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Germany is naturally a beautiful country. But when you start thinking about castles, you will love it even more. And all of that because Germany is, according to many, the castle capital of the globe.

There is a whole host of spectacular castles in Germany you need to visit. In this article, we’ll concentrate on only the most beautiful ones among them. We’ll also give you info on how you can reach them by train, to the delight of all train lovers!


Schloss Neuschwanstein – The Most Spectacular Castle in Germany

Many know it as one of the most beautiful castles in the whole world, not just Germany. If not that, it’s certainly famous for being an inspiration for the Disney Castle. When you take a look at this fairy-tale castle, you realize why. You can certainly understand why it’s among the most spectacular castles in Germany!

Schloss Neuschwanstein is undoubtedly majestic, but how do you get there? The good thing about Germany is that most places connect via train. The closest train station to the castle is in Fussen. However, you can reach that station from Munich or any other large German cities.

Ulm to Fussen Trains

Munich to Fussen Trains

Stuttgart to Fussen Trains

Nuremberg to Fussen Trains



Hohenzollern – The Most Magical Castle in Germany

Hohenzollern castle is not only among the most spectacular castles in Germany – it’s the most magical one. You can find it in the province of Baden-Wurttemberg, near Stuttgart. Baden-Wurttemberg province is the most underrated one in Germany, but once you see this castle, you’re bound to change your opinion!

However, getting to the castle can be problematic, albeit entirely worth it. The best way is to take a train from Stuttgart to Hechingen. Then you need to take a long hike and climb a steep hill to reach the castle. I am just kidding! You can take a shuttle bus or a taxi from Hechingen as the castle is quite close to the town.


castles in Germany



Hohenzollern Sigmaringen – The Grandest Castle in Germany

In our humble opinion, no list of the most spectacular castles in Germany can be complete without mentioning Hohenzollern Sigmaringen. It’s the most extensive and grandest castle you’ll ever lay your eyes on! And if that weren’t enough, it’s also utterly breathtaking.

Hohenzollern Sigmaringen is also in Baden-Wurttemberg; so it’s completely baffling why people are not praising the province as the most beautiful one in Germany!

As for travelling – since you can find the castle in a town, it’s easily accessible by train. The best way is to take a train from Ulm or Stuttgart and then walk to the castle.

Frankfurt to Ulm Trains

Stuttgart to Ulm Trains

Leipzig to Ulm Trains

Nuremberg to Ulm Trains


Burg Eltz 

Burg Eltz castle


The castle stands alone on a small hill, and it looks truly spectacular. However, it’s not so lonely once you take into account that it’s still inhabited! Yes, the Eltz family has held the castle for 33 generations!

When it comes to getting there, you will have to walk or get a bus or taxi from Hatzenport. However, it’s entirely possible to get to the small town by train from Koblenz – the nearest large city.

Frankfurt to Hatzenport Trains

Bonn to Hatzenport Trains

Cologne to Hatzenport Trains

Dusseldorf to Hatzenport Trains


So there you have it, a complete list of the most spectacular castles in Germany. We hope that you’ll visit at least one of them on your next trip! If you want to know more about travelling by train to these castles, feel free to contact us at any time.



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