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The time has finally come – whether you’ve just graduated university, are heading out for your annual vacation, or have decided that the allure of land travel can’t be missed, you’ve chosen to travel Europe by train. It’s a romantic idea, a trek traveled by thousands throughout the years. It can also be completely overwhelming. Europe is known for its excellent rail connections. From cheap local tickets to the continent-spanning EU rail pass, it’s easy to hop on an overnighter and arrive at your destination the next morning, ready for your newest adventure.

But where should you go? Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, the sheer volume of trains available can lead to stress, confusion, and total fear of missing out. Worry not – because we’ve gathered here a bucket list of the 5 best European capitals to travel to by train. Sit down, buckle up, and save room for France’s finest baguettes, because we’re going on a ride.


1. Best European Capitals To Travel By Train: Paris, France

As promised, we’re starting this journey outright, with a stop in one of the world’s most famous and famously romantic cities. Paris has some of the best rail connections around, with trains running throughout the city center, so you’re never far from a station. Paris is filled with things to do, so you’ll want to stay here for at least three days to get a glimpse of city life.

Stop by the Louvre for a peek at the Mona Lisa or exercise those glutes by climbing the Arc De Triomphe. Enjoy a dinner cruise on the Rhine, pay a visit to some french boutiques, and take in the gleaming Eiffel Tower as it comes to life in the evenings.

Of course, Paris is more than its city center. The sprawling metropolis is home to over two million people, which means you can spend weeks here without truly scratching the surface of what it has to offer. Getaway for a day trip from the hordes at the Pont Alexandre III and head to Versailles, where the Royal Palace still reigns supreme despite its vacancy since the 1700’s. Day tickets are just €20 and include entry to the Palace, the Gardens, and much more. Even better, trains run from the city center directly to the Palace, which makes getting there a breeze. This interconnectedness officially makes Paris one of our best European capitals for train journeys.

Amsterdam to Paris Trains

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Paris Best European capitals for train travel


2. London, UK

One of my personal favorite cities and a mere two hours from Paris lies the capital of the United Kingdom: London. This melting pot of cultures is home to a whopping nine million people from all walks of life. From posh Chelsea to spirited Soho, you’ll find activities for everyone at your party. Catch one of the latest musicals before heading over Shakespeare’s Globe and finish your night at the Shard, the tallest tower in London.

You won’t want to hurry through this city, so plan your time accordingly. Whether you’re heading to the Harry Potter studios (an hour from the city center), or simply taking in the major landmarks like the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, or the London Eye, every minute spent in London is an opportunity to learn more about the country whose Empire once spanned the world.

The Eurostar high-speed train takes you from Paris to the London center in just over two hours, which means you’ll spend less time traveling and more time adventuring. Thus, we consider London to be another of the best European capitals to travel to by train.

Amsterdam To London Trains

Paris to London Trains

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3. Best European Capitals To Travel By Train: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for its canals and bicycle-dependent population, Amsterdam shines as the Netherland’s capital. With a unique design, Amsterdam is an utterly charming city and a standout among European capitals. Trains from Paris last three hours and deposit you at Amsterdam Centraal, located in the heart of the city.

Head to the Museumplein to take in the Van Gogh museum before heading to the House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience, which includes your choice of cocktail in its tasting room.

Don’t forget to cruise the canals, either. Whether you take a dedicated tour or hop onto one of the city’s public boats, you’ll get a whole new view from the water. Despite its propensity for boats and bikes, Amsterdam is easily accessible from all over Europe via high-speed rails, making this another top contender for best European capital for train travel.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

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Paris to Amsterdam Trains


Amsterdam Best European capitals for train travel


4. Berlin, Germany

A testament to German ingenuity, the city of Berlin is a fascinating study in solidarity. Split in two by the Berlin Wall, this capital only regained its unity in 1989 following the collapse of the Communist regime in the east. Since then, it exploded with urban growth and is now home to well over two million people. It’s full of craft beer bars, museums, and the graffitied remains of the Wall.

As the center of the country’s culture, Berlin is a must-visit. Whether you’re looking for refined entertainment in the form of an opera or seeking to hit some of the hippest haunts in Europe, Berlin is not to be missed.

Though it’ll take you at least six hours to get here from Amsterdam, there are multiple trains per day, which means you can set your own schedule to arrive.

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Berlin street art


5. Best European Capitals To Travel By Train: Prague, Czech Republic

Distinct from Western European capitals, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe and one of the most famous Central European cities. Home to one of the most famous libraries in the world, the Klementium, Prague showcases its culture around every corner. Visit the Astronomical Clock, the oldest operating clock in the world. Take a stroll around Old Town Square, where cobblestone streets and pedestrianized lanes mean you can spend hours wandering without worry.

Top off your time with a drink of one of the city’s many cellar bars before heading out to a music festival.

Prague boasts excellent train links with other cities, including a journey time from Berlin of four and a half hours. Stop here to absorb the city’s history before continuing your journey throughout the rest of Europe.

Nuremberg to Prague Trains

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Berlin to Prague Trains

Vienna to Prague Trains


Prague city scape



Europe is a vast and varied landscape whose Union means it’s easier than ever to travel by train. Take advantage of borderless countries to journey to these historic capitals on your time. Skip the headache of the airport and its crowds and overpriced plane food and use a train to travel. Whether you hop on board a regional route or spend a little extra for the high-speed rail, you’ll enjoy the rail journey, the sightseeing, and a whole lot more.


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