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If you are wondering where to find the best museums in Europe, we have you covered! Whether it is art, national, or natural history, the museums from our list won’t fail to amaze you.

What is more, you can reach all these destinations by train if you are looking for affordable means of travel. Let us have a closer look at the best museums in Europe and where to find them:


Louvre Museum, Paris, France

The Louvre might be one of the most famous museums in Europe and the world. It is the largest, covering an area of 72,735 meters squared. This fantastic museum is home to more than 35,000 items and is one of the landmarks of Paris. You have to visit it if you travel to Paris by train!

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Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy

The name of this palace comes from the Latin Venatio Regia, meaning “royal hunt”. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was a base for the hunting expeditions of Duke Charles Emmanuel II. Now the palace enchants modern visitors with its Baroque-style beauty. You can’t miss it if you find yourself in Turin.

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The Museum by the Stream, Antwerp, Belgium

The Museum by the Stream in Antwerp is one of the Best Museums in Europe


The Museum by the Stream or MAS is the biggest museum in Antwerp. If you are looking for a panoramic view, there is free access to the rooftop of the museum. The complex of MAS also has a restaurant and a cafe below it. The museum itself is lovely and worth a visit if you are in Antwerp.

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Bijbels, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Another museum in the Netherlands, the Bijbels museum is located in Amsterdam. It is one of the best museums in Europe if you want to learn more about the Bible. Visiting Bijbels helps us understand the significance and impact of the Bible on Dutch society. It is undoubtedly a unique museum, well-suited for those who love religious history.

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Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna Austria

Kunsthistorisches Museum is the best-known art museum in Austria, also known as the Museum of Fine Arts. Some of its most famous displays include the works of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Rubens. It has been amazing for art lovers with gorgeous art since its opening in 1891. Anyone visiting Vienna by train should make arrangements to see the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

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MACHmit Children Museum, Berlin, Germany

For travelers with kids, it does not get any better than the MACHmit Children Museum in Germany. If you find yourself in Berlin, make sure to check out MACHmit and its variety of attractions. They are suitable for adults as well, with many exciting activities such as an art laboratory, print workshop, and climbing labyrinth.

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Skansen Open-Air Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Skansen open-air museum was the first of its kind in Sweden. It opened in 1891 and has grown to be the most famous museum in Stockholm. A gorgeous view from Royal Djurgarden is the bonus of visiting Skansen. And for those who love seeing Scandinavia-native animals, there is a zoo that displays them.



The best museums in Europe are waiting for you. If you are ready to go, book your train tickets now and enjoy the ride!



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