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Dancing dragons, unicorns, and flying pigs. Yes, Pigs! Celebrate The Year of the Pig, Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe!

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the most important event in the Chinese calendar. It’s a special occasion marked by family gatherings, food rituals, offerings at temples, and – of course – fireworks. There’s something special to Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Europe. It’s a unique chance to participate in an ancient Chinese tradition, dating back 4000 years. Don’t miss out on it when you have the chance!


Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe, 2019


No.1 for Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe | Madrid, Spain

The number of Chinese people living in Spain has grown considerably in recent years, and this increase has been reflected by the level of Chinese New Year celebrations in the country. in 2019, expect nothing different.

For the third year running, the Spanish capital is the place to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe in Spain, with a cultural and festive program organized by the Chinese Embassy. Concerts, workshops, street parades, and gastronomic routes will all be part of the festivities held in the Usera district – home of Madrid’s Chinatown.


Paris, France

Paris isn’t the first city you think of when thinking about a place to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe. But this magical romantic city turns into a city of Chinese celebration during the festivities.

Paris isn’t just about flashy parades and elaborate decorations though. Its best-kept secret over this time is two Buddhist temples located in the 13th district. Here families from China, Vietnam, and Cambodia come to pay their respects and welcome in the New Year. Enjoy demonstrations of Chinese arts and crafts, cooking, and traditional dance and music. See the city of lights really live up to its name this time of year. And the best thing is you can train travel from Paris to Amsterdam and celebrate in both cities!

Brussels to Paris Trains

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Amsterdam to Paris Trains


Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe, paris


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Fun fact: Amsterdam’s infamous Red-Light District is home to a real Buddhist temple. Every year, You can Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Europe in Amsterdam and around The Fo Guang Shan He Hua with a special program.

This part of town is also great if you have a craving for authentic Chinese food. Grab yourself a meal at the famous See Palace (Europe’s first floating Chinese restaurant) or at one of the many Chinese restaurants at the Geldersekade.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

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Paris to Amsterdam Trains


Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe, the hague


The last Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe | England

London England takes pride in boasting that it holds the world’s largest way to celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe, outside of Asia. So, of course, this is one to hit when you Celebrate Chinese New Year in Europe.

This city holds a one-day festival jammed packed with activities including traditional food, an annual parade, performances, and traditional crafts. (You had us at traditional food!) Count us in! 

There are three main areas in England that hold these festivities; Trafalgar Square, Chinatown, and Shaftesbury Avenue. Each is unique in the specific activities and events they offer; visitors will have a hard time choosing which to do.

Chinatown offers the best of the best in terms of traditional food. Make sure you book early to secure a table at one of the many fabulous restaurants. Chinatown gets decked out in the most fabulous of decorations with lucky red lanterns and banners. Chinese dance groups and performers can be found set up on the many stages throughout. London may be a newcomer to the Chinese New Year scene but each year is becoming bigger and better and we cannot wait to see what happens in 2019!

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