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Traveling with kids to Europe can be a challenge. So, it is highly important to add a few activities the kids would enjoy, like a visit to one of the 10 best zoos in Europe. Some of the best zoos in the world are in Europe. In the heart of the best cities in Europe, there are green sanctuaries, and the 10 best zoos to visit with kids in Europe.

1. Schonbrunn Zoo In Vienna

Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, is also been home to 500 species of animals, since 1752. For instance, the oldest zoo in Europe is home to the African elephant and the giant panda. The 42 acres of the Viennese zoo is situated within a palace and has some amazing attractions for kids and parents.

For example, the rainforest house in the zoo is a terrific man-made replica of a real rainforest with thunderstorms. As you wander around to keep an eye out for Asian small-clawed otters and vampire crabs. In addition, Polar bear house, tigers and cheetahs, koala house, and many more homes of the wonderful animals are waiting for you.

The entrance to the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna is free with a Vienna pass. You can get there with U4 Hietzing underground.

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Schonbrunn Zoo In Vienna Elephant

2. 10 Best Zoos In Europe: Alpine Zoo In Innsbruck

Located in the breathtaking Tyrol in Austria, the Alpine zoo in Innsbruck is home to more than 150 animal species.  You’ll find this amazing zoo at the foot of the Nordkette mountain range in the Austrian Alps. So, if you are planning a family trip to the Alps, make sure to make time for Alpenzoo Innsbruck.

Your kids would be absolutely amazed by the brown bears, Lynx, golden eagles, otters, and fire salamander. These are just a few of the animal species you’ll see in the Alpine zoo. While your kids will be admiring the animals, you will be taken away by the stunning views.

You can get to this amazing zoo is by public transport, from the city center. Furthermore, there are various budget-friendly zoo pass options, so you can see everything.

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Bear in Alpine Zoo In Innsbruck

3. The Best Zoo In The Czech Republic: Prague Zoological Garden

Prague is famous for its stunning bridges, scenic views, architecture, and parties. However, not many people know about the Prague zoo, and that’s it’s a place of honor among Europe’s best zoos to visit with kids.

o.5 square kilometers make Prague zoo one of the biggest zoos in Europe, housing more than 4000 animals. Thus, there are plenty of pavilions and animals to greet, for example, Shanti the Asian elephant, Bikira, the friendly gorilla, and many more unique and beautiful animals.

Prague zoological garden is open daily and accessible by bus or tram. Our tip for great family fun in Prague is to plan a full family day-trip to the Prague zoo because your kids would absolutely want to explore it all.

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4. 10 Best Zoos In Europe: Berlin Zoological Garden

The oldest zoo in Germany is home to some of the extraordinary animals in the world.  The Chilean flamingo and African Penguin are just a few of the special residents you’ll meet on your family visit to the Berlin zoo. Rare and exotic animals make Berlin one of the best zoos to visit with your kids in Europe.

Berlin Zoological Garden is located in the center of one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and the zoo is no exception. If you are in town for a long weekend, then you should definitely make time for a day at the zoo, pavilions, and aquarium.

One of the best things about this zoo is that there are special ticket prices for small or large families, a single entry to the zoo, or a combo with entrance to the aquarium.

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10 Best Zoos In Europe: Tigris in Berlin Zoological Garden

5. The Coolest Zoo In Hamburg: Hagenbeck Tierpark

Hamburg is a great city-break destination, and a fun city to visit with kids. The Hagenbeck Tierpark in Hamburg is one example of a fun thing to do in Hamburg with kids. It is one of the coolest zoos in Europe and Germany. An open-air home to more than 1,800 animals, this fantastic zoo has the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is where you embark on a family adventure, and visit polar bears, penguins, and sea bears.

If you are in Hamburg for a few days, then you should get the Hamburg Card. This way you’ll enjoy great discounts on tourist attractions, and discounts on the zoo and the tropical aquarium in the zoo.

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Hamburg Hagenbeck Tierpark Penguin

6. Antwerp Zoo In Belgium

One of the top 10 best zoos in Europe is the Antwerp Zoo. Just like any of the amazing zoos on our list, in Antwerp Zoo you can admire the most beautiful animals in the world. However, one of the things that distinguish Antwerp Zoo from the other zoos, is the special Program for endangered animals, like the bonobos and okapi.

The best zoo in Belgium has expanded tremendously over the years. The zoo has grown so much that it is no in the center of the city, very close to the Central station. Moreover, the zoo’s Skywalk will reveal the most breathtaking panoramic view of the gardens and one of the off-the-beaten-path cities in Europe.

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Large Birds Antwerp Zoo In Belgium

7. La Palmyre Zoo In Les Mathes, France

The beautiful Les Mathes zoo in La Palmyre is situated in green forests and dunes. There are marked trails that take you and the kids on a trip around the animal world and the wonders of nature in one of the best zoos in Europe.

Wild sea lions and wild cats, Carreabean flamingos, and giant turtles, are a few of the special animals you’ll meet. This wonderful zoo is located in the New Aquitaine region in France, on the Atlantic coast,  a great adventure from Paris by train.

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giraffe drinking water in La Palmyre Zoo In Les Mathes, France

8. Artis Zoo In Amsterdam

Just 15 minutes from the city center, you’ll find the first zoo in Amsterdam and one of the best zoos in Europe. Artis Royal Zoo is home to zebras, butterflies, tropical fish, and the tiniest organisms that will captivate your kids, at ARTIS-Micropia.

A visit to the Amsterdam zoo is one of the best family activities to do in Amsterdam. With plenty of pavilions, an aquarium, and old oak trees, the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is one of the scenic and special places to visit when in the Netherlands.

You’d better purchase the Artis Zoo and Micropia ticket to enjoy everything the Amsterdam Royal zoo has to offer.

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Lion Watchng Artis Zoo In Amsterdam

9. Best Zoo In England: Chester Zoo

The largest zoo in England is located in Cheshire and is home to more than 35,000 animals. Chester zoo is one of the best zoos in Europe to visit with your kids since there are so many animals and gardens to explore. There are animals from all around the world, like lemurs, great hornbill, hornbill, and many more unique animals.

Also, if you have time to extend your family outing, be sure to visit the lovely gardens in the zoo. The flower collections in Chester zoo have a world-renowned name, and the orchids are absolutely exceptional. A visit to the Chester zoo is the perfect family outdoor activity.

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The best zoo in England is Chester Zoo

10. Best Zoos In Europe: Basel Zoo In Switzerland

The best zoo in Switzerland is located in the heart of Basel. Basel zoo is home to animals from around the world, and you’ll discover every single animal in its natural inhabitant in the various enclosures.

Another amazing thing that puts Basel zoo on our 10 best zoos in Europe, is the children’s zoo. Here your kids will get a priceless opportunity to meet domestic animals from around the world, pet them, and feed them.

A visit to the zoo is an amazing outdoor activity for the entire family. Green gardens and forests, extraordinary animals and plants, will fascinate and entertain the kids. The 10 best zoos in Europe to visit with your kids, are Europe’s hidden gems and are worth at least a full day-trip.

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Best Zoos In Europe: Basel Zoo In Switzerland


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