Street art is a modern form of artistic expression that makes our cities more beautiful. A good street mural might also inspire you to think about a socially important subject or remind you of the works of classical masters.

Cities of Europe are full of great spots overflowing with street art and graffiti. You can take long walks through streets brimming with murals and never get bored. Here’s some fascinating street art and where to see it in Europe:


Street Art in London

London is one of the most attractive cities for those who appreciate street art and the artists themselves. Among the streets you can visit to get your dose of fantastic art, Camden and Shoreditch stand out. However, Brick Lane and Southbank are well-known destinations, too. Still, if you’re looking for the most famous location, head to Shoreditch.



Paris is full of street art hot spots, as they often span entire streets. Head to the 10th and 11th arrondissements through rue Saint-Maur. It’s full of Shepard Fairey black-and-white portraits on the walls of buildings, which makes it a great walk. This 2km long street intersects with rue Oberkampf, an interesting place from a street art perspective.



Fascinating Street Art in berlin


Berlin’s East Side Gallery is one of the best places in the world for those who enjoy urban art. The city itself has a sprawling street art scene, perhaps best exemplified in Kreuzberg and Mitte. There are two districts with charming inner alleyways and iconic street art pieces. Head to the eastern end of the Kreuzberg district to find the best art.


Street Art in Rome

Rome has had a rocky road accepting street art, but this beautiful city is now finally allowing the urban art creatives to express themselves. There are a few districts where street art has been gradually cropping up. However, the best place to visit might be San Lorenzo, a neighborhood with plenty of vibrant graffiti. If you’re visiting Rome looking for some beautiful street art, focus on Via degli Enotri, Via degli Ausoni, Via dei Sardi and Via dei Sabelli.


Graffiti in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city one might not expect to find in a list for street art enthusiast, as it has a more sterling reputation of being a business metropolis. However, one could argue that even cities like that are susceptible to having a strong street art expression, mostly in revolt at a high cost of living. Frankfurt has a lot of street art around the train station and the city center. The Hall of Fame on Ratswegkreisel is another good place to visit.



Amsterdam Central Station street art


Amsterdam’s street art scene is quite strong, and urban art reaches even museum exhibits. The best spots in Amsterdam for street art are the Spuistraat, Wijdesteeg, and NDSM, including city center areas. You can also take the street art tour from the Amsterdam Central Station. The fact that this tour exists tells you enough about how proud this city is of its street art.



Copenhagen is a great city if you wish to see some colorful and creative street art — even at people’s homes! Christiania is where you’ll find the best works of talented urban artists, so make sure not to miss it.


If you’re ready to see the best street art Europe has to offer; all these cities are easily accessible by train. Book your tickets on time and prepare to be fascinated!



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