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Historic hotels in Europe are not a rare sight, especially in big cities with a rich history. Paris, London, Rome, Munich, Vienna — all of these cities have lovely places to offer. Tourists who crave some traditional luxury will have no difficulties finding a place to stay in Europe. The best part about it is that you can travel to all of these cities by train, on a budget. Here are the top five historic hotels in Europe and how to get there by train:


1. We begin our list of Historic Hotels with – The Ritz, Paris

No list of top historic hotels in Europe would be complete without Paris. One pearl of its hospitality industry stands out: The Ritz. The hotel boasts a rich history and a luxurious interior to go with it. It was founded in 1898, and even then was the pinnacle of comfort.
The Ritz was naturally a popular choice for members of European high society. Some of its famous guests were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Coco Chanel, and Ernest Hemingway, among others. If you wish to explore its fascinating history, you can take a train to Paris from other major European cities like London, Rome, Amsterdam, or Brussels.

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2. Belmond Cadogan Hotel, London

Historic Hotels in Europe, Belmond Cadogan Hotel, London

Belmond Cadogan Hotel in London is considered a boutique hotel, but it has a long and exciting history. Some would say it was even dramatic at times, as Oscar Wilde was awaiting his arrest there in 1895. The Cadogan has 64 rooms and a wonderful Edwardian atmosphere. It’s a historic townhouse, and it has kept a lot of the unique character of the era. If you take our first recommendation, you could easily travel from Paris to London by train.

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3. Albergo del Sole al Pantheon, Rome

When it comes to historic hotels in Europe, Albergo del Sole al Pantheon in Rome takes the cake. It’s one of the oldest hotels in the world, founded in 1467! Rooms that overlook the Pantheon are the best, complete with Renaissance-style beds and 17-century frescos as decoration. It doesn’t get any better or more historical than that. Another bonus is that traveling to Rome is quite easy by train, especially starting from other major Italian cities.

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4. Hotel Torbrau, Munich

Hotel Torbrau is a great place to stay in Europe

The Torbrau started as a place for weary travelers from Salzburg to have a rest and a good beer. It’s been operating for over 500 years, and it received its modern renovation in the ‘90s. The Torbrau is a favorite of business travelers and tourists who want a more charming historic hotel experience. If you’re visiting Munich by train from Berlin, Vienna or other European cities, you could plan to stay at Torbrau.

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5. The Grand Hotel Wien, Vienna

The Grand Hotel Wien built in 1870, and only spent a short amount of time as a private residence. It’s the oldest of the “Ring Hotels” around the Opera area of the Ringstrasse in Vienna. As far as history goes, the hotel has seen its share of both excitement and heartbreak. It was the backdrop of the Mayerling affair which ended tragically, with the death of the Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf and his lover, Baroness Marie Vetsera. If the story has you intrigued, you could add the Grand to your list of historic hotels in Europe to visit. Head to Vienna by train from Munich, with a stop at Salzburg.

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Visiting Historic Hotels in Europe by Train Summary!

Are you looking to visit some of the most interesting historic hotels in Europe? Plan your journey through major European cities and book the train tickets to get you there!



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