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The polemic on train versus bus in Europe is a never-ending topic, everyone’s got their own opinion. But, are we even talking about safety, and if we are – is it enough? The safety of our chosen transportation should always come first, and we’re addressing it today. Usually, people tend to approach this topic differently, depending on their own traveling preferences. Further, the latest news we hear about accidents around the world factor in, as well. While you’ll rarely hear there was a train crash somewhere, it happens. Just as it does with air, car, bus and other means of transport. Even so, statistics are clear – officially, the train is one of the safest modes of transportation these days! The same level of safety goes for air traffic while all other means of transport come after.


Is Train One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation in All the Countries?

No, it is not. Not all rails and trains are of the same quality. When we talk about rail travel safety, we usually talk about it in the context of a specific country. Generally, rail travel is very safe, but it still doesn’t harm to check the state of the country’s rails and connectivity if you want to travel by train.

For instance, just seven years ago the U.S. counted 32,367 road fatalities, 570 railroad fatalities, and 485 air fatalities. These are just rough numbers, but they do paint a pretty obvious picture showing that train travel and air travel are both significantly safer than road travel.

If you are traveling around Europe, check out these surprising train facts.

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What Are the Least Safe Means of Transportation?

That should be a motorcycle. Jokingly (not that there’s anything funny there) doctors habitually refer to motorcycles (i.e., the accidents caused by riding one) as “donorcycles.” Apparently, these accidents are usually so frequent and fatal that they produce plenty of organ donors. Traveling in some of the fastest trains in Europe doesn’t cause as many accidents.

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How Can I Be Sure the Train Is One of the Safest Modes of Transportation Now?

Here are some of the top reasons why the train is one of the safest modes of transportation:

Fewer Accidents

When both railroads and trains are adequately taken care of (i.e., regularly serviced, maintained, replaced when needed, etc.), you’ll rarely ever witness any accidents with this means of transportation. One of the reasons is that, unlike road transportation, there’s only one way and one travel means (i.e., train) following one route to its final destination. No unexpected vehicles are coming your way, making you lose control over the wheel. There are no sudden shifts and turns, or other stressful and potentially dangerous situations. This may be one of the reasons why transportation by train has remained one of the safest modes of transportation so far.

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Luxembourg to Paris Trains

Frankfurt to Paris Trains

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The Train is One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation with Environmental Benefits

If we were to compare rail with road and air transport, we’d easily demonstrate that Train is One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation but also much more sustainable than any other means of transportation. How? Trains don’t produce as many CO2 emissions, and train emissions are not released directly into the upper atmosphere. Plus, trains don’t consume too much energy or space, and their noise levels are fewer than other transportation methods. Most eco-conscious commuters choose commuter trains as their transportation method of choice. Travelers around Europe, too, love the eco-friendliness of trains along with their safety reports.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Rotterdam to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


Health Benefits

Apart from the abovementioned environmental benefits that are, at the same time, our own health benefits, not only Train is One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation but riding trains are excellent for our overall health.

Concerning commuter trains, they allow those who ride them to:

  • Move around the cart and walk the hallways of the train while on the move. This helps the body stay mobile
  • Walk down to their offices or homes after they leave the station. This is great for their physique
  • Take a nap on the way to work and back from work without risking getting into a car crash. An important safety prevention
  • Enjoy leisure activities between points A and B. A fantastic way to relax and get yourself out of a bad mood

These days, when everyone’s overworked and jumping from their car seat to their chair at work and vice versa, having some chill time in between is crucial. Having the opportunity to rest on a train as you commute is definitely one of many reasons why people choose trains.


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Speaking of long-distance trains, they are a fantastic option to travel as they allow some downtime. Getting from point A to point B in 2 hours by plane is efficient, but is it safe for your health? Does it challenge our blog post “Train is One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation”?  Can your body and mind process the sudden change of climate, atmospheric pressure, and everything else in between? Hardly. This is why traveling by train around Europe allows your body to get used to the changes and process them in a healthy way.

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Stuttgart to Munich Trains


Luggage (Safety) Benefits

Not precisely a health or a safety benefit, but luggage safety plays a pretty significant role for some passengers. No matter if you pack light for travel or not, you want your luggage in one piece. Most travelers are collectors of precious artifacts, figurines, documents, etc. and they want their memories with them. Unfortunately, air travel is known for lost and damaged luggage which rarely happens when you travel by train. Plus, your luggage is always with you, so no one can snatch it at baggage claim. Is this the reason to say the train is one of the safest modes of transportation? We think so.



Train travel is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely is one of the safest cups, and the most charming ones, too. Next time you are planning your vacation destination, consider that Train is One Of The Safest Modes Of Transportation, and don’t hesitate to give train travel a chance. It’s comfortable, it’s safe, it’s super charming, and an experience you’ll remember forever. If you are traveling around Europe, contact us at to book your ticket in less than three minutes and start enjoying your safe travel on the rails!


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