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For a small country, Belgium has its fair share of exquisite train trips with many a wonderful sight to see. The Belgian coast is a great way to relax and enjoy the sunshine and 65 kilometers of coast, there are many exciting seaside activities to indulge in. Take a total break and catch a train to your destination of choice. Here are some of the best Beach holidays by train in Belgium.



If you are looking for the perfect day to go out to the beach then this is the place to visit. Also known as the “City at the Sea”, Ostend has over 9 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches ready for sunbathing. There is also a great promenade and a range of museums, shops, and restaurants in the city. From 28 June until 31 August each year Ostend plays host to the Sand Sculpture Festival which is lots of fun! Only a short train ride from Brussels, Ostend is perfect for a beach-city experience.

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Beach holidays by train in Belgium, beach front view


If you hop on a train in Brussels you will find yourself in Knokke-Heist around 50 minutes later. Here there is not just one, but 5 lovely beaches waiting for you. This area has something for everyone, including a golf course, art galleries, a casino, a cultural center, and an incredible nature reserve called the Zwin. With so many things to do this is a beach holiday worth taking.

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Beach holidays by train in Belgium, beach sand

De Haan

For those who are more adventurous, De Hann resort is a great option. Only a short train ride from Brussels, this seaside town offers a stunning beachfront with sun chairs and private sections of the beach available for rent, as well as charming Anglo-Norman style cottages and villas. It is possible to rent bikes and cycle along the road or the coastal path and enjoy the scenery and salty air. For an outdoor experience, this is the perfect place.

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This has to be the ultimate beach destination in Belgium for some family fun. Well-known for its wide range of water sports such as paddling and swimming, boat trips, sailing, fish, wave carting, and surfing, as well as many recreational facilities along the beach and a traffic-free promenade, Nieuwpoort offers something for everyone. This town is easy to access from Brussels and a short train ride will get you there.

Belgium has a spectacular coastline and the easy access to trains makes getting there all the more enjoyable and stress-free! There is a beach destination to suit everyone and always something new to try. What could be more pleasant than one of these beach holidays by train in Belgium?

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Beach Holidays By Train In Belgium Summary

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