is another wonderful city in Italy. As different from the south of Italy as apples are to oranges, Milan is a modern giant. Known for its high-end fashion and high-tech happenings, the city is a must-stop during any Italian vacation. While the weather isn’t quite like the Mediterranean, you can still enjoy the beautiful architecture and even a museum or two at any time of the year.

The journey from Rome to Milan is longer than that of Florence. No need to fear, however, it’s still a very manageable three and a half hours. That just gives you more time to enjoy the scenery!


Europe Train Route Maps Guide To Milan


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4. Trains From Hamburg To Copenhagen

A must for any European vacation, Hamburg, and Copenhagen may not be the first cities to spring to your mind for tourism. That’s a shame, though, because both cities are rife with history and colorful canals. Hamburg is a large port city in the north of Germany. You may have heard of it previously due to its connection with the extraordinary popular food hamburgers. Fun fact – the people who live in Hamburg are also called Hamburgers.

Copenhagen, on the other hand, is the capital of Denmark. While you’ll want to visit in the summer or risk frigid weather, there’s much to do in this seaside city. From brightly colored buildings to hip cellar bars, the Danish capital has just about everything.

The train between the two cities will take a while. Journeys last upwards of six hours, so be sure to bring entertainment. That being said, trains are modern and have several departures available so you can sit back and relax in peace.


Train Route Maps Guide to Copenhagen


Hamburg to Copenhagen Trains

Hanover to Copenhagen Trains

Berlin to Copenhagen Trains

Frankfurt to Berlin Trains


5. Route Map: Trains From Zurich To Bern

If you’ve ever wanted to travel the Alps, you’ll find no better bases to explore than Zurich and Bern. Both located in the country of Switzerland, these cities are a mere hour apart via train. Though you may not have realized it, Bern is the capital of Switzerland, not any of its more popular cities like Geneva or Zurich. The city boasts a population of over a million people and is filled with picturesque beauty.

Meanwhile, Zurich is famed for its banking – though you’ll find yourself entranced by its lakeside location rather than its buildings. The city has been permanently settled for over 2,000 years and consists of nearly five hundred thousand people.

Train departures are frequent and operated by modern trains, though you won’t have much time to deliberate on this with such a short journey. Connect to free WiFi, browse a little, and then you’re done – the perfect way to travel!


Zurich Canal


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With a range of partners across most of Europe, you’re bound to find a route you like. Whether you’re looking for local options or planning a transcontinental trip of a lifetime, stick with Save A Train to find the best ticket options available at the best prices possible.



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