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(Last Updated On: 25/01/2021)

Grabbing a map of Europe and deciding where to go can be a nightmare! Yes, especially if all you’ve got are a couple of weeks. On a continent so diverse and rich in culture, two weeks can seem too short! Therefore, it’s probably best to divide and visit specific regions per trip. That way you’re giving yourself enough time and space to fully appreciate what each country has to offer. Western Europe by train an excellent place to start, and what better way to travel than by train!


Why go to Western Europe by train?

Going to Western Europe by train is an excellent experience as the connection via rail is fantastic! This is making the Western Europe by train experience a cheap and convenient choice to visit in the span of two weeks. This group of countries is well known for its legacy immersed in history, art, and incredible architecture! Their food assortment is so diverse that you’ll find it nearly impossible to resist eating everything that comes your way. Western Europe’s distinct approach to modern life will leave you mesmerized as you lose yourself in the nightlife and trends.

Here are some of our top picks to get you started.

Berlin to Munich Trains

Frankfurt to Munich Trains

Trier to Munich Trains

Stuttgart to Munich Trains



Known for its beer, waffles, and chocolate, Belgium is part of our Western Europe By Train journey and is an endlessly fascinating place to visit. From its lively pubs, countless museums, remarkable canal tours to the intricate architecture, this country has so much to offer. If you decide to visit just Belgium instead of going around, visiting the country’s beaches – they are fabulous!  

Brussels to Bruges Trains

Antwerp to Bruges Trains

Halle to Bruges Trains

Ghent to Bruges Trains


Western Europe By Train France



Where does one even begin? The wine, the cuisine or the art? The always polished French women? Or the charming men? With over 30 million foreign visitors every year, the City of Lights offers a travel experience unlike any other. Why not spend time exploring the numerous museums, restaurants, and shops? Or escape to the countryside, enjoy the renowned French beaches, and take a trip to visit their picturesque mountainside? Yes! A bonus part? The rail connections are phenomenal! Embrace Western Europe by train and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Nantes to Bordeaux Trains

Paris to Bordeaux Trains

Lyon Airport to Bordeaux Trains

Marseilles to Bordeaux Trains



Our closing country for Western Europe By Train is Switzerland

Traveling to Switzerland is always a good idea. Traveling to Switzerland by train is an even better one. Not only are Swiss trains ranked as the best in Europe, it’s also one of the most scenic countries to visit by train. Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful lakes, the most famous mountaintop, and chocolate treats. Its cultural diversity is stunning! With over 200 nationalities, this is definitely a place that will offer new insight and experience on every corner.

Western Europe by train experience has been on the increase in Western Europe over the past decade. After considering what only a few countries from that region have to offer, it’s not really hard to imagine why. The frequent and reliable connections make travel easier and efficient, really. So, it is now just up to you to decide where and when to go.

Basel to Interlaken Trains

Bern to Interlaken Trains

Lucerne to Interlaken Trains

Zurich to Interlaken Trains


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