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Scenic views, mysterious villages, tucked away castles, and unusual houses, these 10 amazing stops in Europe may require prolonging your stay, but they are totally worth the visit.

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1. Amazing stops In Europe: Rakotzbrucke, Germany

Hidden away in a small park in Saxony, the Devil’s Bridge, also known as Rakotzbrucke, is totally worth the challenging trip from Berlin. The spiral rocky bridge from 1860, is a sight that intrigues and fascinates travelers thanks to its unique shape and construction. Sharp spires on each side and the very spiral bridge, look like they could have been made by the devil himself, but in fact all manmade.

Moreover, stories say that men build this bridge as an offering to the devil back then, but today it is just a magical spot. There are not many things to do nearby, therefore it is best to combine a visit to Rakotzbrucke with a trip to Kromlau park.

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Gorgeous & Amazing stops In Europe: Rakotzbrucke, Germany


2. Champagne-Ardenne, France

Lush valleys and an endless horizon of vineyards and white wine. So, visiting Champagne-Ardenne can be a wonderful stop on your journey to the Italian wine region, Tuscany. The champagne country is located between Paris and Lorraine. Therefore, a stop at one of the great vineyards in Champagne-Ardenne can be a terrific addition to a girls’ trip to Paris.

Additionally, being the home of luxurious sparkling champagne, this region has a great historic significance. For example, the amazing Joan of Arc came from the village Domremy. So, you will probably hear amazing stories while tasting wine in a picturesque French vineyard. Bottom line, Champagne-Ardenne is one of the 5 most amazing stops in France.

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The Amazing Champagne-Ardenne, France


3. Amazing stops In Europe: Oberhofen Castle, Switzerland

On the shore of the beautiful lake Thun, Oberhofen Castle is one of the magnificent castles in Switzerland. Oberhofen Castle is located between Bern, Interlaken, and Lake Lucerne. So, a visit to Oberhofen Castle and Lake Thun is a wonderful stopping point in the long beautiful road.

In addition, the castle-turned museum which dates back to the 13th century has a marvelous garden where you can admire many exotic trees, flowers, and views of the Alps. Thus, you can turn a half-day trip into a full-day trip to Oberhofen, and the beautiful nearby park to experience the quiet serenity and scenic views, while the crowds hurry on to Lucerne.

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Amazing stops by the lake: Oberhofen Castle, Switzerland


4. Vorarlberg, Austria

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Constance, Vorarlberg is famous for its epic lake and mountain views. The Austrian town is at the foot of Vorarlberg, a magnificent nature reserve of great mountains, and green trails. Whether you are traveling from Liechtenstein to Austria or Germany, Vorarlberg is an amazing stop on your train journey across Europe.

Mountain breakfast, or a quiet weekend in nature before the busy city, you should make the time for Vorarlberg. This town is not very known among travelers, however, Vorarlberg is where you can experience Austrian culture and cuisine. Moreover, you will be surrounded by the most breathtaking Austrian landscapes, villages, and scenic views – the very best Austria has to offer, away from the touristic locations.

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Vorarlberg, Austria


5. Amazing stops In Europe: Freudenberg, Germany

The enchanting medieval Freudenberg town is one of Germany’s, and Europe’s most picturesque towns. The main attraction here is 80 or so timbered framed white houses, looking especially beautiful in winter. Thus, a trip to snow-covered Freudenberg is an unforgettable experience, one that will take you back in time and to lands of fairy tales.

Moreover, Freudenberg is situated among green hilltops, with 160 km of hiking trails and great viewpoints. The Westphalia area is lovely in springtime when everything is green and blooming. The 6 hours train trip from Berlin is totally worth it,  for a glimpse of one of the most charming old towns in Germany.

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6. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The views of over 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns descent into the blue ocean in Giant’s Causeway are absolutely scenic. The natural marvels are more than 6o million years old, reachable through green, red, and blue trails. For their unique shape, these columns put the Giant’s Causeway right with the 7 other world wonders.

Therefore, it is needless to say, the Giant’s Causeway is one of the 10 most amazing stops to make in Ireland. Whether you are traveling from Belfast or Dublin, make the time to make this wonderful day trip in Northern Ireland. Surrounded by lush green Irish landscapes, and the blue ocean at its feet, every step along these volcanic columns will bring you closer on your journey to discover the best and most remarkable on earth.


Rainbow over Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland


7. Amazing stops In Europe: Zermatt, Switzerland

The great Alps are so vast that any point you choose to stop at will take your breath away. However, there is nothing like the amazing views of the Swiss Alps in Zermatt. While Zermatt is popular for its terrific skiing slopes, it looks gorgeous in spring and summertime.

Zermatt is home to one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in Europe, Matterhorn. While it looks majestic and far to reach, Zermatt’s beauty is a train trip away from Basel, Bern, and Geneva. So, you can come for a weekend or prolong your short stop to a memorable holiday in the Swiss Alps.

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Amazing stops for ski In Europe: Zermatt, Switzerland

8. Alberobello Italy

You will be captivated by the unusual Trulli, in the stunning Salento region. Conical homes with white facades and decorated rooftops date back to the Bronze age. These unique buildings were supposed to be temporary, but many have survived time and weather, in the lovely Alberobello town. Alberobello is one of the most scenic towns in Southern Italy, and a great stop along the Italian coastline.

While this town is small, you can easily travel to Alberobello and Trulli zone by regional trains. This way, you can make a few more stops in the other charming towns, like ancient Lecce, seaside Bari, and Trani. In addition, these magnificent towns are a bit off-the-beaten-path in Italy and free of tourist crowds.

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Alberobello Village In Italy

9. Amazing stops In Europe: Beaulieu-Sur-Mer Village France

Between Monaco and Nice, in the stunning French Riviera, Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a fantastic place to stop by the seaside and jump for a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea. Private beaches, luxurious villas, and the great views of the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula, it doesn’t get any dreamier than this in Europe.

In addition to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, there are many breathtaking stops along Les Corniches, the cliffs roads along the French Riviera. The 30-km drive begins in Nice and ends in Menton, one of the most colorful places in Europe. While it is only 30-km, there are at least 10 amazing stops along this scenic road in Europe.

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Amazing stops In Europe: Beaulieu-Sur-Mer Village France

10. Giethoorn, the Netherlands

The land of thatched farmhouses and 170 islands,  Giethoorn is a mysterious village in the Netherlands. Moreover, taking along the canals, underneath the wooden bridges, surrounded with green lands and flowers, is an experience you will never forget.

The charming little Giethoorn village in the national park Weerribben-Wieden is an amazing stop on a trip across Holland. While this little village has frozen in the 18th century, thanks to modern public transportation, you can now get to Giethoorn from Amsterdam in less than 2 hours.

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Giethoorn, the Netherlands is very unique stop


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