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Europe is full of some of the Most Beautiful Streets. From the most elegant and colorful to the unusual. Some of the Most Beautiful Streets In Europe are already discovered and well established on the tourist track but others are real hidden gems that only those in the know will be able to scout out. We have put together our top list!


1. Most Beautiful Street In Europe: Rue Cremieux, Paris, France

There is something about the multicolored houses and quaint, cobbled streets of the Rue Cremieux that make putting your camera down impossible! This gorgeous Parisian street is lined with pinks, greens, yellows, and blues, any color to match any outfit for that obligatory photo shoot. Do it for the gram, guys!

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Rue Cremieux, Paris, France on Most Beautiful Streets In Europe


2. Via Toledo, Naples, Italy

Via Toledo is an ancient street and one of the essential shopping thoroughfare in the city of Naples, Italy. This 1.2 kilometers of the street is one of the Most Beautiful Streets In Europe. It starts at Piazza Dante and ends in Piazza Trieste e Trento, near Piazza del Plebiscito.

Construction of the street was ordered by a viceroy of Naples, Pedro Alvarez de Toledo, in 1536. Via Toledo became famous as a consequence of Grand Tour journeys in the 18th and 19th centuries and thanks to Neapolitan songs, in which it was mentioned frequently.

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Via Toledo, Naples, Italy


3. Most Beautiful Street In Europe: Kynance Mews, London, England

Ivy covered houses and a secret staircase. Kynance Mews in Kensington is by far the Most Beautiful Streets In Europe. In autumn, the street glows with green and burgundy leaves, and when spring arrives, the houses turn into a purple forest. This area of London is any blogger’s idea of heaven!

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Kynance Mews, London, England on Most Beautiful Streets In Europe


4. Calleja de Las Flores, Cordoba, Spain

The Calleja de las Flores is one of the most popular tourist streets of Cordoba city in Andalusia, Spain. It is also why it is on our list of the Most Beautiful Streets In Europe. Positioned as an intersection of the street Velazquez Bosco, is a narrow street that ends in a plaza.

The white walls are lined with countless, rustic flower pots filled with geranium and carnations, giving a glorious pop of color to this truly special part of town. Along with its narrow, cobbled floor, stone archways, and of course the beautiful wall decor, the Mezquita Cathedral is in the view from between the walls making for the perfect addition to an already perfect photograph.

Calleja de Las Flores, Cordoba, Spain


5. Most Beautiful Street In Europe: Chalcot Square, London, England

Tucked away in a little square near Primrose Hill, you will find one of the Most Beautiful Streets In Europe as well as the most Instagrammable! Picture a row of pretty pastel townhouses that stand high, curving around the small, green park that is Chalcot Square. It is a stone throw away from Regents Park and the famous Camden Market.



6. Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges, Belgium

If you have watched the film, In Bruges with Colin Farrell. Then you will know exactly what we are talking about. This is probably one of the most idyllic spots for that postcard moment! Rozenhoedkaai may be less street like than the other places on this list, however, we thought it still deserved a special mention. Whatever the time of year, Rozenhoedkaai glows for its visitors. There is something so enchanting about the fairytale architecture and billowing tree that almost dips into the canal water.

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Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges, Belgium


7. Most Beautiful Street In Europe: Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Enjoy a stroll down Edinburgh cobbled Victoria Street filled with fun, unique shops, and eateries. Victoria Street is a solid piece of the city’s history with its stone walls and age-old charm attracting visitors from all over. Make sure you walk down to the Grassmarket which originated in the 14th century and sells all sorts of local produce and bits to pick up.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland


8. Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn ticks the box for being a picture-perfect port side street that bursts with color, with idyllic boat masts, sweet cafes, and classy restaurants lining both sides. This town boasts Copenhagen’s quirky atmosphere and hipster vibe as well as the most picturesque street in the city. No trip to Copenhagen is complete without a stroll and a photo here though. 

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark


9. Most Beautiful Street In Europe: Burano, Venice, Italy

A walk (or boat ride) down this beautiful street in Venice is like taking a tour of the rainbow. Burano is an island amid the Venetian Lagoon, but if you are ever lucky enough to visit you will be grabbing your camera (cellphone) immediately. The houses with the beautiful canal running straight through it make it so enchanting. It is the type of place that can lift anyone’s mood in an instant.

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Burano, Venice, Italy


10. East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Take a stroll down the world-famous East Side Gallery. A street with an actual open-air gallery plastered all along with the remains of the Berlin Wall. There are Insta opportunities galore down this street as the artwork is incredible, but it is also a chilling reminder of Berlin’s history and the Cold War.

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East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany


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