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Staying in shape while traveling is without a doubt a challenge. Tempting foods are always on offer. This combined with a break in your usual exercise routine that often leads to falling off the fitness wagon. So how does one stay fit while traveling? It’s not as hard as you think. Just stick to a few simple rules, exercise some willpower, and you will be able to come home in the same great health that began your holiday with.


Walk As Much As You Can To Stay Fit

Although using public transport may sound like the easiest plan, try to walk instead. Short distances are great for those who are not terribly fit, although the more you do, the more your fitness while traveling will increase. A long brisk walk can make all the difference when staying in shape while traveling for those who are already quite fit.  Consider getting off your bus or taxi a few blocks before so that you can walk the rest. Trains are, of course, also a great way to get around not only from country to country, but town to town and even within the towns. Jump off your train a few stops early, and take in the sites and sounds of your holiday destination to maximize your ability to stay in shape while traveling. 

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staying in shape while traveling a bike


Pack The Right Stuff

If you plan on staying in shape while traveling then prepare to go on running, or hiking, or even cycling you need to be sure that you have the right equipment. Keep this in mind while you are packing. If you have to choose between another pair of smart shoes or a pair of sneakers, pack the sneakers. There will be nothing worse than getting to a beautiful destination, realizing that you REALLY want to have a run, and not being able to because you left the right gear at home. Waking up early and going for a jog is one of the best ways of sightseeing. Before everyone else is out of bed, the world is quiet and beautiful. You can’t do this in jeans and boots though.

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Set Aside 15 Minutes For Staying In Shape While Traveling

Staying in shape while traveling is all about exercising. You cant expect to maintain your muscle mass and fitness while traveling if you eat lots of food, drink loads of drinks, and don’t do any workouts. You only need 15 minutes every morning to get a mini workout in. If you are in a natural area such as a beach, go out before it gets too busy, and do yoga or strength training on the sand. Cardio can be achieved with a run, hike, or a brisk swim. YouTube has many great videos with ideas for short, holiday based workouts to maintain and improve fitness while traveling. Try not to overindulge in the evenings either, as this will affect your morning workouts and ultimately how well you are staying in shape while traveling.

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Stay In Shape While Traveling By Eating Healthily

Delicious, buttery croissants and other goodies may beckon at you from behind glass counters, but it is always a good idea to maintain a moderate amount of willpower. Eat treats, by all means, but do not go overboard. Get in some fruit for breakfast, and a salad for lunch to help you with staying in shape while traveling. That way you have kept your calories low enough to be able to indulge a bit a dinner.

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eat well to stay in shape while traveling


Staying In Shape While Traveling By Taking The Stairs

If you are staying in a hotel with many floors, you have the perfect opportunity! Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs! This simple change of habit will get a whole lot of cardio into your every day, and set you up for a much healthier and fitter trip. If you don’t have any stairs or only one flight, find some in your immediate area and run up and down them a few times help with staying in shape while traveling.

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use the stairs to stay in shape while traveling


Ride A Bike To Stay In Shape While Traveling

In the same way that we suggested that you walk instead of taking the bus, try to hire a bicycle instead of catching transport. Many countries will have bikes available for rent. Catch a train to nearby your destination, and then take a bike ride the rest of the way. When you want to return, simply cycle back to the train station and leave your bike where you found it, great to stay in shape while traveling!

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Check Out The Local Activities And Stay In Shape While Traveling

Many countries have local pursuits planned in the cities. Yoga or calisthenics in parks or organized hikes are often available. Join in these activities to stay in shape while traveling. CrossFit is another worldwide phenomenon that improves fitness, so take some time out of your schedule to join a class, either inside or outside. Your local guide or concierge should be able to point you in the right direction for these. 

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nature hiking


Use Train Stations And Airports As Walking Tracks

As much fun as traveling on a train is, there isn’t that much opportunity for exercise while you are actually moving. The same goes for airplanes. While you are waiting for your flight or train, take the chance to plug in some earphones and take a brisk stroll around the terminal to assist with staying in shape while traveling. Be sure that your luggage is safe first, however! Always leave your carry-on with someone that you trust. As you walk, incorporate some lunges into the stroll. You may look funny, but your body will thank you later. Staying in shape while traveling involves taking every opportunity that presents itself. Book your train ticket online here now, and give yourself extra time to use productively to Stay in shape!

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Use Train Stations And Airports As Walking Tracks


Pack Your Fitness Bands To Stay In Shape While Traveling

Exercise bands are lightweight, easy to carry and a great way to stay trim while traveling. You can set them up in your room, and create a mini-gym circuit in the most convenient space. Take the time every day to do a round or five of your circuit, and you won’t feel so bad about eating all the delicious pastries.

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equipment to staying in shape while traveling


Limit Your Alcohol 

Having that cocktail by the pool, or icy beer in the pub is always nice. Overdoing it will result in a drop in your fitness.  Not just because of the sugar but also the lack of motivation the next day. Have the odd drink if you wish to, but try to keep them at a minimum. Remember that sugary sweet cocktails are very high in calories, as is beer and even white wine. Working them off to assist with staying in shape while traveling will make your planned workouts that much harder.

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Limit Your Alcohol while traveling


Traveling is a lot of fun in most cases. It can, however, be very disruptive to any fitness regime. Staying in shape while traveling consists of sticking to a healthy eating program and getting in as much exercise whenever you can. Don’t forget to limit sugary alcoholic drinks. Choose Save A Train, we would love to help you to enjoy your trip!



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