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Angels, frescos, glass-painted colorful bright windows, are a few of the elements in the 12 most fascinating cathedrals in Europe. Every cathedral is taller, larger, and more captivating than the other, each featuring elements of the other.

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1. Duomo Cathedral, Milan

Milan attracts millions of tourists every year. Milan’s cathedral, Duomo Milan is the one landmark that will astound you at the first glance. It took 600 years to construct the largest cathedral in Italy, elegant, graceful, and stunning in light pink marble.

Stained glass windows, gothic elements, and Madonnina golden statue at the top are just a few of the elements that will fascinate you. So, if you truly wish to admire the fascinating gothic Milan cathedral, then you can walk on the rooftop. So, Milan Cathedral is the only cathedral in the world, where you can walk on the rooftop.

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Duomo Milan Cathedral is a must sightseeing


2. Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona

The only cathedral still in progress since 1882, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral, is a work of art. The Sagrada cathedral is a mix of Spanish Late Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Catalan Modernism architecture. Gaudi’s design was of 18 spires, to represent the 12 apostles, Virgin Mary, the four evangelists, and the tallest Jesus Christ.

In addition, each of the three facades has a totally different exterior: the Passion facade, Glory, and Nativity facade. So, with so much to see and discover, plan your trip to Barcelona well, so as not to miss this amazing cathedral.


Sagrada Familia from above picture


3. Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe: Kolner Cathedral, Cologne

Built over 7 centuries, the Cologne Cathedral is a breathtaking symbol of Gothic architecture. Moreover, Cologne cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne and the tallest spring church in all of Europe.

Interestingly, this magnificent landmark used to be a stable and hay barn during the French Revolution. Today, you will not see any relics of this stage in the cathedral’s history. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior with stained glass windows and treasures. Kolner Dom is especially breathtaking at night and sunset lights.

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Kolner Cathedral Cologne at night time


4. Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore, Florence

Pink, light green, and white marble facade, and mosaic floors inside, the Basilica di Santa Maria in Florence is a remarkable Renaissance cathedral. Additionally, Giorgio Vasari’s frescos of the Late Judgment on the ceiling are not to be missed by art lovers.

Florence cathedral is more than a landmark. Even if you are not keen on art, this cathedral will fascinate you and keep you admiring the stunning artwork for hours. If you need a breath of fresh air, then climb up to the Brunelleschi Cupola for views of magical Florence.

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5. Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe: Charles Cathedral, Vienna

Symbol of Vienna, St. Charles Cathedral is stunning in its white facade and light green domes. Designed in Baroque style, St. Charles Cathedral captivates visitors since the 19th century. The cathedral was designed to honor patron saint Charles Borromeo, the feeder, and minister of the suffering in Europe’s plagues in the 16th century.

However, the most fascinating feature of St. Charles Basilica is the 1250 square meters of frescos in the copula. Unlike other European cathedrals, here you can take a panoramic elevator to admire the frescos up close. So, to conclude, St. Charles cathedral in Vienna is not to be missed on your city break holiday in Europe.

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Scenic Charles Cathedral in Vienna


6. Le Mans Cathedral, France

Dedicated to Saint Julian, the first bishop of Le Mans, Le Mans Cathedral, is a gorgeous architectural mix of French Gothic style and Romanesque nave. One of the fascinating features that will capture your attention is the buttresses supporting the exterior in a magnificent design. Thus the facade of Le Mans Cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Moreover, the stained glass and angels painted on the cathedral’s ceiling add to Le Mans’ breathtaking architecture and leave plenty of treasures to discover inside this 500-year-old cathedral.

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A Rainbow over Le Mans Cathedral


7. Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe: St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

It dominates London’s skyline, but on the exterior, Saint Paul’s Cathedral is not one of the most breathtaking landmarks. The beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral will reveal itself if you take the time to walk in. Then, you will be awestruck at the play of white and black decor. Moreover, the cathedral houses more than 300 memorials of Britain’s finest, such as the Wren himself who designed the magnificent cathedral.

However, one of the most fascinating elements in St. Paul’s Cathedral is the whispering gallery. Yes, if you whisper at one side of the gallery, the walls will carry it to the other end.

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Crowds outside St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK


8. Berlin Cathedral

Despite being seriously damaged in WWII, Berlin Cathedral is a stunning cathedral with a fountain and green grass at the front. Berlin Cathedral was built as part of the Berlin city palace, but architect Julius Carl Raschdorff transformed it to reflect the glory and grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Only in 1993, the restoration was completed, after the fall of the great Berlin Wall.

The most fascinating elements in Berlin’s Cathedral are the frescos, golden adornments, and statues. In addition, the Saucer organ with its romantic and heart-melting music is the last and largest romantic organ in Germany and is worth dedicating time to sitting and just listing. Thus, go up to the viewing platform for Berlin city views to complete your tour in one of the 12 most fascinating cathedrals in Europe.

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Beautiful day in Berlin Cathedral


 9. Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe: Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

One of the most fascinating places to visit in Russia is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. You cannot miss this amazing cathedral and will see it from any point in the Red Square and beyond. As you step closer, a central church with nine other churches around it.

The most fascinating feature is that these temples are interconnected by special vaulted passages. Ivan the Terrible was the mastermind behind Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the multicolor domes are a mystery until today. While this type of design appeared in the 17th century, but the choice of colors is unknown.


The Famous Saint Basil's Cathedral at the heart of Moscow


10. Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

The gargoyles rose and stained-glass windows are 2 of the features that will attract you as will millions of other visitors to the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Gorgeous on the exterior, and lovely inside, the cathedral’s treasury will take you up above the most romantic city in the world, for panoramic views.

Our Lady stands in Ile de la Cite and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. In addition, the cathedral was the site for major events like the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the beatification of Joan of Arc. Thus, your eyes will be admiring the beauty of the cathedral’s architecture, and your ears admiring tales of glory.

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Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Paris Canal


11. Most Fascinating Cathedrals In Europe: Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice

It is one of the most beautiful basilicas in Europe, but it is secret relics that Saint Mark’s Basilica houses, making it the most fascinating cathedral in Europe. According to legends, Saint Mark’s Basilica was built to house the relics of Mark the evangelist, one of the four apostles, after merchants stole from Egypt. This story features the 13th century mosaic, above the left door as you enter the basilica.

Additionally, Saint Mark’s Basilica houses a more precious treasure than the Royal Family crown jewel – the Pala dOro. The Pala is a Byzantian alter, studded with more than 2000 gemstones. To conclude, if you are planning to visit one landmark in Venice, Saint Mark’s Basilica is the one, for curious, beauty and history-loving travelers.

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Colorful people out Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice Italy


12. St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Across rivers, and bridges, in the legendary Prague Castle, you will be enchanted by Saint Vitus Cathedral.  It took close to 6 centuries to complete the gothic cathedral, to the most remarkable and most noticeable landmark in Prague. The amount of time it took to build the Saint Vitus Cathedral is reflected in the architectural blend of styles.

Saint Vitus cathedral has Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque elements: like the spire of the south tower and the great organ in the northern part. The stained-glass windows are a remarkable feature in any cathedral and St. Vitus’ windows do not fall in beauty from the other fascinating cathedrals in Europe.

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Prague's Saint Vitus Cathedral


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