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Save A Train is bringing you the 5 Most Charming Hidden Gems In Belgium to visit! There is more to Belgium than just beer. Discover quirky castles, secret sculptures, and cities that were not yet on your radar but totally should be! Belgium has no shortage of hidden gems you will soon fall in love with.


1. The Underrated City Of Mechelen

Mechelen is halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. The city center is characterized by gabled Renaissance houses, carefully restored, while the marketplace is dominated by the Gothic cathedral on one side and the town hall, also Gothic, on the other. Mechelen is often overlooked in favor of more popular destinations. However, scratch beneath the surface and you will soon discover a beautiful Belgium settlement that is more than worth your time while in the country and definitely one of the Hidden Gems In Belgium to visit!

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Mechelen Most Charming Hidden Gems In Belgium


2. The Sugar Town Of  Tienen

The little town that could (With sugar!) If you have ever enjoyed a sugar cube alongside your fresh coffee or cup of tea, then no doubt it will probably have been processed in the tiny town of Tienen. This tiny city is not far from Leuven. Off the beaten path and in the very heart of Flemish Brabant in Flanders, this settlement was once at the heart of Roman ceramics and glass making! This is one of the main reasons it is one of the Hidden Gems In Belgium to visit!

There is more to Tienen than meets the eye. Look beyond the obvious main churches. Soak up the ambiance and sample the local cuisine (traditional Flemish cuisine includes many meat-heavy staples such as stews, meatballs, and mussels).

A more apparent must-see feature of the town is the Sint Germanuskerk, a remarkable Romanesque church topped by a UNESCO belfry and dating back to the 13th century. During July and August, carillon concerts take place every Wednesday. Add it to your calendar!

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Tienen Most Charming Hidden Gems In Belgium


3. Hoeilaart, Flemish Brabant

You can easily catch a train with the help of Save A Train to Brussels. Then it is a quick thirty minute ride south to the town of Hoeilaart. Here you will find the gateway to the Sonian Forest and one of the 5 Most Charming Hidden Gems In Belgium to visit!

If you love exploring nature, it is the perfect base, outside of busy Brussels. Visit the Bosmuseum Jan van Ruusbroec, to learn about the forest before exploring one of the many walking trails.

Hoeilaart has another hidden gem; it is home to the best grapes in Belgium. Hoeilaart was once known as the glass city because of all of the grape filled greenhouses. While production has diminished over the years, Hoeilaart grapes are still prized around the country, and they sell out so quickly, it is best to go straight to the source to get your hands on them.

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Hoeilaart, Flemish Brabant, Belgium


4. Charming Hidden Gem – Tongeren, Limburg

Visit the oldest town in Belgium. A nickname was given due to its rich Gallo Roman history. Signs of this history are visible throughout the city, but the best starting point is the award-winning Gallo Roman Museum. Once you have steeped yourself in the interactive exhibits, hit the streets on one of the self-guided walking tours to discover the layers of history in Tongeren.

This little city has two UNESCO listed monuments, the belfry of the Basilica of Our Lady and the beguinage. Learn about the life of the Beguines, women who dedicated themselves to the church, at the Beguinage Museum Beghina. On Sundays, Tongeren hosts Beneluxs biggest antique market, with more than 350 stallholders selling antiques from all periods of history.

If you still have not had your fill of the past 5 Most Charming Hidden Gems In Belgium, stop at the nearby Alden Beisen Castle for a stroll through the picturesque formal garden.

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Tongeren, Limburg, Belgium


5. Charming Hidden Gem – Binche, Hainaut

The town of Binche in the Belgian region of Hainaut looks like many other small towns in Wallonia. It is a sleepy sort of place with only one major tourist attraction, the excellent International Museum of Carnival and Masks, or MUM.

In the days leading up to Ash Wednesday, Binche is anything but sleepy. The Carnival of Binche is unique in the world and certainly a hidden gem! The celebration involves elaborate costumes, music, dancing, and a fair bit of drinking and fun! It is so special in fact, it is inscribed as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The traditions and ceremonies can seem completely inexplicable to outsiders, luckily MUM is there to explain everything in vivid detail. Attending the Carnival of Binche is a truly unforgettable experience.

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