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Europe is full of art, history, and culture. There is no surprise then that it is also home to the best sunsets. With Save A Train, the train ride is all about the journey, not always the destination. So, sit back and relax and be prepared. This is going to be a photographic feast of the best train rides in Europe.


To kick our list of best train rides in Europe, we chose the unorthodox – CROATIA

Where can’t you catch a beautiful glimpse from your train window when visiting Croatia. Croatia is well known for its amazing and breathless sunsets, so make sure you have your camera ready as you’re bound to find the Best train rides in Europe during sunset here.



When you think of Germany, you don’t think of it having the best train rides in Europe during sunsets, but you will be pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer. You also get this view every day from the English Garden in Munich. Think cloudless skies and a beautiful city skyline.

Germany also offers Night trains in case you want to continue into the sunset with your train journey.

Berlin to Munich Trains

Frankfurt to Munich Trains

Vienna to Munich Trains

Stuttgart to Munich Trains


sunset journey is the best train rides in Europe


This is one of the best-kept secrets! and one of the best train rides in Europe, It is located on a bay on Sardinia west coast, Italy. S’Archittu is a small sea resort for only those in the know! The main beach is certainly something to marvel at, but make sure you take the little paved-stoned walkways less traveled. You will end up in what’s the real gem of the village: a limestone arch leveled by the constant action of the sea. Whether the sea is calm, like it usually is in summer, or rough, typical of wintertime, the sunset in S’Archittu is always a reason to relax and take the time to stare at.

Olbia to Cagliari Trains

Cagliari to Olbia Trains

Sassari to Olbia Trains

Olbia to Sassari Trains



Our last country for the Best train rides in Europe is, TUSCANY, ITALY

There’s a reason why “under the Tuscan sun” is such a ubiquitous phrase. The light in Tuscany is truly incredible. It simply had to be on our list of Best train rides in Europe during sunset. Expect awe-inspiring sunsets night after night.  Couple this with Vineyards, quirky villages, stunning beaches, and historic landmarks and you have a recipe for pure magic.

Milan to Siena Trains

Florence to Siena Trains

Naples to Siena Trains

Rome to Siena Trains


tuscany is among the best train rides in Europe


Make sure that your only concern is having your camera or phone app ready in time to take in the beauty that is Europe when the sunsets. Book your best train rides in Europe with us at SaveaTrain.


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