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Eco friendly travel is at the forefront of our minds as we enter into this new decade. With environmental activists such as Robert Swan and Greta Thunberg, the message to the world is being delivered with crystal clarity. We are running out of time to make a lasting impact on the planet and conserving her precious resources.

Change begins today and with us, the decisions we make that promote responsible tourism. As we become more conscious of our effects on the environment and sustainable travel initiatives, we still tend to think of eco friendly travel in too broad a sense. Responsible travel is no longer something we can choose to partake in here and there. It is something that needs to be intricately woven into our daily lives, becoming second nature.

This positive trend is making progressive waves throughout the global travel industry. Travel establishments are introducing the power of solar, water recycling systems have been implemented to reduce consumption and plastic is becoming a regrettable use of the past. There is a profound global movement on the rise and one that, with hope and determination, will echo positively to the future generations of insatiable travellers. Here are our top tips on How To Travel Eco Friendly:


The Bygone Grace Of Train Travel 

Many travelers have chosen to reduce their carbon footprint by flying less or by cutting out plane travel completely, predominantly in response to the Swedish buzzword Flygskam (flight shame). It is no secret that air travel is now one of the fastest-growing contributors to climate change. Although flying will always be a pivotal player in how we choose to travel, we need to be reminded that other forms of travelling offer sensational eco holidays.

Train travel has a nostalgic bygone grace ambiance and is a powerful eco-friendly travel initiative. It offers a range of benefits including more legroom, dining in a dining car while enjoying the beautiful scenery, travelling with kids is far easier and for those wanting to stay connected, there is no in-flight mode. Train travel equates unequivocally to responsible travel.

Amsterdam to Paris Trains

London to Paris Trains

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Train Travel Eco Friendly


Be Eco Friendly, Leave Only Footprints

Anywhere we travel, we should leave only footprints. As eco travelers, we already know this. However, with these trends pushing us to do more, we can take this a step further. The most positive thing to see is travellers joining together and leaving a destination better than we found it. It costs nothing to pick up a few pieces of trash that we see on a beach or in a forest. Moreover, disposing of it correctly means that it does not land in the ocean.

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Eat And Drink Local

Supporting locals is not only an eco friendly travel initiative but it is also a community upliftment contribution. Buying locally means that nobody had to transport those goods. Even more, local businesses have the opportunity to thrive. It is a reducing carbon footprint and the local community win.

Amsterdam To London Trains

Paris to London Trains

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Eat And Drink Local


Be A Part Of The Eco Friendly Conversation

A trend becomes a trend because it forms part of the global conversation. As an eco traveller committed to eco friendly travel principles, we need to engage and be a part of that narrative. Our voices have power. As we communicate with fellow travellers and as we travel to unique corners of the globe. We need to keep spreading the message. We lead each other by example and as we make these necessary changes to our own lives and how we contribute to sustainable tourism, we inspire others to do the same.

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Travel Eco Friendly


Use Public Transportation Or Walk

Although it may appear unappealing at first and research needs to be done with regards to the safety of public transport and destinations, mass transit is an eco friendly way to travel around. It uses a drastically reduced amount of fuel per passenger compared to a car.

A destination beckons a traveller to immerse themselves in all that it has to offer. There truly is no better way to interact with its people, experience its culture, and revel in the surrounding environment. Taking public transport does just that and walking is an even better alternative.

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Use Public Transportation Or Walk to be eco friendly


Pack Light And Eco Friendly

It is a great misconception that packing light is insignificant. Packing light undoubtedly is an eco friendly travel principle we can all easily adopt and it has a huge impact. The lighter we pack, the lighter our modes of transportation will weigh and this translates to less fuel consumption.

Another way to play your part in sustainable travel is to have a look at the travel kit. An eco friendly travel kit will consist possibly of a bamboo toothbrush, shampoo bars, and soap bars instead of shower gels. Miniature shampoos and conditioners and reusable spill-proof tumblers. Aluminum water bottles are vital as well as metal straw. 

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Pack Light for Eco Friendly Travel



The biggest travel trends for 2020 indicate that experiential travel is the new way to travel. Move over,  it is classics. This makes room for experiences that showcase culture, activities, and a unique insight into destinations.

  1. Choose Suppliers Committed to Sustainable Travel.
  2. Consider a Destination in Need of Tourism.

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Volunteer in the forest


If we care about the environment and we love the art of travelling, we will conserve, protect, and make our travel mean something for the greater collective good of the planet and eco tourism. Start by booking a train trip with Save A Train, today! 



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