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There is plenty of fairytale castles in Italy you must visit! With such a long, rich history and culture, this country is the place to go for exploring castles. To help you plan your trip, here are 10 fairytale castles in Italy that you are certainly going to enjoy:


1. Brolio Castle

If you are curious about the birthplace of the Chianti wine, this is where you should go. This castle property sprawls over 3,000 acres, complete with vineyards and olive groves. Furthermore, it is absolutely gorgeous to see during a sunset tour.

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2. Sammezzano

The beautiful hills of Tuscany hide this eye-catching castle with unique architecture. Its 19th-century owner wanted to redesign it with Oriental influences. In other words, he gave it a flair that no other Italian castle can match.

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3. Banfi Castle

Looking for something a bit different? At this castle, you can enjoy a relaxing getaway and not just the beauty of the architecture and its surroundings. Since the 1700s, this castle has stood watch over the rolling hills of the area and is now a hotel with many amenities.

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Banfi Castle


4. Valenzano Castle

Built-in the 10th century, Valenzano castle is one of the oldest fairytale castles still standing in Italy. Today it is still just as imposing and majestic as it was then. However, instead of serving as an outpost, this castle is now a hotel, complete with tennis courts and golf courses.

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5. Montalto

This fairytale castle story began over a thousand years ago, and the property has exchanged hands among conquerors many times since. However, it is a peaceful place nowadays, with many farming properties and vineyards. Visitors love it because of its fascinating history and wonderful architecture.

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Fairytale Castles in Italy


6. Poppi Castle

There is an interesting legend about one of its towers. As the locals say, it is the resting place of one of its former owners. Reportedly, she used to lock up visiting men in that same tower, which angered the people. However, the legend is not the only thing attracting visitors. Gorgeous views of the valleys surrounding the castle make the trip worth it.

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7. Vicchiomaggio

This pristine looking castle offers stunning views and an excellent opportunity to study the architecture of the Renaissance period. Furthermore, it is another one of the thousand year olds among Italian castles. This fairytale castle is close to Florence, and it is great for a day trip from there.

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8. Cabbiavoli Castle

Cabbiavoli Castle might be the perfect image of a Tuscan castle. With its beautiful appearance, fields, vineyards, and olive groves, this castle simply has it all. You can even go horseback riding when you visit there!

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9. Boccale Castle

One of the most stunning castles in all of Italy is perched precariously on a cliffside. The waves of the Mediterranean Sea break upon the rocks, and this castle looms above them. You will not be able to tour the interior, but the castle is still ideal for pictures.

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Fairytale Castles in Italy


10. Montegufoni Castle

For all the art lovers among travelers, Montegufoni will be a fascinating destination. It is the home of the famous Room of Masks, containing Gino Severini’s splendid frescoes. Furthermore, it looks absolutely stunning, and it is a place that everyone can enjoy.

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Montegufoni Castle


Ready to see the fairytale castles in Italy? Make sure to plan your vacation and Book Your Train Tickets on time!



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